Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. This is the story of our continuing Journey through the ups and downs of maintenance.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Juicing, Karaoke & Armor of God

Thanks for the comment, Julie... I need to keep up with my blog here!!  We are still juicing and loving it.  Brent says that the green juices REALLY help him feel better.  Since it is digested quickly, it becomes a great energy booster.  We did a de-tox for 10 days and now we have about 1 meal a day with 3-4 juices (one being a smoothie).  Works great.

Here is a picture of my counter and how it gets filled with fruits.  Veggies are mostly in the fridge.  I get a big bag of carrots and keep them in the garage.  We have fruits and veggies all over the place now! ;)

My favorite juices have carrots in them... but I'm getting to like so many of them!
In the morning, we usually start out with a green juice like this one.
I often add to recipes I find.  This one has:  1 cucumber, 1 fist-full of kale, one fist-full of spinach, 3 stalks of celery, 1 huge broccoli stem, 1 green apple & 1/2 peeled lemon.  Feels good first thing in the morning.

Here is a smoothie before and after I blended it
 I put baby kale on the bottom, with 2 or 3 bananas, some frozen pitted cherries, fresh blueberries, 2 t. of chia-seeds and some almond milk (I never measure but just pour it in - maybe 1 cup)
And Voila!!  Two yummy good size smoothies!!

Here is another favorite juice (there are so many)
Orange Pom Juice with pomegranate seeds, oranges, apples and carrots

So, this last week I did something COMPLETELY NEW:  
I went to a Karaoke place and totally sang my heart out with some friends.  My hubs was there to cheer me on.  I have NEVER done this and here I am a 45 year old mama... but I rocked "Ice Ice Baby", I knew all the words from all those years DJing.  In-fact, I knew the words to most of the songs that weren't the most current.  Someone posted a little video from our karaoke night and dang, I looked so dorky... stupid even!!  But hey, I so don't care.  I choose not to cringe but to laugh!  It was so much fun.  I'm glad I didn't let fear of how I look stop me from just having fun!  We were a bunch of older white women rocking the place.  The DJ even came up with us once and sang with us.  She told us that we were one of the funnest groups that have come.  Most people try to sing ballads and are all so serious.  We proved that you don't need alcohol to have a good time!!

I was also asked to teach a class to some of our church women last Saturday.  My theme was on arming ourselves and our families.  I had to teach the same class three times to over 100 women.  I was nervous because I wanted to have something meaningful to teach and impact these wonderful sisters, that would actually help them in their daily lives.  I focused on putting on the armor of God, and I had a real sword and pretty impressive homemade shield there.  And one of my students from my Sunday School class drew this picture for me.  I asked him to draw a women in armor with her children behind her - facing a mean intimidating dragon - and also showing angels above ready to help.  
Here is what he drew (it was like 14" by 16" in actual size)

Isn't that A-MAY-ZING!!!!????
This young man has such talent!!

I talked about how our enemy attacks us in our minds - trying to get us to doubt or think badly of ourselves and others, and I shared ways to combat that.  

It was powerful for me because that has been MY struggle and is STILL often my biggest struggle.  

Our biggest battles are in our MINDS 
and how we PERCEIVE things. 

It takes WORK and effort to see the best in ourselves and in others and in situations... especially in difficult or hurtful situations where it is easy to become discouraged or bitter or overwhelmed.  But we don't HAVE to give in to those thoughts or feelings.  We do have a choice!  

For me, it involves LOTS of PRAYER to help me overcome my dragons!  

Just these last two days have been so seriously hard for me, and I have been fighting a sore battle that only my hubs truly knows about.  The thoughts and solutions that I was thinking to rid myself of the sorrow and torture I felt - I shudder to think.  I'm so thankful for prayer!  I'm so thankful for gentle guidance from above.  My prayers aren't answered in the way that I want or ask for... but I KNOW there is something I MUST need to learn.  I've got to BELIEVE that there is a higher purpose to heartache and trials that what I can see.

So here is to a POSITIVE NEW YEAR.  
No matter how this year has started - it can BE our BEST YEAR YET.


xoxOXoXOO ~Margene

Saturday, January 4, 2014

One Week of Juicing and Smoothies Now

So today marks the end of a full week of juicing.  
We not only juiced, but we've added in smoothies too.  

For the basic smoothies we do:
* Banana
* Ice
* Other Fruit
* Veggie
* Almond Milk
* Agave (if needed for sweetening)

I usually add 3-4 bananas, and blueberries.  Yesterday I tried fresh pineapple with strawberries and bananas, that was a yummy tart (yet still sweet).  We've limited smoothies to 1 a day.  

And if we've felt a strong urge to munch, we've allowed ourselves a small amount of almonds or cashews.  

So for 1 week we've only been eating fresh vegetables, fruits, and some nuts!  
No processed foods.
Nothing else but fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts.    

Results so far:

* Brent has lost 12 pounds !
* I have lost 8 pounds !
* Our hunger level has gone down 
* My taste buds are being revived
I can taste subtleties and enjoy them
* More energy in general
* It's easier to feel positive
* Our kids are showing interest in eating better
* My daughter is making smoothies regularly now 

(mind you, she works at a fast food place and 
was always bringing home free shakes and eating them - so now they've been replaced!)

Here is some of what we've done this week:



I used these fruits and veggies: 
Seeds from 2 Pomegranates, 5 peeled oranges, 2 granny smith apples, and 2 carrots

Here it all is ready for the juicer.  It made three 16-20 oz. servings
Wow - it was so yummy!!  


Here is one of the first smoothies we made with bananas and blueberries and almond milk

Brent made me this EPIC smoothie and is was SO good!!! 

(4 bananas, handful of blueberries, a few frozen pitted dark cherries, 1 big Kale leaf, some ice, some almond milk, and a tsp of Agave sweetener) - made 2 smoothies!



I just made this juice this morning.  It has 1 big head of broccoli, 4 apples, and a bunch of carrots (8 maybe?)  Simple!  And it tasted great!  I was surprised at how it tasted, actually.  

Not everything I've made I've liked.  I made some juice that called for tomatoes and had garlic in it.  I put way too much garlic.  It wasn't so good.  Brent couldn't drink it.  But for the most part, we've enjoyed all the juices we've made, which I'm grateful for.

We'll I'm off to be productive today.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!
xoXoXOxo ~Margene

Monday, December 30, 2013

Powering Up Our Lives: JUICING

Thank you to all those who read and / or commented on my last post.  
Your words gave me energy!  
I have been learning about energy recently and how everything has energy.  
Our thoughts and our words have energy.  
I FELT the energy from your comments and felt invigorated.  So Thank you!

Okay, we decided NOT to wait until 2014 to begin our juicing fast / detox.  So we went to our grocer and picked up some fruits and veggies.  I think this was the first time that that is all we had in our shopping cart! It looked like this when we got home.  

We started last Saturday, so today is our 3rd day!  
I'm so glad we did because already today, I feel less bloated.  Even my fingers feel skinnier.  

That first day was kinda hard for me, I'll admit.  My thoughts raced from "What have I got myself into?", to "I'm not sure I can do this for very long."  I got a little moody and down.
But I held out and did NOT let those thoughts determine my choices. :)

Today, both Brent and I feel more energy!  
We didn't sleep in as long and feel more alert and focused!  
I feel committed and excited!

Our first juice was called "Mean Green"

It had apples, cucumbers, celery, kale, lemon and ginger in it.  And it wasn't bad at all.  We liked it.
One time I added in more veggies than was listed - It was okay, but Brent prefers I stick to actual recipes for now. :p

Other ones we've had are:
Can't BEET it Juice and Sunset Passion Juice

Our Favorite was just this morning:  
Jolt Juice with apples, oranges, cucumber, lemon and kale.  That was pretty tasty!

We have been watching all kinds of health and food videos and reading lots of articles.  With cancer and heart disease in both our families, it's time to get more serious about our eating and help our children as well.

  Avoiding cancer and heart disease with a healthy diet is our TOP PRIORITY.
Along with feeling better and doing all that we want to do!  
I want to eat foods that BOLSTER our immune system 
rather than weaken it!

One video we liked was called "Forks over Knives".  Following that documentary, we got this food chart above (a simple version of a more detailed chart) that we are going to incorporate into our family's food and eating.  Eating so much less meat and dairy may be hard at first, but the statistics are powerful and I'm ready to do what I need to do to take that risk of cancer and heart disease way way down!  There is a lot of information here, from one of the doctors on that documentary.  Very interesting.

And really, there are so many great documentaries to open our eyes to what is going on in our food industry. We can't afford to ignore it anymore!

2014 looks AWESOME!  Life is good!!
XoxOXoxOXO ~Margene

Thursday, December 26, 2013

For Things To Change...

Any readers still reading this blog?

Yes, I have been absent and yes I have been avoiding my blog. 

Some quick things that have gone on lately:
1. My oldest turned 21!  (Amazing since I don't seem to have aged!  lol)
2. My daughter won state champs in her marching band!
3. Brent and I celebrated our 25th Wedding anniversary!  (See what cool thing I did - I pinned it here)

Okay, Keeping it REAL.

I have had same huge ups and downs in my life since moving here to Utah two years ago.  Slowly, I've let my own health slip down in priority as the challenges have crept in.  My knee injury  has set me back from basketball and running.  As I've missed out on those fun things, I've also slipped into some old negative thinking, and slowly packed on some weight.  Grrr.  

Here's a clue that my body has been growing.  After driving errands and shopping one day, I got home to realize I had a little tear in my pants... like a gaping rip tear.   Dang!

How did I not notice this?  How did someone not tell me?  Maybe they thought it was a fashion statement.  Maybe I'm glad no one told me, actually.  And I did get a big laugh from this, um... I'm realizing that although  I've made several attempts to jump back into a healthier eating and exercising regime with some success, overall  I'm finding it difficult to keep it consistent.

So, the hubs and I have decided that 2014 is our year again!  

Our year to get back our health 
(before it gets away from us),
and to get back our 
and our MOJO.  

It is now our biggest priority again!

I'm so grateful for the success that we've already had, and knowing that IT CAN HAPPEN.  Believing it's possible is really half the battle.  It's about wanting it bad enough.  It's about focusing on the GOAL and not the reasons or excuses.

To jump start us, we are going on a minimum 10-day Juicing fast (or feast as some call it).  This will help clean out our bodies of toxins and help re-set our cravings. 

We got inspired by this video "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" a documentary by Joe Cross.  Have you seen this?

I've also been concerned about our cancer risks.  My neighbor friend just passed away after a hard battle with cancer.  Also my dad died of lymphoma cancer at age 64, and his mom died from breast cancer.  My own sister is a breast cancer survivor. 

I know that the way we eat can put us at more risk for getting cancer. What we eat affects our moods, our health, our looks, and our ability to think and focus.

I watched this video about cancer which I found very interesting - they do try to have you buy an info kit, but just watching the video is very enlightening.  It comes down to what we eat and several foods contribute to cancer and several foods help prevent cancer.  Why don't our doctors focus on what we eat?  Why do they always go to prescribing meds?  Okay, that's another topic!!

I got a juicer for Christmas! 

So, after our 10-day (or longer) jump start juicing jamboree, we plan on continuing on with organic fresh/raw veggies and fruit, smaller portion meals, and adding in some Medifast meals as well.  We still love the Medifast products and the 5:1 Take Shape For Life weight loss system that has saved our lives already.

Who's with me for big changes in 2014?  

What are your plans and goals?

I want to go ROCK CLIMBING again, I want to get my knee healed and enjoy BASKETBALL again.  And I want to NOT have my pants rip again.  lol

Here's my motto:  
For things to change, I must change.  
For things to get better, I must get better!!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why keep poison in my mind and body?

Happy September!!!!!

Kids are in school, life is getting a little more consistent.  YES!

Okay, hard lesson learned lately:

Recently, I've had a situation where I was involved in a service of doing something nice for a friend. And in the course of my work on this, some negative words and accusations were said to me.  Some things were said to me and other hurtful things were said about me personally behind my back.  This was all  done by people I thought would have "had my back" so to speak. 

This put a huge negative spin on the whole positive thing I was trying to do and I found myself going through all the reasons why this was so completely unfair and rude, even a blatant betrayal. 

Yes, I felt anger, and sadness, and loss. 

I thought everyone involved was actually my friend.  So now, with their tendency to judge and criticize me, I felt that they were not really friends after all. So in my mind I lost friendships. 

UG! And then I let this dampen the super nice thing I was doing for a friend to begin with. 

---- Big Sigh ----

It is so easy to see how I was not in the wrong.
 I was the one actually doing something NICE.

how I handle this can put me in the wrong. 

It's like it's all a TEST. 

Maybe the question in mind isn't if my friends are true friends, but really: 

What kind of "Friend" am I? 

One of the main people in question - I confronted and we actually talked it out. 
 This person gave me a sincere apology for their part in what happened. 

So it should have been done, right? 

Yet I found myself still mulling over things and thinking of things to get upset over
and kind of "renewed" that feeling of how "out of line" others were. 

How SO rude this was. 
How I want nothing more to do with people like that! 
How sick I am of reaching out SOOOO often in friendship and love and that is what I get! 

I spent a week in anguish, hurt, and sadness. I cried, I didn't go out.  
I felt so angry and sorry for myself. That's a week of my life I can't get back. 

What's funny, is I KNOW what will bring me peace in all this. 
(Okay, not really funny because I'm not laughing... but ya know)

I KNOW it's not confronting everyone who was rude; it's not isolating myself from everyone that is going to ease my soul. I KNOW that I have to LET GO and truly FORGIVE them. I need to let God deal with it, and let it drift away from my soul. 

And THEN I won't have the pain and anguish. 

THEN I can be FREE. 

If I really think of myself and GET REAL with all that I've ever said and done, I know that I have made mistakes and hurt others. I've done things that were unfair. Maybe not this same thing - but really, who am I to feel that I'm a saint and others aren't? 

I even knew that if I prayed specifically about this, 
I KNEW that the prompting I would feel would be to forgive and let it go. 

Why keep poison in my mind and body? 
It only harms me. 

So it's been a humbling experience. 
I am now working on forgiving and letting it go. 

I want to remember the good that came from the service and look back with a smile. 
 I know that it's Christ's atonement that wipes all that negative and pain away for REALS. 

I will be quicker to forgive and let go the next time I'm given the opportunity. 

And what does this have to do with health and eating? 

To me, it's everything! 

When I am being REAL with myself in the areas of needing to forgive. 
 I find that I'm also being REAL with myself in acknowledging that I need to make better health choices. 

I've said this before, but I truly feel that my physical and mental health is directly tied to my Spiritual health and my relationship with my high power! When I grow distant from God, it becomes harder to forgive others, to make better eating choices, and to have a clear mind in seeing truth. 

For me, being closer to God and seeking His Spirit
helps me be empowered over my life and my thoughts.
Life is GOOD
XoxoXO ~Margene

Monday, August 12, 2013

What to do with Zucchini!! Chips & Boats!

Happy Monday!!  
If you're reading this then you survived your weekend and hopefully are about to embark on an amazing week of WONDER.  Or at least another week of life.  It's about THRIVING and not just SURVIVING.  This week I'm gonna THRIVE.

To recap some of my last week, I made my long time favorite:  Zucchini Chips!!  I got this idea originally from Sandy here.  It's just so easy.  I take my zucchini (which is so prevalent right now, these green wonders are popping up in everyone's garden - except mine since I don't have one yet) and cut the ends off and then I hand sliced it using my cheese grater - using the side with the single slicer.  Or you can use our food processor for quick work.  Basically, you want them in thin little slices.

Then line your cookie sheet with parchment paper (I used tinfoil and then sprayed it with pam, the first time, but parchment paper doesn't need oil so I did that the second time).  Set out your zucchini slices on the tray, brush with a little olive oil, and sprinkle with sea salt, then bake at 200 degrees for 4 hours or so.  SOOOO addicting!

WOW are these good.  Awesome to take to the movies or have as a quick snack.  These would count towards your "green" on your 5:1 plan, OR (for me, not official TSFL), they count for 1 snack.

Note - Do not turn up the temp over 200 to bake them quicker because they may burn!  Which is what happened to my first batch.  Also, do not over salt. I found that my first batch was way too salty (as well as burned).  They just need a light sprinkle before baking.

I burned my first batch :(

I also saw this cool recipe for Cheesy Garlic Zucchini Boats on FB (I don't know the name, I just made that up!) and made these last week too.  The original recipe can be found here.

I cut off the ends of the zucchini and sliced in half, brushed the top with a little olive oil and sprinkled with some garlic powder blend.  Then I put some sliced up mini red tomatoes on and sprinkled with reduced fat cheese blend.  Salt and pepper to taste and baked at 375 for 20 - 30 minutes - until soft.


Hubs LOVED these!!  My son ate them without realizing they were tomatoes even!  lol
Very yummy Lean and Green - just added 1 chicken patty and with the chicken and cheese being my "Lean", the zucchini and tomatoes was my "Green".  Definitely a keeper!

Some other L&G pics from last week:
 Chicken salad for the hubs.  The Lean is the light cheese and chicken, the green is the romaine, peppers, & tomatoes.  We just tried this Bolthouse Salsa Ranch flavor which isn't bad.  Again, yogurt based dressings are so much creamier and LESS calories than regular dressings.  
For my lean, I found some Griller Morning Star patties in my freezer that I cooked up on my stove and added these mushrooms, mini tomatoes, and zucchini (sauteed on my stove with a little olive oil).  I like cutting the zucchini into long strips for a change.  Just added some salt and pepper and this was a quick tasty meal for me.

There you go!  If you have some zucchini sitting around, at least here some ideas of some stuff you can try!  Make it a great "ON PLAN" day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Because it's not about food....

It's about being PREPARED and enjoying the fuel we put in our bodies.  
I am a BEING of ORDER!
Therefore, I am preparing my meals.
Woo Hoo!  
(This is big for a mom who is driving teens to/from work and activities for 90% of her waking hours, or so it seems)

Yesterday I tried some new things, thanks to Sandy at Sandy's Kitchen!!  Lover her!  She has a lot of recipes for those following the TSFL program and using Medifast food.  Or for those just wanting to eat healtheir.  I've followed her for years now.  So I tried two of her items listed.  First:

I didn't follow the exact recipe she has because I didn't have almond milk, but here is what I did:

1 MF Chocolate Pudding
1 MF Hot Cocoa
4 T. PB2
1/4+ cup mixture of Water and Sugar Free Peanut Butter Syrup

Combine all ingredients in small bowl.  Form into 8 fudge balls.  4 balls makes 1 meal (since you used 2 MF meals in the recipe)

I actually made 5x this recipe - that's why you see 40 balls in the pic up there.  Then I put them in baggies (4 per bag) and froze them.  We can just grab one and go and have it ready by the time we eat.  The hubs really likes them!!!

You can find Sandy's recipe here.


1 MF Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
1/4 t. Cinnamon
1 packet Splenda (I used Stevia)
1/3 cup water
1/8 t. baking powder
1/2 t. vanilla
1 T Peanut Butter (I used PB2)

Preheat oven to 350.  Mix all ingredients and let sit for 5 min.  Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or spray with cooking spray.  Drop by spoonfulls and bake  for 12-15 minutes.

I doubled the recipe for me and the hubs.  Next time I would try to get the cookies flatter if I could to more crispiness.  But they were fine.  Definitely better than making the actual oatmeal.  My son took a bite and wanted more. :)  I will include these up in my Recipes - Medifast tab.  You can see Sandy's original recipe here.

I have also found the I love the Coleman Chicken Meatballs that Costco sells.  The carbs are lower and protein higher than other meatballs I compared and they looked like a great option for our "lean".

So we had them as our L&G last night and salad - So yummy and easy and fast.  That's really what I need, is easy and fast and yet still seems like a quality meal.

I love mushrooms on my salad and had 6 meatballs (on left), Brent had 4 meatballs with 2 turkey sausages. And of course light dressing.

Another meal I had that was super yummy, and also from Costco was this Garlic Pepper Marinated Sockeye Salmon.  Just defrost and bake for 15 minutes and it's total gourmet!  I added some cucumber as my "green" and had a delicious dinner.

For the hubs, I scrambled up 1 cup of egg beaters with some red pepper and added some light cheese just before it was done for a cheesy egg scramble.  Fresh cucumbers also finished off his "green".  So that was also a super fast meal fix that filled him up.

Onward and forward as a BEING OF ORDER!  
Yup, that's me.  If you have any quick and easy, healthy meal ideas, do share! 

oxXXOooXoo ~Margene

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Creating order | Margene's Lean and Greens

Howdy peeps!!  
Happy August!!

Dang, that came fast (August).  
I'm back again (on my blog here) and working at our new schedule and how life is changing for us with older kids.

As of today, we have 3 working kids!!  And only one of them can drive.  It gets tricky.  But I love having older kids and all the fun that comes with it.  I feel like I'm more one of them (at least inside I still feel juvenile), plus I get to be their mom.  There's truly no better job.  And it's been WAY FUN to have the hubs around more and working together with him.  Life is in a process of changing.


It's like we put things in "order" and then chaos comes.  Then we adjust and put things in "order" again and then chaos comes.  I'm learning that the KEY to this is being GRATEFUL for success of creating ORDER, even though it may be briefly lived, it still happened!  Then things fall out of order OR change, it gives me a new chance to step it UP A LEVEL into a new level of ORDER!
The problem comes when I expect things to stay the same.  To stay clean, to stay organized, to stay unbroken, for relationships to stay just right, for kids to stay obedient and happy, ETC.  But WHY am I unhappy about that?  The world is constantly changing and NOTHING stays the same.  The earth itself is always in a state of change.  It's adjusting to that change and STILL CREATING ORDER that builds character.  It's gratitude for the opportunity to create order.


Even if it's just my bookshelf.  Or a small area of my desk.  Or one shelf in my fridge!  I'm learning to start small and NOT be discouraged when chaos comes.  But see it as an opportunity to go to the next level. 
OKAY - so that's what brings me back to my blog.  I am a being of ORDER.  I can adjust to changes in my life.  And with those changes, I can adjust to KEEP EATING HEALTHY, and Being ACTIVE!

I've rebuilt my website:  Margene's Lean and Green's  - which I am MUCH happier about.  It's mostly for the visuals.  When you click on the pictures of the food, It will link you back to the corresponding post on THIS BLOG that either describes that dish or gives the actual recipe.  Hopefully, that is helpful to those who want ideas for lean meals. :)  I'm excited to be adding to it more as well.

There are also some cool links on the side like I have on this blog, AND my top videos - which is super nice to have easy access to.  :)

So... I'm off to creating ORDER today.  I will not look at everything OUT of order, but just focus on one small thing at a time, and get that in order.  And I will find joy in every little thing I create order with! 

XoxOxoX ~Margene

Friday, June 14, 2013

Leap of Faith

Happy June!!

Quick update:

1. My youngest child turned 13 and became a teenager!  (Not to mention, he's like as tall as me now!)

2. Brent & I attended an AMAZING 3 day conference  a few weeks back called "Master of Influence" (3 Key Elements | Kirk Duncan) that has really changed our view and drive.  It was FABULOUS!

3. My oldest daughter (second oldest child) graduated High School!!!  (so my oldest two who have disabilities are both HS graduates!)  SO COOL!!

4. I took a quick trip to Oregon with my daughter and our friends just last week.  We visited the coast, stayed briefly with my cousin and then brother, surprised a couple friends and then zoomed home!  EPIC!

5. AND..... Today is Brent's LAST DAY at his place of employment where he has worked for the last 8 years!  Eight years is a LONG time.  That is 6 years with this employer in Oregon and 2 years with them in Utah - and today is the last day!

THIS is our huge LEAP of FAITH.

THIS has been a long time coming.  Something I haven't been able to talk about much and even can't give detailed reasons why he is leaving.  But I can say that it's nothing bad about the company or people and nothing bad happened, it's just something WE'VE needed for OUR FAMILY!  It's been a long time coming.  We're not sure where we will go from here.  We have a tentative plan, and we hope it works out and we will be continued to be guided.

Our first MAIN FOCUS is again, our HEALTH - and losing the weight we've gained back.  And for Brent, that's the most critical.  And we have other focuses and goals after that.

It's a continual journey.  And it's been such a different journey here in Utah than it was in Oregon!!  So we need to adjust and make it work here for us.  For our health, and for our joy!  Because we know we are meant to live here, and the Lord wants us here right now.

So here we go, my peeps.  Wish us luck!!!  
Life is good!!

Here is a video I saw today that feel so fittting to us right now.  ENJOY!  
~Margene XOxOXoX