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Monday, October 29, 2018

Day 43 on Bright Line Eating - Traveling While on Plan

We finished our 6th week using Bright Line Eating and we weighed in this morning and the results are:

Week 6:

I have released 1 pound!

Brent has regained 1 pound!

We stayed on plan MOST the week, even while we were traveling and staying in a new place EXCEPT for 3 meals where we weren't able / or didn't make arrangements to weigh our food AND where we allowed a little bit of off plan food AND where we snacked a couple times on dehydrated cheese (Moon Cheese) and popcorn. 

We kept to the No Sugar and No Flour Bright Line this week.

So since I allowed myself to snack while we were away from home (on a 'kind of' vacation), I have to be very wary NOT to slip into thinking I can do that. It was probably NOT good to do that because for the first time since being on plan, it started to feel hard and I felt longings for off plan foods.

Going in to the Food Mart at gas stations and seeing all the food and snacks was a little tempting, and being out in public places and smelling foods made me long to have an off plan day. 

But I KNEW I didn't really want that.

I DID pack all our meals and prepared things beforehand so that was super convenient to have in the car while driving and at the place we stayed. 

Here are the only pictures I took of meals this week:

WEEK 6 Meals

 Day 2 DINNER: Salmon patty, Spaghetti Squash, Dill Pickles, Cheese

 Day 3 LUNCH: 2 Sausage Patties, Spaghetti Squash, Cheese, Honeydew

Day 4 BREAKFAST: Organic Sweet Potato Crackers, Cheese, and 2 Clementines 

Overall, I feel like we did really good this week. When we did eat out, we chose healthy foods and foods with no sugar or flour. It feels good that we are making these changes which will benefit our health.

We got to go in a pool, the first time since Brent's stroke. He used his motorized scooter and then walker to get to the pool rail and then down in the pool, and it was awesome for him to have more control and range of motion in the pool. We had fun practicing all he could do and now we want to go swimming more often. :)

We attended a couple marching band state and region competitions, and at one point, Brent wanted to stand and lean on the rail. I snapped this picture of him talking with his dad. I am so blessed to have my best friend still with me. I could so easily be a widow right now if it weren't for the answered prayers of my Heavenly Father. 

 Brent standing by his dad at the Dixie Stadium for the Bands of America Regional Championship

Me and Brent visiting the St. George Temple (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). It is a beautiful and very historical temple!

This was our first trip we've taken where we've had to worry about needing to find places that are accessible for Brent's disability. It worked out well, and I'm SO glad we got Brent a motorized scooter so he can have some independence of where he goes. 

On to Week 7!! 
It's starting to become second nature to eat with Bright Lines!
Life is good.
~Margene xoxoOOX

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