Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. This is the story of our continuing Journey through the ups and downs of maintenance.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 34 ~ We Moved!

Yesterday was weigh in and I lost 2 pounds last week! The hubs stayed the same.

I will describe the last TWO days in these 4 words:


We moved yesterday and slept last night in our new place. We actually are STILL moving but got most of our stuff over there. I am actually at my old place right now since there is still internet here (no internet at our new house yet). Even the night before we moved, we were over at our new place until 3:30 am preparing it for all our stuff. We had to get some shelving in the garage for all our storage. I went and got a loft bed from someone off Craig's List and disassembled it, and carried it down 3 flights of stairs, then over to the new house, and up 1 flight of stairs and reassembled it with the help of two of my kids. I think we've been living on Ibuprofen quite a bit the last few days!

Then yesterday, we picked up my Wonderful sister and brother in law who flew up here for the day JUST TO HELP US!! How lucky a sister am I? I haven't seen her since I first started this lifestyle journey. Shortly after that, several friends and church members came and helped us move. We had 3-4 mini-vans being loaded one after the other, and 2-3 would make a trip to our new house while a group of others would stay to load more. The hubs was at the new house directing and unloading and I was here. They made the job SO much easier and we feel VERY blessed. We were not as prepared as I'd like to have been, but having so many helping hands really lightened our load.

One of my friends who's husband helped, even came over later at my new house with pizza for the kids and helped put stuff away. That meant SO much to me. And to see my sister and brother in law was the best! We took them to the airport early this morning... I only wish we had time to visit and do something fun with them, but their help and support means the world to us.

We have realized that WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! Even with all our recent downsizing. We still have things to bring over and the fact is, it is NOT going to all fit. So I will be selling and giving away more. Even tonight, I'm over here selling our lawn mower and king mattress. It will seriously take some time to get everything put away and functioning at the new house - even to have meals, have showers, or do laundry... I mean, there are boxes everywhere! I really want to SIMPLIFY our lives and stick to the BASICS and what's MOST IMPORTANT. Yet, I do feel watched over and so blessed, even though it has been a hard move. Little things here and there have helped ease our load and I know where those blessings come from. LIFE IS GOOD!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! I think it's amazing that you are able to show a loss in the midst of all of this. Good job!

And, whew! Good job on the moving, too! Big job, lots of work.

Hugs and prayers.


Anonymous said...

I hope your family will be blessed in your new home! And how wonderful to have so many helping hands with the move! Congratulations!!

Christine said...

Many blessings to you and your family!

A simple life with just the essentials is a much more calming lifestyle. All the best to you as you sort and sell more stuff.

A Journey to a new me... said...

I agree that simplifying ones life helps lead to a calmer life (I've learned this with my hubs help). Congratulations on the move (and the 2lb weightloss)--I know your family will continue to be blessed through this journey.

big_mummy said...

Congrats on your weight loss.

Love the description in 4 words :)

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with all you've done. Keep it going and be sure to get that computer service going in the new house. We need you to keep blogging~

Jennifer said...

It sure sounds like you have been busy but enjoying yourself at the same time. How great you got to see your sister and also to have such amazing people to help you out during the move. What a great support system.

The other day I ran my first 5k race! It was a last minute thing I sprung on myself! I actually thought of you when I saw some husbands and wives running together. I said, I bet one day Margene and her hubs will do something like this!!!


Lesia said...

congrats on the loss and move. smile.

Baby Stepping said...

I am in awe that with all that is going on, you didn't lose your focus!
Good job!


Kimberlynn said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. It can be so hard and stressful making a move. It sounds like you're handling it very well.

lynnss1 said...

Hey Margene:

So glad to hear your move went well, with a bit of help from family and friends. How is your back these days??


Anonymous said...

Hi! About the Fage yogurt. It comes in 2% fat or )% fat. As in ZERO! I get the 0%. You will probably have to put sweetner in it until you get used to it.

It is very thick and a little tart--but wonderful. If you thaw some frozen fruit and mix it in, the juice thins it out a little and makes it kind of velvety.

I really like it--and love that it has so much protein.


Reitmans Fat Girl said...

wow - that is where my brain is --completely fried - I meant 280!!!!