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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Training Plan

Okay... I've got a date down to run a 5k and it's on June 4th... the day my oldest son graduates High School!  That gives me 6 weeks to train.  I've studied over several different training programs and I've come up with this:

Margene’s 5K+ Training Plan

Workout 1
Workout 2
Workout 3
April 25-29
(45 Min)  Run 1 min. / Walk 4 minutes.  Do this 9X
(40 Min)  Run 1 min. / Walk 4 minutes.  Do this 8X
(40 Min)  Run 1 min. / Walk 4 minutes.  Do this 8X
May 2-6
(55 min) Run 2.5 min. / Walk 2.5 min.  Do this 11x
(45 min) Run 2.5 min. / Walk 2.5 min.  Do this 9x
(50 min) Run 2.5 min. / Walk 2.5 min.  Do this 10x
May 9-13
(60 min) Run 4 min. / Walk 2 min.  Do this 10x
(54 min) Run 4 min. / Walk 2 min.  Do this 9x
(54 min) Run 4 min. / Walk 2 min.  Do this 9x
May 16-20
(63 min) Run 7 min. / Walk 2 min.  Do this 7x
(54 min) Run 7 min. / Walk 2 min.  Do this 6x
(50 min) Run 7 min. / Walk 2 min.  Do this 5x
May 23-27
(44 min) Run 10 min. / Walk 1 min.  Do this 4x
(41 min) Run 20 min. / Walk 1 min.  Run 20 Min.
(45 min) Run 22 min. / Walk 1 min.  Run 22 Min.
May 30-June 4
(51 min) Run 25 min. / Walk 1 min.  Run 25 Min.
(56 min) Run 30 min. / Walk 1 min.  Run 25 Min.
(51 min) Run 40 min. / Walk 1 min.  Run 10 Min.                           OR                                            -----Run 5K-----

My goal is to be where I can run more than a 5K by the time I reach that date.  I have no idea if this is feasible as far as my ability or being such a short time, but why can't it be?  So far I've done workout 1 and 2 of week 1.  It is still hard to run that 1 minute but it's not impossible.  I am pushing myself more than I have in MANY years.  But my body is certainly capable.  I have to work on my breathing as sometimes I feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen.

SO... you experienced runners out there... I am open to suggestions, ideas and feedback.  I'm a total new-be to all this.

I do have to say, that this will be a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I have dreaded running since grade school and actually, other than being on my 9th grade basketball team, I've avoided ever having to run.  This is a life change for me and something I really want to conquer.  And to do this before I move would be INCREDIBLE to me.  I really want to do this!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Monday...

How did you survive Easter Candy Weekend?

I’ll tell you how I did... I ate two Reese’s PB eggs (on different days)... and I had a ham dinner with cheesy potatoes on Sunday.  Not too bad, but definitely higher calories that I normally want to have. SO.... today is back on PLAN.  I refuse to feel guilty, but just to move on.
I said goodbye to Brent Sunday morning :( and this morning I really wanted to crawl back into my bed after getting the kids off to school.  I ate too much on Sunday and the weather was all rainy, my man was gone, I had every reason to crawl back into bed.  But I didn’t!  I actually got dressed and went to the gym and started my running workout!  And I’m So glad I did!!  The old Margene would have gone back to bed and felt sorry for herself.  No more!!
My running plan today was to run for 1 minute and walk for 4, doing it 9 times.  I made a little post-it note to check off each time I ran for 1 minute.  It was so much more encouraging to do that today than last Thursday when I first started - yet it was still challenging and I did it!

Later on today I made some medifast food:  Peanut butter muffin/brownies, Banana muffin/brownies, and Macadamia nut chocolate cookies! And I made some 2 flavor pack  puddings with chocolate german cake on the bottom and banana coconut on the top.

We had a FABULOUS saturday as a family starting out with an easter egg hunt at a friends house, and then out to the Tulip Festival which is where I had my first rock wall climbing experience.  It was interesting to come back home and compare our pics with last year at the Tulip Festival.  I can't believe it's only been a year!
Tulip Festival 2010
Tulip Festival 2011
Friday and Saturday that Brent was home was the perfect blue sky weather!  What a reflection of how wonderful it was to all be together again.  I really can't wait until we are all together as a family in our new place.

I was reading from a cute little book called “I hope you know how much I love you and other advice for a happier life” by John Bytheway and I love the first chapter already.  It’s about contentment vs. competition.  As women, we often compare ourselves with each other and then put ourself down if we don’t have the same talent or ability we see in someone else.  But we are counseled  to focus on finding contentment - which allows us to be ourselves!  

I liked this quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley “Choose carefully each day that which you will do and that which you will not do, and the Lord will bless you to accomplish the important things that have eternal consequences.”  When you do the best you can, you can be at peace, and with the Lord’s spirit, you can feel content.  That is a great message for me today.  Life is GOOD!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another First... Amazing!

I just realized... there sure are a lot of angles of my back side on this... (please ignore them!).  It was super fun to be able to have the choice to climb this with my son and daughter today.

Week 5 and I'm alive!

Happy Easter Weekend!!
I have maintained my weight this week...even dipped down as low as 133 a few days ago which was cool to see.  My man is home for two days as I write this and everything is set right in the world at this moment!!

Good New and Bad News.  What do you want first?

Bad News.... I was NOT chosen as one of the 10 Medifast "Happy After" winners.  I know it's just a contest but I was really bummed at not winning.  I let myself believe that I had a good chance at it, and I was really looking forward to getting a makeover (maybe a new look even) and shopping.  I felt quite sick after reading the winners list on facebook... even took a period of time to feel sorry for myself (yes, I admit, I even cried) but then I thought to myself "Okay, you've given this enough energy, you have so many other things to focus on now and move forward with, and so many blessings, time to let it go and move on."  And I wiped my tears, left my room, and decided to smile.  Seems like a small deal, but doing that was paving a new path for me!  I don't want to let disappointment rule my life anymore!  And I don't want to turn to FOOD to cover my disappointments.

Good News... I tried my first "real" try at RUNNING.  Yes, on Thursday, it'd been 2 weeks since surgery, and I got up and went right to the gym to see how long I could actually run.  It was in high school since I've really run at all!  Well... I learned that I am WAY out of ANY kind of running shape.  I ran for 2 minutes, then walked for 2 minutes, then ran for 1.5 minutes, walked for 2 minutes, then ran for 1 minute... I think 1 minute of running is what I could handle before I felt like my head would explode and my heart beat out of my chest.  But I ran/walked for 1.5 miles in 23 minutes.  Even right now I am feeling the soreness in my legs from that 23 minutes.  This is just the beginning... I hope to be able to run a 5K before I move in June.  That may be a stretch but who knows.  I know being obese has damaged my knees and so I will need to be careful but I'm hoping they aren't damaged too much.  I've never enjoyed running and I hope to get to the point where I will, like my amazing friend, Jennifer!

Today was one of the best days ever!  First, the SUN was out here in Oregon and the weather was superb!  We let all the kids stay home from school (two were kind of sick anyway) just to be with their dad.  Brent got all our bikes out and tuned up.  We went for a bike ride and it was FABULOUS.  We rode to a park and through some trails, then my daughter and I rode to the store.  Tonight, Brent and I went to dinner, shopping around a mall and a movie.  We are soaking every moment!  Tomorrow we have a fun day planned as well.

THINGS I'M LEARNING:  When I do add in extra calories, I'm trying to do it minimally and not feel like I've "blown" it so I might as well cave into tons more.  I'm trying to increase my activity level as I am treating myself to a little more things here and there.  I am keeping my water intake as high as I can.  Somehow I believe, that drinking lots of water really helps when I've taken in more calories than I wanted... I haven't read anything about that, but it's just what my gut tells me.

I appreciate the time I get to read blog entries of so many wonderful bloggers out there.  Honestly, I feel that blog reading has increased my level of prayer as I find myself praying for you fellow bloggers right here at my desk as I read.  I really believe in the power of prayer and I'm thankful to be able to share our journeys and pray for each other!  LIFE is SOOO Good!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 4 since reaching GOAL

Today I am actually 1 pound LESS than goal weight.  Woo Hoo!  The scale said 134 pounds.  It’s been a good week.  I appreciate every single comment and word of encouragement I received from my last post.  Last weekend was my worst time yet... but things have been so much better.  It’s so refreshing and touching to see there is still so much kindness and compassion in the world!
And in 6 days, I see my man!!  He is flying in for two days to see us and will head back to Utah on Easter Morning.  We will have TWO precious days with him.  I am SO looking forward to that.  There are a million fun things I’d love to do when he’s here, and even more things we should get done to prepare to move in June.  Yet, I’d be happy to just hug him the whole time.  It’s been so hard to be apart.   But good news... we are down to two homes that we have offers on and one of them should be coming through soon.  Once we actually have a signed offer from the bank... things will be moving forward even more quickly.
So.... Maintenance!
This is new for me.  I am no longer in this intense “weight loss” mode.  I am still eating my 5 and 1 plan, yet allowing myself some indulgences here and there.  And I’m trying to control my desire for more indulgences.  This is a tricky.  Before I wouldn’t allow myself to dwell on eating foods off plan, but NOW I find myself considering it and dwelling on it more.  I don’t want to live each day feeling guilty over everything I eat or want to eat - YET, I do need to not feel like I can just let go and eat whatever.  I need to find balance.  It’s like my journey has stepped into a new phase.  I am leaning so much from others who have gone before me... you my fellow bloggers and friends... and I am leaning a lot on prayer.  I will NOT go back.
And guess what?  I own a couple of size 8 jeans now too!  I wear size 8 and size 10.  It feels so good.  Also... I tried YOGA!  I am proud of myself for going even without a friend or partner (I have a hard time motivating myself when I’m by myself)... but I did it and I enjoyed it.  I was able to get my body in positions I didn’t know I could!  But I stink at balance and I can def. use practice.
Fun Surprise:  A friend invited me over to her home this week and didn’t tell me specifically what for.  She ended up treating me to lunch at Baja Fresh in honor of reaching my goal!  I had a chicken bowl and had them cut the rice and use lettuce instead an add extra chicken.  
I also added salsa after this pic was taken.  It was so good!  But it didn’t end there... THEN she wanted to take me shopping for a new outfit or a couple clothes items to also celebrate.  She had made room in her budget to do that.  I was blown away!  I had secretly written down YEARS AGO that one of my bucket list things to do was to loose my weight and go clothes shopping with a friend.  This was it!!  I have never been clothes shopping with a friend in my life!  I am such a newby when it comes to shopping and it was so fun!  We both tried on clothes and dresses and her daughter was our “judge”.  I ended up with a size 8 white capri (I’ve never bought white before) and a size 10 jeans.  That really made my day - that she had put that much thought, time, and money into thinking of me.  I feel very blessed!  Life is good!
Latest Favorite:  Medifast Pancake packet made into 2 waffles (by adding a 3-4 Tbs egg beaters & 1/4 baking powder to the mix) - with 2 Tbs chocolate PB2, and 1 Tbs Walden Farms jelly.  Oh my... it is divine!  Especially for those doing this plan and are not having bread.  THIS is the ultimate pb & j fix!  I’d eat this off plan too! 
I hope you have an On Plan week - get out and get your body moving - Celebrate Life!!  It's Easter Week!!!  (my Favorite holiday after Christmas!!)  Life is GOOD!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

It finally happened...

I did NOT want to blog about this but I have got to keep it real.  I have had a really crummy weekend!  I think it all came to a head for me... the surgery pain, contention among my kids, missing Brent, feeling lonely, trying to take care of all my responsibilities, feeling forgotten... I caved on Saturday and ate a huge tub of a chicken ramen noodle salad I had made for a RS women's event (calculated at about 1400 calories).  It had craisens and almond slivers in it and was so good.  Earlier at the event, I had already eaten 2 servings plus a thick piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  Then I came home and ate the whole tub of it.  It was emotional eating.  I felt disappointed and forgotten and depleted...  I even thought to myself that I would not blog about this because I was SOOOO disappointment with myself.  Before this cave, I weighed in with a 2 pound gain.  Still in the 130's and I think it's because of all the IV fluid I had during surgery.  As long as my weight stays within the 130's somewhere I feel okay... but I am going to monitor myself like a hawk.

Sunday I was back on plan food wise... but still feeling pretty yucky.  After church, I literally barricaded myself in my room away from my kids.  My daughter had to find her own ride to her meeting... they had to get their own meals... handle their own arguments.  I was done with it.  I was empty.  It was was a low day.  

But today is fresh and I'm wiping my eyes and looking out at the overcast sky.  I am going to count my blessings and pull myself out of this funk, or pray myself out I should say.  There you've got it... the ugly truth about my weekend.  So many people have harder trials than mine.  I just read about a fellow blogger, Michele who's home burned down.  I cannot imagine!  I have nothing to really complain about compared to that!  So many others have huge struggles.  I need to count my blessings.  Life is good!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Surgery - Oh so fun!

I am home now from my surgery and everything went well.  My sister was here from Utah and stayed with me the whole time in the hospital which made it SO much easier.  I was truly blessed to have everything go smoothly and be home now.  Pain isn't too bad.  Feels like I've been horseback riding for two days straight... I wonder if I walk funny!  :)
I was actually naive enough to think I could start on my10K training on Monday.  My doctor kind of put a damper on that when he told me I can't jog for at least 2 weeks.  Drat!  I probably won't be able to the the 10K I wanted to before moving.  BUT I am very excited for all the things I do want to do when I'm fully recovered.  
Missing my man - YES
Majorly blessed - YES
Life is Good - Definitely YES!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The sun is OUT!

The sun is out right now here in Oregon!  Woo Hoo!  Loving that!!  It’s also great to hear from new blogger friends.... thank you for all your comments.  I am really blessed with choice friends in the real world and cyber land!  That really means a lot to me.  Thank you!
It’s been a week of being sick and no work outs!  I still feel good, though!  Life is good!!  I’ve had a few dreams that I gave in and ate a bunch of sugary desserts, though.  Weird.  I would wake up and think “Did I really do that?”  I’m sticking true to my plan, though.  I just cannot buy beef jerky anymore because I will eat all of it.
In two days, I am going in for same-day surgery.  This is to fix my weak bladder/incontinence problem (sorry to any guys reading this and groaning... but I’m keeping it real).  I have to get this fixed so I CAN become the active person I want to be.  It’s because of this problem that I haven’t been able to:  train for a 5k, try a zumba class, run on the treadmill, or do any vigorous activity really!  So even with the hubs gone, we’re moving ahead to get this done before we move.  It will be so nice to have this problem behind me and I can focus more on all the goals I’d like to shoot for.
This last weekend was the General Conference for my church where we had many wonderful talks given.  One thought I’d like to share was a talk given about trials by Paul V. Johnson.  He talked about how we will have trials of our faith to see if we will do what God commands.  That no trial is wasted and if we endure our trials well, they are consecrated for our gain.  Trials purify our hearts like fire removes impurities.  I can really feel that in many of my trials too!  He goes on to quote Paul in the New Testament saying that our light afflictions worketh an eternal weight of Glory.  Growth cannot come by taking the easy way.  No trial is beyond our limits, we can do all things through Christ.  Whosoever puts their trust in God will be supported in their trials.
The key (for me) is to recognize my trials and “tackle” them vs. being overwhelmed by them.  Sometimes I can think too much and I just need to move on or push past the negative thoughts.  It takes a lot of effort for me to make myself see the positive... I have  conditioned myself through out my years to absorb the negative and embrace it as truth and it takes WORK to change that.  But it’s good work!  I want to embrace the positive and not be deceived anymore.  Life is good!!  How do you work to overcome your trials?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

I was trying to think of a fun April Fools but alas... I have not... yet!

This week has been busy:  appointments, meetings, church work, relief society event, temple trip, Pinewood Derby, coordinating with realtor and hubs in Utah, offers on more homes, etc.  And I have been sick this whole week for the first time since starting my journey!  My voice is very hoarse and I've got swollen neck glands, aches, etc.  Funny, I can actually see the swollen glands by looking in the mirror where a year ago I could not tell except by feeling my neck.

A nice friend offered to "treat" me to lunch in honor of reaching my goal.  So she did on Wednesday and it was SO nice!  It meant a lot to me that she did that!  I do feel like celebrating and shopping and going to Disneyland and being with my husband!!!  It is so extremely lonely without him here.  I have a new appreciation for single parents and those who aren't married or widowed.  I hope I can reach out more and notice more what people around me are going through and be there for them!!

I entered Medifast's "Happy After's" contest!  Woo Hoo!  They will choose 10 winners by the end of April.  I know a ton of people have entered, so my chances are slim but the thought of getting a shopping spree & makeover sound so fun!

I'm thinking tomorrow will show a maintain.  How has your week been?