Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. This is the story of our continuing Journey through the ups and downs of maintenance.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 54 (1 year and 2 weeks into Lifestyle Change)

I lost 3 pounds!!  I am now at 141... so close to the 130's.  Feels SOOO good!!  I remember thinking I'd be happy to just lose 50 pounds or even 100 but to think I've lost 139 just floors me!  I've almost lost 1/2 of myself!  It's so great to know and feel that I can set my ultimate goal and reach it!  I am 6 pounds away from my original goal.

Now, for the frustrating part.  Brent has really been on plan this week, stayed away from soda, worked out at the gym, and even downed 144 ounces a water a day and still he showed a 2 pound gain!  I am really stumped.  I know he is discouraged.  My thought is that it must be his STRESS that is sabotaging his weight loss.  There's no reason his weight shouldn't be falling off him.  When we first started, his stress wasn't as bad as it is right now.  It's like his body reacts to stress without him even thinking stressful thoughts.  Somehow, he is internalizing it maybe.  We are still praying and searching for an answer to this... daily!

Wearing my "big" jacket which just a few months ago barely fit! 
The countdown is on until he's gone and today we've been going through our boxes and storage again and downsizing.  Brent has our front room all set up for labeling and organizing.  It is more laborious than I thought.  I hope I don't regret throwing away some of the stuff I am but it's all part of the process.  Boy, have we downsized a ton in the last 2-3 years.  It's all good, though.  It's about prioritizing and realizing what is most important.  I've enjoyed reading so many other blogs on healthy journeys and I actually enjoyed the opportunity to pray for my fellow travelers.  So many of you are going through hard times and really difficult situations.  My heart truly goes out to each of you.  We've got to hang on and know that we are watched over and loved.  Life is good and we CAN do this!!  Much love XOXO ~ Margene


gracies tough journey said...

That is so amazing. I am so happy for you. You look awesome. Gracie

Ali said...

What a difference a year and 2 weeks can make! Congratulations on your weight loss, you're so close to goal.

For Brett; I know how hard it can be when you're plateauing - I've not lost any weight in around 12 months of dieting, so I'm in no position to give you advice on breaking a plateau, but try and pay attention to the other fantastic benefits of eating healthily and exercising! You've come so far already, and though you're not at the 175 marker, it's better to be healthy, happy and 200lbs than 175 and miserable or starving yourself. Keep soldiering on with what you're doing and you will get your dividends!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Margene! I remember when the scale was stuck for you, too. Such a frustrating time--and now look at you! You are losing at a fantastic rate for how little you weight!

As long as your hubby follows the plan, the scale will catch up. Drinking all of that water may mean that some of the weight gain was water weight, too. Water weighs 8 pounds a gallon, remember.

I can't believe that you guys are packing to move again! Excitine, but must also be daunting.



Natalia said...

Margene! Congrats to you! Wow 3 lbs?! Awesome.

I'm sure your hubby must be getting frustrated, stress causes your body to hold on to stuff. Maybe he should add in some stress reliever type things, meditation? yoga? Something that he enjoys doing ..?

You guys are such an inspiration to me!

thinspired said...

You are such an incredible inspiration...the amount of weight you and your husband have lost in a year astounds me!!

It truly makes me want to get up & go workout. Head to the grocery store & buy the best food possible for me. Stay away from anything I know can ruin my journey.

I have to say...today, I was having a lot of weird thoughts. Not about giving up, but about how I keep cheating myself and it's causing things to take longer. Not anymore!!

Look out for a shoutout on my blog later today :-) I need to thank one of the most inspirational blogs I've read yet!!

Julie said...

It'll happen for Brent, it will. It's just so hard at times. You are still rocking along, you go girl.
The move looks so intense. It's good to downsize though, two years ago I did that here and starting tomorrow I have two days to work on it a bit more for a huge girl scout garage sale. It feels wonderful to get rid of and donate and only once in awhile have I missed something I sent away.
Good luck you two. Take care and God Bless!!

Michele said...

Congrats on another great weight loss, Margene. Your enthusiasm is contagious and inspirational.

Downsizing is one of my themes for the year. Me physically, of course, but all our stuff, too. We are not moving like you, but, downsizing does help you to sort through the things that are important. I don't think you regret getting rid of anything. My adage,: if I have not used it or look at it for a year-out it goes! Except for the priceless items, of course.

Jennifer said...

thank you SO much Margene :)

Jennifer said...