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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The sun is OUT!

The sun is out right now here in Oregon!  Woo Hoo!  Loving that!!  It’s also great to hear from new blogger friends.... thank you for all your comments.  I am really blessed with choice friends in the real world and cyber land!  That really means a lot to me.  Thank you!
It’s been a week of being sick and no work outs!  I still feel good, though!  Life is good!!  I’ve had a few dreams that I gave in and ate a bunch of sugary desserts, though.  Weird.  I would wake up and think “Did I really do that?”  I’m sticking true to my plan, though.  I just cannot buy beef jerky anymore because I will eat all of it.
In two days, I am going in for same-day surgery.  This is to fix my weak bladder/incontinence problem (sorry to any guys reading this and groaning... but I’m keeping it real).  I have to get this fixed so I CAN become the active person I want to be.  It’s because of this problem that I haven’t been able to:  train for a 5k, try a zumba class, run on the treadmill, or do any vigorous activity really!  So even with the hubs gone, we’re moving ahead to get this done before we move.  It will be so nice to have this problem behind me and I can focus more on all the goals I’d like to shoot for.
This last weekend was the General Conference for my church where we had many wonderful talks given.  One thought I’d like to share was a talk given about trials by Paul V. Johnson.  He talked about how we will have trials of our faith to see if we will do what God commands.  That no trial is wasted and if we endure our trials well, they are consecrated for our gain.  Trials purify our hearts like fire removes impurities.  I can really feel that in many of my trials too!  He goes on to quote Paul in the New Testament saying that our light afflictions worketh an eternal weight of Glory.  Growth cannot come by taking the easy way.  No trial is beyond our limits, we can do all things through Christ.  Whosoever puts their trust in God will be supported in their trials.
The key (for me) is to recognize my trials and “tackle” them vs. being overwhelmed by them.  Sometimes I can think too much and I just need to move on or push past the negative thoughts.  It takes a lot of effort for me to make myself see the positive... I have  conditioned myself through out my years to absorb the negative and embrace it as truth and it takes WORK to change that.  But it’s good work!  I want to embrace the positive and not be deceived anymore.  Life is good!!  How do you work to overcome your trials?


Julie said...

Life would not be life without trials. It is what makes us, us. Stronger, better and more able to handle the next one. The Lord is full of surprises and learning experiences the whole way through. Life is good, even when the challenges, the trials seem tough. Just lean on the Lord and he will see us through it all. Plus all our blogger buddies and real life friends and family.
Take care Margene and good luck with your surgery. I've heard it's not terrible, a little pain but oh so worth it when done.
God Bless you my friend.

gracies tough journey said...

"we can do all things through Christ. " I use this almost everyday. I have it on my work desk and when things get crazy, I just remind myself of this.It truly helps me stay positive. Good luck on your surgery. God Bless

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

I'm with you, Margene! I have to work at being positive, but, like you said, it's good work.

I LOVE what you said about trials purifying our hearts! It reminds me of (somewhere in) Job where it says something like, "When he hath tried me I shall come forth as gold."

I'll be praying for you.

Sarah said...

Good luck on your surgery! I hope it takes care of your problem and allows you to train for 5k's and do what you want to do!!


Anonymous said...

I love your heart, Margene! So does the Father. :) Deb

Lori said...

I used to have dreams that I ate a whole cake or something horribly outrageous like that. I'd be so relieved when I woke up and learned it wasn't real.

Good luck with your surgery. You're in my prayers.

Kimberlynn said...

I overcome my trials by just being willing to let the Lord teach me whatever He needs to. It's so not easy at times though. I'm still having to learn to recognize the negatives for what they are and grab hold of the truth. It's an everyday walk.

I had to laugh about the beef jerky...I can't handle that stuff either. Love, love, love it and could eat it everyday!!!

I'll keep you in my prayers for your surgery. I love you freind. Be blessed!!!

E. Jane said...

I have also been sick, Margene, probably type A flu, according to my daughter the nurse. It sure has made me fatigued, but I'm coming out of it, after almost two weeks.

I'm also going to go on the Medifast plan as soon as I receive the products. I have reached the point where I can't deal with handling food (preparation, as well as planning) all of the time. I've been doing the "lose 1/2 pound a week" for a couple of years now--I lose a pound and regain two. It's really getting to me, and I need to change things, at least for a while. I see this as a positive change, and that's how I will approach it. Your journey has inspired me, so thank you for that.

Also, best of luck with the surgery. Take care...

Rettakat said...

I know others that had that same surgery, and were so glad afterwards they did. I hope you have a super speedy recovery, and are able to be as active as you've always wanted. :-)

Karla said...

good luck on your surgery!!!

MargieAnne said...

I heard/read about your Blog on Loretta's, (Rettakat), Blog. I am so thankful. You write with such appreciation for life and your weight loss journey with your husband.

I have been playing around with my Lean For Life program for too long and recently managed to pull myself together again. LFL is Low Carb so your eating plan struck a chord. I'm now encouraged to get my work book out and do it right again.

Congratulations on reaching goal weight and I do hope you are a winner in the Medifast competition.


Julie said...

I was just stopping in to see if there was any new updates and all. I'm a bit worried about you with all that's been happening.
Take care my friend. God Bless!