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Friday, July 1, 2011

Only 18 days left!

I felt like deleting my last post right after I wrote it... but you know... I’m keeping it real.  I have done better since then!  (thanks for all your encouraging comments!) It’s a learning experience.  I told my kids the other day that our whole family is going to need to be on board with continuing healthy eating!  That we can’t have our old type of foods in the house anymore... like at all.  If we eat like that every once in a blue moon... then it needs to be OUTSIDE the home and NOT brought back into the home.
So... STRESS!  How do you handle it?
How do you handle anxiety?  Disappointment?  Rejection?  Pressure?  Criticism?  Self-criticism?  Worry? Loneliness?  
Can you laugh things off and let them go or do you take things in and absorb it completely?
How do you learn to marinate in the Good, the Positive, and the Hopeful and ignore the other stuff?  
How do you embrace all the positive in life and let go of all the stress and negative?
These are the things I am learning and practicing.  It’s a new way of life for me!  It is taking lots of pratice and letting go of the old ways I used to think and react to things.  
Yes, it used to be that like 10 brownies with milk would be comforting... soothing... heavenly even.  For a short-term fix.  But long term... not so much.
I absolutely LOVE to ride my bike.  It’s like a new love.  I practically dream about pulling it out of the garage and taking off all the time.  I LOVE playing basketball.  I LOVE running WITH a friend.  I used to not love these things but they are new loves now.  I love to sit in my chair and look down and see that there are a few inches on each side of my hips before the sides of the chair.  I love feeling pretty again.  You have no idea how long I have felt SO unattractive... ugly even.  I LOVE feeling like my husband can be proud of me.  I LOVE feeling closer to my girls because of how I feel about myself.  I know I keep saying these things over and over but I keep feeling it over and over.  My life has so changed.  I feel so humbled to have been given another chance.  Another chance to live better, be a better example, be a better wife and mother, a better sister, a better friend, and better to myself.
We are moving in 18 days!!
(On my B-day even!)
Guess what?  
We FINALLY have a place to move to!  The house that we have an offer on (short sale) that we’re waiting on the bank for - we actually get to move into and rent it from the owners until it closes.  This is a HUGE blessing and an answer to our prayers.  Brent will move into it next week, actually.  He’s been living in my brother’s shed.  So he’ll have time to do some clean up and fix up of our house before we move.  I haven’t packed a single box!!  YET.  But I will.  I did have a yard sale and got rid of some of our stuff.
Life is going to get busy really fast... and it’s all exciting.  It’s also VERY bittersweet to be moving from our friends and family here.  This is going to be a very emotional move for me!  I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.  I miss Brent so much, though.  I am SO hug deprived... I never realized how much I need and love his hugs every day.  Talking on the phone just doesn’t do that the same!
In trying to enjoy every moment here in Oregon, my daughter and I rode to the farmers market the other day, which we have never gone to.  After exploring all the booths and buying NO junk food, we rode through the town and treated ourselves to panda express.  Notice, I chose the steamed veggies and lower carb sides!  Then we rode home.  Total sweetness.
Life is good!


Sharon said...

What a fun post, Margene! I see every emotion in the book reflected in this post. I also see determination to stay the course and enjoy every moment. Good luck with your move and just keep reminding yourself that life is about much more than food. 18 more days till your family unit is together again, but also 18 days to savor every moment of where you are! Hope you'll have time to keep us updated occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Wahoo and praise the Lord! You have a place to move to-and it seems that your brother is in the area? Wahoo!

What do I do about stress? I eat. sigh. That's what I do about anxiety, too. Hence the backward movement in my progress. I'm glad you're holding steady during the relearning process.


Michele said...

I just love the enthusiasm that is emitted from every line you write right now. You are a whole new person now. I know exactly what you mean by loving the bike. Every morning I get on it, I am just all smiles. It feels so good to get stronger and better at things physical. Not only will your journey help you be closer to your girls, they will have you as a model for life. Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Isnt it great finding all these new things you love to do?!?! Keep exploring MArgene and you will find even more things that you love to do! ITs like you are a new person!


A Journey to a new me... said...

you are so busy busy...but busy is good! Very excited to hear that you are moving in to your new house soon! and i understand about no bad food in the house; I can't do it either (unless it's individually wrapped!). and bike riding! it's a new love for me as well!

take care and keep exploring!!

Rettakat said...

"How do you learn to marinate in the Good, the Positive, and the Hopeful and ignore the other stuff? "

Just my opinion here, okay??

But that's the very mistake, the flaw in my "logic" that got me into trouble all my life. Well... still gets me into trouble, if I go there.

I was GOOD at marinating in the good stuff (love that phrase, by the way!). But it's a mistake to think I can "ignore the other stuff" and it will go away.

It won't.

It will sit there, swept under the rug, and fester and stink and finally overwhelm me, driving me to food for comfort/distraction/temporary relief.

When I say "Face my stuff, don't stuff my face", sure it's an annoying cliche. But... it's still true! I can't play ostrich and ignore stuff... it will ALWAYS come back to bite me.

Rather, I am trying to learn to face stuff, deal with it, fix it if possible, or change how I think about it, if needed.

Oh, I need sooo much grace from God!!! Just when I think I've learned this... I fall flat on my face. Methinks it will be a life long learning process. :-}

Anyway, that's just my experience. YMMV.


Joy said...

Friend, I am sad, for me, that you are moving, but very, happy for you!! So happy you found your new home! I knew the Lord would bring just want you need! He is faithful!

Dealing with stuff....I have learned to just face it. If I'm sad, I cry like a baby - used to push back tears and try to be the strong one. If I'm angry, I let myself feel it, for a moment and then let it go. If I'm bored, I go do something. If I'm lonely, I pick up the phone. I used to just marinate in this stuff, wallow in it if you will. Now I take action. Make stuff happen. Works for me.

Love & Hugs to you!!

Keep focused!