Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. This is the story of our continuing Journey through the ups and downs of maintenance.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Settled...

Tomorrow is weigh in and I’m hoping it'll say 170... we’ll see. I have been feeling hungry a little more often lately. I don’t know if I’ve had too many carbs in my diet and it’s increasing my hunger. I’ve cut back even my sugar free gum and I’m drinking water like crazy. We are running out of our Medifast food (again) like we do around this time and our order doesn’t come in until next Wednesday. So we are doing without some of our favorites. But it’s all good. I bought some smoked salmon for the first time today... YUM. I’d like to try it in an omelet or egg scramble.

The hubs has had enough of his two hour commute each way to work riding the bus and train (in the cold w/ people blowing smoke in his face, I might add), and so yesterday I found a working car for him for only $340. It’s an older smaller car, but hey, it cuts his commute time by nearly 2 hours each day! I got it insured and registered for him today so we're a go!

We’re still getting settled into our new little place and I need to take more pictures. The kitchen space is good size, although the counter and cupboard area is small. There was no food pantry so the hubs set up 2 big metal shelving units along the kitchen wall where all our food is and some other kitchen items (except our medifast food gets it’s own kitchen cupboard!).

We finally got the dryer and dishwasher working and a ceiling leak fixed so it’s a little easier around here. And we are LOVING our queen size bed! I thought it would be hard to go from a king to a queen but it's wonderful. So many changes going on in our family. So much is completely different and we are so different. Life is still hard and still stressful yet most of these changes are all good and are making our lives better. It’s okay to go without for a while, it’s okay to let go of things, it’s okay to step into the unknown. Trusting in the Lord brings on a whole new meaning sometimes! Life is Good!!


spunkysuzi said...

Commuting is always hard so it will be a lot better with a shorter commute.
Stay strong until your new food arrives. And have a great weekend!

Baby Stepping said...

So glad you found a car. That had to be awful having smoke blown in his face along with the stress of the ride. (And I am an ex-smoker) Keep up the good fight!!


D said...

Glad your hubby found a car. Do you guys order your food together? My DH and I vary our orders so we get someone's order every 2 weeks. That helps alot with the "bottom of the barrel" food choices.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Thanks Suzi and Mary!!
Donita - we do order our food together. Maybe we should stagger our orders. It's just worked out that way for the way we budget it in. Seems smarter to stagger, though!! :) Thanks for that idea.

Lesia said...

Happy that things are going good. smile.

Ann (-20 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Hi Margene - a post from the road (actually, I'm using the hotel's guest computer while waiting for hubby ...)

So glad things are falling into place for you! Trusting in The Lord makes life good ...


Julie said...

Your kitchen is about twice the size of mine and I sure do understand the lack of cupboards. You are doing so good compacting your life. It'll get easier as you go too.
So glad you found a car for your hubby. He deserves to be home earlier and not so much for yucky people disregarding others.
Off to read some more. Thanks again for helping me. Take care and God Bless!!