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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Family Pictures!!

Just to wet your appetite... here is our family picture from December of 2005. I am, of course, the family Christmas tree as everyone is gathered around me... (can I tell you that I FERVENTLY despised this picture?)

Here we are October 2010. I love the colors of the trees! It was a really gorgeous place.

We had over 100 pictures taken with many different poses. This one was a pose that was a little different for us, but I kind of like it.

And this is my Anne of Green Gables shot (with my Gilbert!)

At one point in between shooting, the hubs gave me a piggy back ride... which was never really attempted before due to my massiveness. That was fun! The photographer snapped this picture.

And a little comparison picture. The one on the left was taken in October of 2008, and the one of the right October of 2010. I remember thinking that by hiding my head behind my hubby that you couldn't tell how fat my face was. (yeah, right!) Funny thing is, I still have a hard time not thinking like that! It will take a while to change the way I think as it's so engrained in me to think like a morbidly obese woman! But I am loving that challenge! Bring it on!!


dawne said...

Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply amazing Margene.

Karla said...

I ditto dawn, and wow wow wow ans.wow some more!!! What a change, you look so good!!

Casey said...

What absolutly beautiful pictures, Margene! I love the one where you're all sitting amongst the leaves, and of course the piggy-back one and the bridge shot! They're all great!
The trees really are amazingly beautiful!
Have a great weekend!

ladyofthehouse said...

Georgeous pictures Margene!!
I love the family pic where you're all sitting down and the one of "Anne and Gilbert" on the bridge!! lol The piggy-back one is great too!!
What a beautiful family! You are blessed!!!
diane :)

Anonymous said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! What a beautiful family! You and your hubby look like different people from the old pics! It is so amazing!!

Natalia said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! You both are such an inspiration! You look fantastic, happy and healthy! :)

Rettakat said...

These are amazing photos! The contrast is remarkable. Even though you don't like the Before pics, I'll bet now you are glad you have them for the astounding contrast pics.

I think my favorite is the one of the whole family, casually sitting on the ground together. Made me smile... just so homey and loving-looking.

I appreciated your last comment on my blog... your "random thoughts" were great! I totally agree... love is not a feeling, but a choice!


A Journey to a new me... said...

Wondeful wonderful pictures!! YOu both have come a long way and I'm so excited for your whole family!

Julie said...

Amazing, beautiful, wonderful, terrific, marvelous and so many other fantastic words for your family pictures. You guys are amazing.
I hope that you have a great and blessed weekend.

Dianne said...

LOVE your pictures!!
Who did them for you?
Your family looks great!

Ann (-25 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Margene, these were beautiful and fun photos! My favorite was the casual family group shot, posing on the ground. It has so much more personality in it, and the setting was very pretty too.

That piggyback photo was great! You guys need to each carry one of those in your wallets. The kids (as adults) will be fighting over who gets those. LOL

Your progress in those photos, all over a mere two year period of time, is simply amazing. I can see why it would take your mind a while to catch up to your bodies, but you'll get there! Love it ... love it, love it, love it!!


Joy said...

Just found your blog. I so look forward to following your progress.

I love the pictures. The piggyback picture brought tears to my eyes. I know how special that one is. I can't wait for the day, my hubby can give me a piggyback ride!!!

Congrats on your fabulous success!!!

Keep focused!!!

GeorgiaBE said...

Just found your blog--and may I say: great job on getting fit!
You could have just posted the pictures--they speak for themselves!

And the face hiding thing--don't I know it! I've been trying to get better about this myself!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Beautiful pictures. What a great idea...100 family pictures.

The Fat Mom said...

AMAZING! I love the pictures!