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Friday, May 6, 2011

Is it really me?

So I may not have been one of the Medifast “Happy After” winners and get a makeover, shopping spree and photo shoot.... BUT I got something better:  SUPER COOL friends in my life!!  What could possibly have more value than that?  :)
Speaking of one SUPER COOL friend, she arranged and then took me to her SUPER COOL sis-in-laws home (which is an hour away) and they gave me a MAKEOVER yesterday!  This is my first makeover ever!  How totally amazing is that?  This incredible woman has a gift and talent for style and beauty.  She knows how to take a person and bring out their best features.  She has 6 kids of her own and just looks fabulous.
First, she put some brown back in my hair which is my original color, and then she painted my toenails, which is the 2nd time in my life I’ve ever had them painted!  How sweet was that?  I loved it!

Then she added some carmel highlights to my hair.  And the she CUT it, and layered it, and styled it.

Then she put make up on me.  I haven’t worn make up consistently since my last daughter was born... over 14 years ago and a lot has changed since then.  I was actually taking notes to learn as much as I could.  I got so much wonderful information.
She told me before I saw my finished self, that it may be shocking to see myself in makeup, but that I don’t look like a clown and that it looks good.  So for a split second, I pictured myself in clown makeup with the white face and outlined mouth in red and big poofy colored wig... and almost laughed.  Just a little Margene humor.



And then... voila!  I did NOT recognize myself!  It was quite surreal because it was really like looking at a picture of someone else.  The person didn’t look like she had too much makeup but being that it was ME... it felt like I was wearing a lot.  My eyes just seem to pop out!  I was so overwhelmed.  I felt so pretty!
My friends were trying to read me to see if I liked it, but I seriously was overcome and did not know how to respond.  I felt so humbled and so thankful... and unworthy (I know I shouldn’t say that word, but it’s how I felt) of their time and attention and efforts on my behalf.  These women both have several children and busy homes and yet they took several hours out of their day just for me.  

With the last few minutes, she had my try on some of her pants and tops and gave me some tips on clothes I can look for that would accentuate my positive features.  It was very cool.  She had these pants with a big belt and I actually tucked in my shirt (which I NEVER do) and it wasn’t half bad!  Too much fun!  I would LOVE to go shopping with her as I know nothing about what really looks good.  
She is on a very tight budget but 3 things she feels are worth investing more money in are 1. Good bra, 2. Good shoes, and 3. Good Make up (she told me about Bare Minerals).  Awesome clothes can be found at thrift stores if you know what to look for.   And it’s okay to look your best.  It doesn’t mean your vain.  You look your best and take care of yourself so that you can serve your family and those around you and feel confident.

Here is an interesting comparison from me at Christmas in 2009, and me just yesterday (a year and half later).  Is this really the same person?  I still feel like the gal on the left inside... but I’m daring to be that more confident woman on the right!

When I got home, my 10 year old did not recognize me and even acted a little scared or freaked out.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or not but it was funny!  My daughters, on the other hand were way more enthusiastic.  I just hope Brent doesn’t check out this blog until he comes home on the 19th for the weekend... I CAN’T WAIT to see HIM!!!  What will HE THINK? Life is Good!!


gracies tough journey said...

You look beautiful and dare I say even thinner? What a fun time. I think Brent will just love it. You may not have won the Medi-fast, but you will always be our winner. God Bless and you so deserve the wonderful make-over gift. You are a real inspiration to us. Hugs

E. Jane said...

Wow! I love it. You were always a very pretty woman, even at a higher weight, but it is so much fun to see the transformation. You look beautiful! And...I love the haircut!

Debbie said...

Just found your blog through Michele at Ruminations. You look amazing and congratulations on the changes that you have made in your life that have resulted in such a wonderful transformation.
BTW, I love shopping at thrift stores! I'm on a tight budget too and especially with losing weight, clothes get too big quickly. I was just at Goodwill yesterday and bought 6 pairs of capris and at least 10 tops for $48. All of them looked either brand new or barely worn and most were from expensive stores, even a few designer names. I had nothing that fit from last spring & summer so I needed to stock up. I just can't see buying brand new clothes that will be too big by July.

Christine said...

Amazing....she brought out your natural beauty!!!!

Lori said...

How wonderful for you. You look fabulous to say the least.

I agree with buying clothes at thrift stores. I get almost all of mine there and I have some adorable pieces. I get to buy high end brands that I could never afford otherwise.

I also sell my too big clothes on consignment. It helps to fund the purchase of the next round of sizes!

Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you for keeping the weight off. You're leading the way for the rest of us that are almost at goal. Thanks!

Karla said...

You look stunningly beautiful!!! What a difference

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

If you were a Hollywood celebrity, Margene, all the tabloids would say the girl in 2009 had plastic surgery in 2011! You are stunning.

Sam said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Sarah said...

You look fantastic! So nice of her to do that for you!


Kimberlynn said...

You look gorgeous my friend!!! Brent is going to love it. How could he not?

D said...

You look amazing. That was sweet of your friends to do. I love your hair. You are so deserving.

Michele said...

You are were already a beauty-the make over accentuated it. Lovely! What a great day it must have been for you! Happy Mother's Day!

A Journey to a new me... said...

You look gorgeous!! Happy Mother's Day!

Joy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! You look absolutely awesome!! So happy for you my Friend!!!!

Can't wait to see you!!

Keep up the great work and stay focused!

Rettakat said...

What a great gift they gave you, such wonderful friends! They really did bring out your natural beauty, like another commenter said.

And those two last comparison photos... all I can say is WOW! Simply amazing.

Susie said...

What sweet friends you have!! I agree you were pretty at a higher weight too and now you look amazing. Enjoy you make over and new confidence.
congrats on. All your hard work. Well deserved

Julie said...

Oh girl, you so deserved this and your friends new that. You looked wonderful before but so much more radiant and beautiful after. Thrift stores are the only way to go.
Take care Margene and God Bless!!

Marlee said...

you look GORGEOUS! You must be so happy and so proud of yourself! I'm a grad student studying to become a nutritional counselor, and it makes me so happy to see someone making progress. Congratulations, you've earned it!


Natalia said...

What wonderful friends you have! You look beautiful. Love your new haircut, the make up....all of it!!!

Sandrelle said...

LOVE it!!! You look fabulous and so happy. Congrats on all of your hard work. I was wondering if you'd do a guest post on my blog? Please email me at: thefitfix@ymail.com Thanks!

Christine said...

although you are undoubtedly the same beautiful person on the inside, the difference on the outside is just amazing! wow! You look beautiful. You looked nice before, now you just simply look beautiful! congratulations on all your hard work.

Angela Cruz said...

I think you look gorgeous before and after!!! It's funny that your friend told you about Bare Minerals, because that's what I was thinking-- I always tell friends it's the easiest, no-brainer makeup that's actually good for your skin. :) I love your hair, but most of all I love your TRULY HAPPY SMILE!!! Geaux Margene!!! :) :) :)