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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 5 and I'm alive!

Happy Easter Weekend!!
I have maintained my weight this week...even dipped down as low as 133 a few days ago which was cool to see.  My man is home for two days as I write this and everything is set right in the world at this moment!!

Good New and Bad News.  What do you want first?

Bad News.... I was NOT chosen as one of the 10 Medifast "Happy After" winners.  I know it's just a contest but I was really bummed at not winning.  I let myself believe that I had a good chance at it, and I was really looking forward to getting a makeover (maybe a new look even) and shopping.  I felt quite sick after reading the winners list on facebook... even took a period of time to feel sorry for myself (yes, I admit, I even cried) but then I thought to myself "Okay, you've given this enough energy, you have so many other things to focus on now and move forward with, and so many blessings, time to let it go and move on."  And I wiped my tears, left my room, and decided to smile.  Seems like a small deal, but doing that was paving a new path for me!  I don't want to let disappointment rule my life anymore!  And I don't want to turn to FOOD to cover my disappointments.

Good News... I tried my first "real" try at RUNNING.  Yes, on Thursday, it'd been 2 weeks since surgery, and I got up and went right to the gym to see how long I could actually run.  It was in high school since I've really run at all!  Well... I learned that I am WAY out of ANY kind of running shape.  I ran for 2 minutes, then walked for 2 minutes, then ran for 1.5 minutes, walked for 2 minutes, then ran for 1 minute... I think 1 minute of running is what I could handle before I felt like my head would explode and my heart beat out of my chest.  But I ran/walked for 1.5 miles in 23 minutes.  Even right now I am feeling the soreness in my legs from that 23 minutes.  This is just the beginning... I hope to be able to run a 5K before I move in June.  That may be a stretch but who knows.  I know being obese has damaged my knees and so I will need to be careful but I'm hoping they aren't damaged too much.  I've never enjoyed running and I hope to get to the point where I will, like my amazing friend, Jennifer!

Today was one of the best days ever!  First, the SUN was out here in Oregon and the weather was superb!  We let all the kids stay home from school (two were kind of sick anyway) just to be with their dad.  Brent got all our bikes out and tuned up.  We went for a bike ride and it was FABULOUS.  We rode to a park and through some trails, then my daughter and I rode to the store.  Tonight, Brent and I went to dinner, shopping around a mall and a movie.  We are soaking every moment!  Tomorrow we have a fun day planned as well.

THINGS I'M LEARNING:  When I do add in extra calories, I'm trying to do it minimally and not feel like I've "blown" it so I might as well cave into tons more.  I'm trying to increase my activity level as I am treating myself to a little more things here and there.  I am keeping my water intake as high as I can.  Somehow I believe, that drinking lots of water really helps when I've taken in more calories than I wanted... I haven't read anything about that, but it's just what my gut tells me.

I appreciate the time I get to read blog entries of so many wonderful bloggers out there.  Honestly, I feel that blog reading has increased my level of prayer as I find myself praying for you fellow bloggers right here at my desk as I read.  I really believe in the power of prayer and I'm thankful to be able to share our journeys and pray for each other!  LIFE is SOOO Good!


lynnss1 said...

You're making your own "happy after"! I'm not a runner, so I'm rooting for you in your 5K aspirations. I walked 5 miles last weekend and my hips were bothering me two days later. Nothing my favorite chiropractor couldn't fix though. My daughter and have major "get ready for swimsuit season" plans when she gets home from college in a few weeks. We've pledged to get moving every day! Enjoy your Easter! Lynn

Lori said...

I'm sorry you didn't win the make over. You deserved it after all you went through on your way down and what you're still dealing with.

BUT, there is more good than bad. Your man is home!! You're maintaining which is huge, especially under the circumstances. And it is Easter weekend. He is risen.

I'm happy for you.

dawne said...

So sorry for your disappointment in not winning, but I hope it pales in comparison to the joy you feel at your new weight.

You WILL be able to run 5K by your goal. It is AMAZING how quickly you can progress with running.

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

You're MORE than a Medifast winner! You just keep on smiling (especially since you know it works)!

I wish you and your family every blessing of Easter!

A Journey to a new me... said...

you're the real winner in my eyes and heart! Sure that make over and shopping would have been great (ok awesome)...but you never know...you may get that make over but from a different source! I'm so glad that you, the kids, and Brent got to spend some quality time together.

I continue to draw strength from you...thank you!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Well... I am VERY disapointed you didn't win! You deserved it!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have been an inspirstion to me and SO many others!
Hugs to you!
Have a pretty day! And a Happy Easter!

Julie said...

Oh how I wish you had won. I know there's others out there too but Margene is awesome and should of won.
I am glad hubby is home and you guys get some much needed time together. YEAH!!!
Also, great job on your first run. It's not easy but work into it a bit at a time and you'll make it. Angela use to tell me that all the time. One step at a time.
You can do it Margene, YOU CAN!!!

Takae care and have a blessed Easter.

Joy said...

Augh - Bummer! So sorry!! You are a winner anyway!!

Stay focused my Friend!

Angela Cruz said...

You are a TRUE WINNER and your health is the biggest prize of all! :) :) :) CONGRATULATIONS for having your own HAPPY AFTER!!! You are an inspiration to me. :)

Angela said...

P.S. I see you like reading blogs, and I enjoy reading yours! In fact, yours was one of the few that inspired me to start my own. :) Would love it if you would check mine out and drop me a comment! www.angelacruz1.blogspot.com

Brentus said...

I had to come back to Portland to get some sunshine. It was a perfect day.