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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 36... already??

These weeks are flying by. I am always thinking of what I want to blog and before you know it, a week has flown by. Last week I lost 2 pounds! And the hubs lost 1 pound. Woo Hoo... he finally dropped into ONEDERLAND with me!!!

I went to the Great Wolf Lodge last Thursday night with my kids. It is a big indoor water park hotel in Washington. We had these discount tickets for one night that we had booked over a month ago. I found a swim suit on eBay that was size 16, and it fit - maybe even a little bit big on me. (The last swim suit I had was a size 28.) My man could not get work off. I was so bummed!! But he did get off a little early Thursday night, and found a cheap car rental and zoomed up the 2 hours it took to join us! Then, the next morning he left at 5am to rush the 2 hours back to work. Is he awesome or what?

And I am SO glad he could be there for those few hours because it was so Amazing!! There wasn’t a ride, inner tube, pool, or water slide that we could not do!! I myself, haven’t been down a water slide (due to obesity and embarrassment) since I was a teenager. It was so fun!! My man carried me on his back around the wave pool, threw me around, rode with me on on the tubes... it was like we were teenagers. Having lost the weight that we have just opens up the whole world to us. I wonder, why aren’t all “skinny” couples just thriving on life and enjoying each other to the max?? I can not soon forget all the things I couldn’t do and how horrible I felt being bigger. Maybe one has to be obese to truly understand the freedom and joy of escaping it!! And I am still escaping as my BMI is still just over 31, although I started at 49.

I do have to say that it was hard at times to see all the food, pizza, fudge, ice cream, cookies, etc. for sale and everyone eating around me at the lodge. I indulged in a few moments of self-pity again before I got my mind off of it. I was well prepared with ALL our family’s food, though, so we bought no food there. My kids had beef hot dogs, salad, fruit, fiber one bars, and peanut butter cookies. The hubs and I had Morning Star sausages, veggie salad, and cottage cheese. And we worked up an appetite with all our running around! I also had plenty of my yummy knox blox to snack on, and Medifast crackers and laughing cow cheese wedges, as well as my Medifast puddings, bars, pretzels, shakes, and muffins. We were loaded with variety so that really helped not give in to all the junky food around.

Another positive thing this week was just last night. The hubs and I have been starting up our Mobile DJ business again - we used to DJ years ago, in fact, that’s how we met as teenagers when my brother recruited my man (at age 16) to be a DJ for us. We became best friends back then. Last night, pretty much right after getting back from Wolf Lodge, we loaded up and went and did our first [paid] dance together in several years. It was so fun - just like old times. I have to say, the man was looking pretty hot and I was feeling pretty lucky to be married to the DJ! We worked together like when we were younger - choosing the music, announcing, doing the lights. It was nice to get some compliments afterwards. I could really enjoy doing that with the hubs on weekends. I wish I had taken some pictures!! Something about getting the system going and doing that sound check and hearing the base really gets my adrenalin going. Brings back so many fun memories of all the dances we’ve done. You could relate it to the excitement you feel when you go to a concert and you’re waiting for it to begin, maybe some of you can relate. I love it!

Some Lean and Greens I made this last week are:

Teriyaki Chicken with peppers, zuchini and mushrooms. So quick to make too. I used Costco pre-cooked chicken with my favorite “Wok with me” teriyaki glaze, and sauteed the veggies and then mixed it all together. Yum.

I also made this Costco salmon (Wild salmon frozen with a mesquite marinade), with butternut squash. The squash I coated with a little mixture of olive oil, garlic powder, parsley, sea salt & pepper, & parmesean cheese and baked it for around 50 minutes. It was SO good... but I learned that it isn’t a veggie that is recommended for phase 1 - the plan I’m on right now. (Oops) But I will def. make this again when it is on plan!

My health goals are to keep working towards my goal weight, keep myself more active and come up with a CONSISTANT level of activity or exercise, and to drink a minimum of 100 oz of water each day.


Ali said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time :) Feeling comfortable in a bathing suit is awesome, and and you're right, why isn't everyone having such a good time and letting loose?

D said...

What a great feeling to have the energy and stamina (and body size) to do all the fun things. Good for you for taking all your food with you. That is awesome about the new swimming suit size. We are going on a cruise next month and I need to find myself a new suit also.

Christine said...

Awesome story you shared about your trip....oh how our weight has kept us from enjoying life and each other....I feel the same way.

Jennifer said...

What a great time!!! When my girls are a bit older I think we will do something like that too!! It was so nice for your hubs to come when he could. Its those kinds of things that make a marriage work. Congrats on your weight loss! You are doing so amazing. I had a comment on my blog with some questions about MF. I am going to refer them to your blog too so they can see how great the plan has worked for you. You are doing great and your blog provides such inspiration.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how you are simplifying. I think it is such a great and noble thing to do.


divad said...

My daughter lifeguards at GWL, only in Canada. I cannot believe how amazing you are doing in such a short amount of time! Really, you are something else Margene!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful NSVs!!! Ain't no fudge that can top those! :D Great job! Deb

Bring Pretty Back said...

THANK YOU! I know I can always get inspiration when I need it!
And I need it!
Have a pretty day!

Lucy said...

Now that was wonderful to read! So much fun! Congrats on living!

Julie said...

YEAH!!!! You guys are doing so great. Onederland, awesome...really!!! Keep it up guys, enjoy everything that your new bodies are letting you do.
Keep sharing.
Take care and God Bless!!!

Retta said...

You guys are just shrinkin' away! That sounded like so much fun, being DJ's together like the "old day"... kind of romantic, ya know?


Lesia said...

I can totally relate to the water park, dancing and music. It is a wonderful feeling to share it with your man. I loved laying on the tube with my man this summer as well. You guys are doing awesome. I bet you just want to cry from excitement when you see yourself in a smaller body (and a swimsuit) now. smile.

Dianne said...

Wow! I didn't know Brent had to skedaddle back so quick! I'm glad he could make it!
You are right! There was absolutely nothing of value in the food there at the Lodge. It makes it very difficult for anyone to live in the culture that we do, with any sense of a good diet. We should have brought all our food like you did!
Your salmon and squash looks super yummy.. might have to try that soon..thanks for sharing!

MaryFran said...

Yay for the food victory at the water park! AND double yay for the pounds gone!

Julie said...

Good morning. You've got to post something, I keep coming back this week and nothing new. I have gotten so many wonderful comments this week from you and I just wanted you to know how much I apprecaite them, I really do.
I'll check back again soon. Take care Margene and have a blessed day.

Julie said...

This is all I'm showing even after refreshing the page. Has anyone else said anything or commented? Even in the archive mine says Week 36...already??
Check with someone else and see if it's just me. I don't understand.
I'll wait for you to get back to me. I sure do miss your updates.
Take care my friend.