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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Learning as I go...

I am learning about my body!  Imagine that.  I think when you overeat constantly, you get used to “tuning out” so that you can continue to over eat irresponsibly and be in denial about your health.  Or at least that was true with me.
So, I really am on the maintenance wagon.  The training wheels have come off (mostly).  I have experienced binges and cravings.  I have experiences major guilt and last minute work outs to make up for calories eaten.  It’s a new way of thinking.  I can’t beat myself up, and I can’t let myself off the hook.  I will forever be mindful of what I eat!  It’s a new way and attitude about living.  But it’s all good... it keeps me relying on prayer, ya know!
I have kept my weight below the 140 mark... fluctuating as low as 132 and as high as 138.  This morning, the scale said 136.  That’s all good... I just don’t want to get above 140.  Having said that, I don’t want to be a slave to the scale either.  It’s about getting more tone and building my endurance.
Which brings me to my 5K training.  I am 3 weeks away from “running” my first 5k!  This week was my 5 minute run / 2 min. walk.  Monday, I did great but by Wednesday, I had a pretty swollen and painful knee!!  I was limping and in pain.  Drat!!  I iced it, and took ibuprofen and tried to burn calories using my upper body... at least one day I did.  
This morning, it felt better enough for me to try running.  I had support wraps on both my knees and headed out.  Well, I did the first 5 minute run fine, but on the 2nd run my knee started hurting after 3.5 minutes.  And on the 3rd run it hurt after 1.5 minutes.  Drat!  So I walked the rest and walked a good hour in the BEAUTIFUL Oregon sunshine.  I even found a little trail among the trees that lead to a park.  It reminded me of pics that Suzi often posts... just gorgeous!  I pulled off my headphones and listened to the birds and trees.  I felt a rush of gratitude for such a beautiful earth we live on and for my Heavenly Father and all He’s given me.  I’m going to miss Oregon, but I look forward to exploring new trails in Utah!

So here I am today in my most sexy work out clothes.  Yes, those are Brent’s PJ bottoms... uber cool, don’t ya think?  Had my knee braces on underneath.  Major dorko.  I really need to invest in active wear.  But I’m so glad to even be active!  I don’t care as much what people think.
My man comes home for 3 days this next week.  It will be so wonderful to see him again.  Our move is next month and we still don’t have a house nailed down.  I KNOW the Lord has something in store and the timing will all work out SOMEHOW but right now, it’s all up in the air.  I’ve learned to do all I can and then Trust HIM.  Life is GOOD!!!


spunkysuzi said...

Sometimes a wonderful walk is all you need :)

Anonymous said...

First, you are looking mighty fine. I hope the injury heals up better than new!

And, all of that up in the air stuff--I hate when that happens! But you're right, of course, God has it all worked out. :)

Keep us posted.


Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

I like your take, Margene. I like that being in maintenance still doesn't mean perfection, but mindfulness.

And you look make those sweats look great!

Brentus said...

You look great! Can't wait to see you.

Joy said...

Hope your knee gets better soon! Can't wait for the run!! Will be awesome!!

Take care my Friend!!

Jennifer said...

so proud of your running Margene! I cant wait to get back into it! I actually just did a post on it today. Thats great you will get to see your hubby for a few days. Absence makes the heart grow fonder but it still doesnt mean you dont miss him like crazy I bet!


Lori said...

Good for you for paying attention to your body.
Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us once we reach our goals.

Julie said...

You are doing awesome. Do take the time to heal those knees though cuz if you don't you'll be walking your 5K and I know how important it is to jog/run.
Take care Margene. Your outlook on everything is so peaceful and wonderful.
Have a blessed evening.

Michele said...

You are quite an inspiration still with your maintenance efforts and working towards your first 5KM. I like your healthy attitude about staying under 140-like the fact that you are giving yourself some wiggle room. I hope your knees straighten out soon. Keep those braces on!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I just wrote a LONG comment and ot was erased /lost ! aghhh! grrrrrrrrr!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

let's try again.
I scolded you for not having PRETTY workout clothes! Get your butt to the store and get some asap! It is not for others... it is for YOU!
You have worked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to lose this weight! Reward yourself! I mean it! I am yelling at you! ( :
Oregon is BEAUTIFUL you are so right.
I am so excited to hear about your move! You are right, God has some wonderful things planned for you!
That is so funny about the movies... because it is true!
Have a pretty day!

Karla said...

Work out clothes, ...... I walk in mu pj's..... Lol

Kudo's to you girl!!! You are so active!!!