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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bad Bad Bad and Good Good Good

Have you ever seen Thumb Wars?  There’s a scene with Thumb Lea where she meets Thumb Vader and she says something like “You are Bad.  Bad is Bad.  I am Good.  Good is Good.  Bad bad Bad.  Good Good Good.”  It's hysterical and I laugh every time I see it.  Maybe it's those dorky thumb faces, but it's funny.  Anyway, I think this weekend, I have played both Thumb Lea and Thumb Vader!!

I think it’s because Brent is home, but I have thrown caution to the wind a bit (okay, a lot) with my eating.  I have let myself splurge... dang it.  I have been so bad bad bad!  Fruit Pizza, beef jerky, 1/2 PB & J sandwich, carmel popcorn, movie butter popcorn, diet soda, chips (just a couple, tho)... at least it wasn’t all in one sitting.  And I actually did say “no” to licorice.  Yay for that.  I don't like the way most of this food makes me feel.  Yucky.  It’s BACK ON PLAN tomorrow for sure!!!
But the GOOD has been fabulous.  Thursday was our 26 mile bike ride, Friday we hung out and went to yard sales.  I got some new boots with heels... again, I haven’t worn heels like... EVER!  And I got a new hot pink purse and hat.  Those who know me, know that I name my purses.  And lately, my daughter and I are getting back into listening to the “Wicked” soundtrack so I had to name my purse “Galinda”, of course!  
Friday night, some awesome friends of ours hosted an open house for us to be able to say goodbye to our friends before we move next month.  It was truly thoughtful of them and SO wonderful to see everyone.  So many friends showed up (over 70)... how amazing is that!  Very humbling actually!  Actually it IS amazing because I have convinced myself many MANY times that I have NO friends - which has been the source of my greatest heartaches.  That will be a whole different chapter to cover in the book of my life, I tell ya.  I am mighty good at convincing myself of anything negative but that has been an IS  changing!  We are really going to miss all the friends we’ve made here in Oregon... I can’t even think about it right now, because it brings an immediate lump to my throat.  We are so blessed!

Then Today (Saturday), we went and climbed Multnomah Falls.  We can’t move from Oregon without having climbed this!  

At the Very TOP of the Falls!
Squirrels... practically ran over my shoes... SOO cute!

WOW!  You know what?  It totally didn’t kill me at all!!  It’s about 1 mile up at a steep incline.  It was amazing and perfect weather with an overcast sky but not too cold.  On the way down, it was a little hard on Brent, but he did awesome.  

I can’t imagine how hard it would be with 145 more pounds on me!  I treasure EVERY new experience.  I kind of feel like a kid experiencing life all over again.
We didn’t bring any flowers!  Drat!  What were we thinking?
Then, later on, we treated ourselves to the new Pirates movie in 3D.  

My new pink hat and purse, Galina.  This is what cool looks like!  Talk to the hand.
(Brent told me to pose like this - he likes it when I have an "attitude"!)
SO.... training for my run is resuming on Monday.  I’ve got some friends joining me on this 5K run in just 2 weeks.  How cool is that!  I’m so excited to have Joy running this with me too... and she WILL be kicking my butt because that woman rocks hard!  It is key for me to BELIEVE that I can accomplish anything - including this run.  It’s a daily effort for me to believe that the best will happen; and to believe and think positive thoughts about myself and others, and then to act on it.  But the more I practice... the easier it gets to believe.  And there is power in believing!!  
God Bless.... XOXO ~Margene


Sharon said...

I get all excited when I see families doing outdoor things together. Not nearly enough of that going on in the world today! I also get all excited when I see anyone hiking to a place I've never been and REALLY want to go. This is one of them. I'll get there someday! Beautiful pictures and you look great, as always!

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

The good always outweighs the bad, doesn't it! ;)

When you believe, you inspire yourself and us. Keep believing every day, Margene!


Christine said...

Hi there!!!
Thanks for checking up on me!!!
I have been reading your blog everytime you post but I just have not been commenting.....things are busy but good with me.
Still standing my ground in the weight loss area, not down any more though, and still exercising!

You have done AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work!

Joy said...

Love the attitude. Girl you have it going on!!!

Time is going by so fast. You will be moving soon. I am sooo sad!!

Can't wait for the run. It will be amazing!!!!

Keep focused!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Oh, Margene....

Re: the bad bad bad. Now think back. Way back to how you used to eat regularly--not even a splurge--just regular eating. You'll see bad bad.

And then think back to when you tied one on with the food. An official binge. You'll see bad bad bad.

This weekend. It's probably just a "not so good" at worst, a "bad".

We both know what bad bad bad looks like. :} This weren't it. It just felt like it.

You've come a long way, baby! Wahoo! :D


Julie said...

Margene, is your run going to be a run or walk/run...walk/jog/run or full 5K run? Just curious? My next 5K in two weeks is a walk/jog/run or whatever I can do. The next two week is working up to running as far as I can.
I love all your pictures. I love your neighbors doing all of this for you and I love you and Brett and all that you guys have to do to give the best for your kids and yourselves.
Take care and have a blessed week.

A Journey to a new me... said...

Even the "bad bad bad" sounds oh so good. just lil treats here and there. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I'm very excited and happy for you!

Kimberlynn said...

I love Galina...you look awesome in that hat!

As for the bad, bad, bad...good, good, good...sometimes we just have to live life and that means being a little bad sometimes. The good thing is you know when to quit!

I can't wait to see how you and Joy do in the 5K!!!

Be blessed!!!

Natalia said...

Wow that looks like a fun hike! Love the pink attitude! :)

gracies tough journey said...

I wanted to post earlier but some how it wouldnt let me. Dang computer. But, your pictures are beautiful. Love the attitude. You all look so wonderful. Enjoy the beauty.

Live, Love, Laugh, - Lisa said...

Hi Margene,
I love your blog and your positive outlook on life. I am new to Medifast and also to blogging, but am very glad to have found you. I will continue to follow and share in the success with you-

Live, Love, Laugh, - Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the kind response and the add, Margene!

Yes I do have a coach and I find her to be an invaluable resource. It really seems like a fantastic program. I have looked through all of the great recipes I found on both yours and Sandy's blogs and I am anticipating trying many of them. I also bookmarked your L&G page, so thank you for that.

Thanks also for adding me to your blog roll. I am excited to make new friends too. I only have a couple of followers so far.

I read all of your posts and it seems that we have many life similarities, especially the friend thing. Again, I am so glad to have found you:)

Live, love, laugh and lose-