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Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Weekend

Today is the night of my son's Eagle Court of Honor and there is SO much to do and set up.  There is even family that will happen to be in town which will be SO fabulous to have there.  I think I have everything ready... and I know it will turn out wonderful.  I finished the video presentation of his scouting life complete with the audio comments of many of his scout leaders through the years.  I've got his items to display, refreshments arranged, decorations ready to load, sound system already there, people hopefully scheduled to help, my own outfit picked out with eagle earrings, boys scout shirts washed & pressed, etc.  I am just feeling a little down right now.  I am plagued with painful thoughts... I don't even want to write them down or acknowledge them because they are probably not true, but it feels true.  I know I've said it before, but I am missing my mom and dad today.  Today is one of those days I would love to share with them and have them see their grandson.  I can be honest I wish I could feel their love as well.

In a few months we will be moving from here.  My hubs will even start sooner than that and be gone from us for a while.  It's going to be a crazy 6 months or more.  People are starting to learn that we are moving and pretty soon it'll be like "You're still here?  I thought you were moving?"  Anyway... I've got to get my head in the game right now... no time for emotional blog posts, even though that is how I'm feeling.

Tomorrow is weigh-in and I'm hoping for a big loss.... we'll see.


gracies tough journey said...

Enjoy tonight and know they will be there. I dont envy moving. That is so hard especially since you will be alone for 6 months. It will be crazy. God Bless

Lucy said...

Hey Margene-it's going to be o.k. Take a deep breathe and lean on the fact you know who you are and who you serve. You're not alone.

Have a great time.
Your bloggie friend,

Christine said...

I understand that pain of not being able to share our lives with a parent any longer, I lost my Dad when my eldest daughter was only 4 1/2 months old so he never got to even meet the last 5 grandchildren.
BIG HUGS!!!! to you!!!!

The Fat Mom said...

Your mom and dad are with you and your family on this very special night! Open your heart and I'm sure you will feel their love from Heaven.

I hope ya'll have fun tonight in order to celebrate such an awesome accomplishment.

Sarah said...

Enjoy tonight and good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. I also have to weight in tomorrow. You guys area amazing.


A Journey to a new me... said...

I hope you are having fun tonight with family and celebration! Congratulations to your son!

and MOving? I missed that! Good luck with that..I know how tough moving and being away from your spouse during a time of transition can be.

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Have fun. My dad has been gone 18yrs, I still have horrible days. Big hugs

Natalia said...

Oh! Big Hug to you! I can relate to that feeling.

Joy said...

I am so sorry, tough losing your parent!! I am sending a ton of hugs your way!!

Hope you enjoyed the evening with your son!

Michele said...

Boys don't make it to Eagle Scout without significant support from family and many others. This is a bog moment for you and hubby. You must be so proud. What a wonderful human being your son must be.

Hope you had a great WI.