Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. This is the story of our continuing Journey through the ups and downs of maintenance.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Weigh-in today showed that I got 1 pound off my body this last week and Brent stayed the same.

This week marks our one year anniversary since starting this lifestyle change  Wow, a whole year and it's like our lives have changed 10 years worth!  Just think if we would have put off this change... how crappy and miserable we'd still be feeling.  Life is hard enough with out weight and health issues!

And NOW....  another big change is happening this year, as if 2010 didn't bring us enough changes (albeit good but you know how change can be hard).  We are going to be buying a home. Yay!  Huge Blessing! That is one of our goals this year.  AND... We will be MOVING - again!  But this time it's not just a couple miles away but a couple states away.  We are moving to UTAH!!  (this summer)  It's like I've had constant butterflies in my stomach the last few days (since the job situation fell into place and this became a reality) as I've been thinking about all we need to do and the impact of leaving our beloved Oregon and friends!  Yes, it is an adventure and it's exciting... and I need to get over my fear of the craziness and just embrace it!  I need to NOT feel like I'm losing everything we have here, and that's so hard for me!

It's all good (right?) ... Yes, it is!!

And, this week we are having our son's Eagle Court of Honor.  This apparently is no small event.  It almost compares to planning a small wedding reception in it's time and complexity.  I'm excited for him.  He worked so hard and It will be wonderful to see him "pinned" with his Eagle badge.  Another treat for mom.

So the test is to stay on plan and still reach our goal by the end of February.  I can see when I am not as strict on plan because my weight loss goes to zero or 1 pound.  When I follow the plan, it's always 2-4 pound a week gone.  I need to kick it up a notch!  Especially if I want to go for that Medifast "Happy After" contest!!

The Lords Hand has been apparent in our lives as we have been seeking direction.  I know it requires me to be patient and TRUST HIM.  I am learning... slowing... but learning.  Above all I feel so happy and so thankful to have lost the weight I have.  Every SINGLE day, I find things that are easier and I feel SO much better!  I never thought I would do this or lose all this weight.  I really never imagined I'd be where I am now in size 10.  It's unreal.  I feel SO humbled and thankful!!  Here I am 42 years old and I am finally ready for life!  I'm ready to let go of all the bad and just embrace the good.  Why has it taken me so long?  Better late than never, I suppose.  Life is good, my friends!  Take care XOXOX ~Margene


Polar's Mom said...

Girl I was just going to tell you that you and Brent need to enter the Medi contest!!!

You guys are awesome, couldn't be happier for you two!

And Utah-HECK YEAH! I LOVE Utah-what a gorgeous state with lovely people! Not that Oregon is any slouch either! ;-)

Many congrats on your move, house, and new yous!

Polar's Mom

The Fat Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! Amazing progress you and Brent have shown in just a year. It's all because you had the desire to change and the dedication to do it.

Congrats on the move and buying a new house. That's so exciting!!! Sure it's scary and tugs at your heart strings, but think of all the positive changes that will be coming your way. God has really provided for ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Change is always scary--and these changes are HUGE!

But how exciting that God has prepared the way for you two already. I mean, you've already parerd down your assets for this last move, so you've got most of the hard work done! How cool is that?

And you love Utah. You already know it. Have been there often. How cool is that?!

I'm happy for you--and you'll be entering this new phase of your life......THIN! :D Now, how cool is that?!!!


Michele said...

Congratulations, Margene! Yes, what a difference a year makes on the road to good health. This post is inspirational to all of us with a weigh to go. You two are rock stars! Michele

Sarah said...

Hey, saw your link on Polar's page. You guys look amazing! Totally amazing.


Julie said...

Everything will fall into place as it needs be so don't over worry or fret. The move will be great and a house of your own near family (your family is in Utah, right?).
Take lots and lots of your sons Eagle Court of Honor and please share (even if you just send me a couple). Being an Eagle is one of the three most important events in a young mans life. It really is an honor.
Take care Margene and have a blessed night sleep.