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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's the cost?

Just thinking about all the little expenses that add up.  Then two days ago I figured this:

Driving to daughters track meet 
in our gas guzzling Suburban:  $6.00

Brought knox blox, cut up apples 
and red peppers for her:           $4.00

Hearing her exclaim when she saw me:  
"Mom, so glad you're here, 
I want to show you off to my friends!": PRICELESS!!!

Never thought I'd hear that and it made me feel like a MILLION BUCKS!

Joy suggested I share this on my blog.  Life is GOOD

PS - I totally rocked my run today and now I think I have the running for at least 3 minutes down!


Jennifer said...

That IS priceless Margene! Whoohoo!!! So glad you are getting this running thing down! I cant wait for you to run your first mile...After that it gets so much easier and your body will get conditioned! I am so very happy for you Margene!!!


Joy said...

You are doing amazing my Friend. Keep it up!!

Stay focused!!

Kimberlynn said...

That would feel amazing!!!

Great job on the running. Are you starting to love it yet?


Julie said...

WOW that feeling, I can feel it in your words. I am so happy for you Margene. I also was so happy you got to met up with Joy. That was amazing too.
Keep up the great work Margene. You will rock out your first 5K run.
I have slacked off so much this week in everything. I have got to get back into this. Tomorrow is a new day, it will happen.
Take care and have a blessed evening.