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Friday, February 18, 2011


Today, Brent has work off!! Yay, it was a "flex week".  Last night after the kids went to bed, we slipped off to the gym together for a small work out.  It felt good.  I was using weights while I walked on the treadmill working my arms... I've got a lot of flab on them to tighten up.  Working out with some great tunes on the Ipod makes all the difference!  I was walking and dancing and closing my eyes while lip syncing... so glad it was late and not many people were there!  I really want to try a Zumba class sometime.

I feel like every moment with my man is precious right now.  In just a couple weeks, he will be gone to start work in Utah.  We watched "Red" last night all cuddled up.  I am going to miss that.  We'll have Skype and unlimited cell phone minutes between us but.... nothing beats physical contact!  I am also trying to get his "lean and green" meals easy for him to make himself and have him set up for success.  He's excited to take his bike and hit the gym there in Utah.  He'll be able focus on his own health more and maybe this is what will help him conquer his stress (as long as he doesn't spend all the time worrying about me!).

This whole new adventure seemed so right, but as it gets closer and we realize everything involved and what all we're leaving behind, we sure hope we're doing the right thing!  Taking that leap of Faith.... again!  I have a friend who has told me more than once that we can still change our minds... that we've already uprooted our kids in our move last October... do we really want to uproot again and to another state?  Her words have actually brought me down a bit.  It's not that she even seeks out my friendship or would miss me but she is just responding to her own kids who will miss our kids.  She is responding as a mom.  We are doing what we feel would be best for our kids.  This whole move is more about our kids future than us.  They are everything to us!  The Lord knows what's best and He knows the future so we are trying to put our Trust in Him.  It is scary... as I'll be moving to an area where I'll know no one and be starting literally from scratch!  But we do have family in Utah and there are a lot of things we are looking forward to.

Anyways... enough rambling this morning.  I am hoping for a good weigh-in tomorrow.  We've been on plan all week... except for making some more Zucchini chips last night and we just couldn't stop.  They are so addictive and yummy.  Way better than potato chips!  Hope our work out helped... how much can zucchini hurt anyway?  :)  Life is good!!


gracies tough journey said...

Take the leap of faith. You will land softly. I have been to Utah, many many different times to several locations. Each time, the people are so nice and friendly. Utah is so very beautiful. Your kids will love it.

Michele said...

Hi, Margene,
We moved to MN in 1988 and left behind all we knew and many beloved people in California. It was the best thing we could have done for us and our family. It was/is an adventure, too. I don't think you will regret it. Michele