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Monday, February 7, 2011

Today... food and shopping!

Today I treated myself to a little shopping.  In anticipation of our tax return in a few days and with the fact that I don't have many clothes my actual size I slipped out today to a couple of stores and got a few things to wear.  How fun!  I found a size 10 denim skirt on sale.  My only other skirt is size 16 and I've been wearing it for a few months.  And I finally got a few size 10 pants!  I am going to get rid of all my size 14 and up - many I've only worn once, but since I'm not going to ever go that direction, I might as well get them out of my house.
My shopping haul!
I also got a couple pair of leggings - which I love wearing around the house or even to bed.  I find that I like pants that are more like skinny jeans all the way to the ankle.  They just are so comfy.  Whenever I try on the flared jeans, I just can't stand them.  It's fun for me to even realize that I have likes and dislikes in clothes.  I have been subject for so many years to whatever the huge plus size styles were and mostly just stretchy pants.  I love jeans!  I even tried on a couple dresses that I liked but I was trying not to splurge too much.  This is so much fun!!

Tonight, Brent and I had the same thing we had last night... taco salad.  I used extra lean ground beef and ground turkey breast simmered in a light taco seasoning (and sprinkled with some low fat cheese) on a crunchy salad with some Walden Farms bacon & ranch dressing.  Very satisfying.  I really want to drop some pounds this month so let's see if I can be strictly on plan and increase my exercise!  Gotta do it!  So many of my blogger friends just haul butt and really get their work outs in.  I need to step it up and at least get some consistent walking in.  Thanks for all your inspiration and encouragement.  Let's do this!!


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

A shopping spree, how fun and well deserved!! The taco salad looks delish

Polar's Mom said...

WOOOWEEE that salad looks YUM. I find the same thing about clothes-who knew I could have a style that wasn't 'box'! I'm the opposite, I love flared jeans/bootcut, because I hate when slimmer ones bunch right under my knees, and I have muscle-y man calves. ;-) You should sell all your bigger clothes-maybe you guys could take a vacation with the money!

Polar's Mom

Anonymous said...

What fun! and a size 10! Wahoo, you. I know what you mean about the liking "whatever fits" syndrome. It will be such fun to experiment with clothes and dscover your own style.

Too bad we don't live closer. I could use those 14s!

Great job and congratulations!


Lucy said...

I remember the first time I stood in a dressing room mirror and LIKED what I saw!! I thought "Oh Lord, I can get mighty used to this shopping!!" It was so much fun. This after years of hating what I saw in the mirror.

I'm doing the same thing...getting rid of things that are too big, things that I've not wanted to get rid of bcs they are so comfty...but in reality...most are not only too big but they look awful on me!LOL!

I'm also finding my style changing! How cool is that! I'm no longer drawn to what covers me!

Congrats on all your progress Margene :)

Kimberlynn said...

Hi Margene...it's so good to be back online and see how great you're doing!!! Congratulations and a great big hug for such an awesome accomplishment...a size 10!!! I'm right there with you...I'm getting rid of my old baggy clothes as I buy something new that fits. There's no need to hold onto the old sizes when you know you're never going back again!

Julie said...

For years, lots and lots of year it was denim shirts with a tank under it. You know what, I hate denim shirts now, to ugly now. Now I'm not ready for anything snug but a blouse or a lose T, I can handle that. You are doing awesome. So how many more pounds are you thinking? Just curious my friend.
Take care and God Bless!!!

Lisa said...

we need to see pics of you in your new clothes!

Michele said...

That must have been so FUN to buy those new clothes! Another great reminder of how far you have come!

gracies tough journey said...

Those clothes are so cute. I cannot wait til I go out and get some new clothes. But, I need to wait a bit. You are doint awesome.