Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. This is the story of our continuing Journey through the ups and downs of maintenance.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 38 - Halloween Weekend

So, weigh-in was this morning and I found that I lost 2 pounds from last week and the hubs stayed the same. He is okay with losing slower as he is not staying on plan as much as I am every day. He still is mostly on plan and makes good eating choices, but he needs to go slower and not feel deprived and be able to get in a few more calories. I am so “all or nothing” that I need to stay on plan or I would go off “all the way”. I was very happy to see a loss, and wondered what the scale would say because there was a day I ate one extra medifast meal due to staying up so late and being hungry again... you know, eating every 3 hours so I had to eat. And then yesterday I had a “maintenance” bar even though I’m not on maintenance yet. They are higher calories and SOO yummy - but I was needing some extra energy. Wanna know why?

Here is my son thanking everyone who helped and donated - can you tell who he is dressed up as?

Because last night was the finale of my son’s Eagle Scout Project! In the month of October, he did a Food Drive for the Oregon Food Bank - and had over 1400 pounds of food donated! Then, he ended it with a big “Halloween Bash Reward Party” for all those who donated. We reserved our church building, and he had gotten 12 large pizzas and 6 dozen donuts donated from local businesses, and a DJ company to donate the music (hint - that was us since we own a DJ system) and organize games for the event. I’m happy to say it all went off wonderfully!! We had over 100 people show up. The hubs ran the music for the most part, and even got out to do some crowd involvement. Such a stud man!

Today we celebrated Halloween with an afternoon “Trunk or treat”. My man had to go into work - bummer for a Saturday - but the kids and I went. I can’t remember ever being able to sit Indian style in the back of our car ever! They got their buckets of candy. In years past, the hubs and I ALWAYS stole what we wanted from their Halloween buckets. One year, I even told my kids that they could keep all their candy, but at least give me all their Reese’s pb cups they get. My daughter would say when trick or treating, “Give me anything but a Reese’s because my mom will take it.” Things have really changed this year!! Today, my daughter almost begged me to take a Reese’s because she was excited to share. And although I could think about it and imagine eating it and remember how I loved all that candy... it actually sounds gross to me now!

Today I am thankful for: Kind people who supported my son’s Eagle Project, a husband who is so devoted to his family and the Lord, a cozy home to live in, having two working vehicles with working heaters, a sister who listens to me on the phone for an hour, and for my kiddo’s who can drive me crazy but also are so genuinely good and kind hearted! And I’d like to add: For amazing women (and men) who take the time to read my blog and who offer words of support. Thank you!!

Happy Halloween and God Bless. Life is GOOD!! xox ~Margene


Casey said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I am thankful for people like you, Margene, who go before us beginners and inspire and encourage!
Blessings, Casey

Ann (-22 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Congratulations to all of you - most especially to the new EAGLE SCOUT (to be)! What a wonderful project, and in these times, so very needed.

I have to ask, what is "Trunk or Treat?" I've never heard that term before.

Good job on saying "no thanks" to the candy (esp. Reese's PB cups, one of my personal favorites)! I don't know that I'd tax the kids' candy loot though ... LOL ... you were one serious PB cup fan!

Your post made me smile this evening, Margene. So many wonderful moments, and let's not forget another LOSS for your weight! Congratulations!!


Polar's Mom said...

Is he a Jonas Brother??

Great job on the loss this week!

Polar's Mom

spunkysuzi said...

2 pounds is awesome!!
I'd guess Jack Osborne :)
Sounds like the whole family is having a great weekend.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Ann - a "Trunk or Treat" is where a group of us get together in a parking lot and decorate our trunks and let the kids go trick or treating to each others "trunk". It's fun!

And as far as what my son is dressed up as... it's Napoleon Dynamite!! He's got his "Vote for Pedro" shirt on, and he even knows the Napoleon Dynamite dance!


ladyofthehouse said...

Love trunk r' treat!!
Congrats to your son, it sounds like he did an amzaing job!!
And congrats to you for losing 2 pounds as well as to your hubby for staying the same. You two have done fabulous!!!
have a great weekend!!

diane :)

Jennifer said...

What a great post. Great for your son and his accomplishments, and great for your loss! And for sitting indian style!!! About the extra medifast meal. They say that is okay and it is better to eat that than something off plan. And also, my coach had told me that its okay to eat 1 maintenance bar per day when on plan. I used to eat it on the days that I was very hungry, or on the days that I exercised. It seemed to help. I actually noticed that I would do better(on the scale) if I ate them when exercising so my body didnt go into starvation mode. Interesting. You are doing so great. I am so proud of you.


Julie said...

Please tell your son for me CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know just how hard one works to earn their Eagle. Tell him Mike earned his in 2007 by hosting and making 150 fleece blankets for Project Linus. We too had a pizza party thank you for when it was done.
If you need any help planning his Eagle Court of Honor (here in our troop the family plans the ECOH and know in some troops the scout master and planning committee does it) I'd love to help you, if you need any.
You are looking so fine my dear. Cross legged in the car, so cool. Keep up the great work Margene, I so love stopping by seeing what you're up too.
Take care and God Bless!!