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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

** JOY **

I met JOY yesterday!  We met for lunch and had a fabulous visit.  Wow, this woman is major strong and gutsy and she's also beautiful.  Check out our pic below.  She could wipe me out easily on the treadmill or in any area.  She works so hard and is so committed and has gone through SO much.  I was impressed and inspired by her tenacious and kind spirit.  Check out and follow her blog and you'll be glad you did.

Today I go do my second work out of the week to train for my 5k.  It is gorgeous out and I think I'll be running outside.  Wish me luck.... NO mind games.  Eye of the tigar... GRRRRRRRR!!


Jennifer said...

that is so great that you two got to meet! I have been following both your blogs so its so awesome to me that you guys could meet! I wish I lived closer!!!


Joy said...

Friend, you are so kind!!

Can't wait to see you again!! I'm checking out the 5k info and will let you know soon if it's a go!!

Take care and stay focused!!