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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am so baddddd!!!

I am SO naughty!!  
I am SO evil!!

I just made a batch of sugar cookies and ate a ton of them just now!  With milk too!  We are getting ready to celebrate my daughters birthday and I was telling myself that I was making them for the party.  I am SO BAD!!!  I already ate cake at the reception dance I did the other day.  One and a half pieces of cake.  Rich cake.  Wedding cake.

I am going jogging tomorrow....

So EVIL!!!

I will try NOT to eat the pie and ice cream they have later for the party.

Okay, gotta go now.... party is at the park and I am driving...


Lori said...

Not BAD or EVIL, just human. You'll work the calories off easily.

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Can I get your recipe? Sugar cookies are my fave. So unnderrated, understated. Okay, enough!

Sounds like you've already got a plan, Margene. Start with jogging and go from there! You can control this situation!


Ms. Scooter Butt said...

Driving under the influence of cookies...I have done that and thank goodness it is not against the law. LOL And eating while driving isn't either. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Very scarey post. Deb

Christine said...

It would be hard to resist!
I do that sometimes too, say "oh, I will make this or that for what ever occasion" and then end up eating them in large quantities....I hate that! It sets me up for a bad streak...hopefully you have the strength to get on top quicker than I do.

Hope you can get your run in also!

gracies tough journey said...

We are always tempted..... This will pass and you will be back to your normal careful self. Those cookies must have be amazingly good to eat that many..You must be a good cook! Gracie

Michele said...

I bet you will run off the cookies, and the other treats! Don't sweat t too much.

Julie said...

Walk tonight, run tomorrow, cookies and cake will be gone forever. You're human, sweets just sometimes are stronger then we are. You will do just fine at the party.
Take care Margene and have a blessed weekend.

Karla said...

Run, not walk.... Away from cookies and cake!!!!

Jessica said...

Don't beat yourself up over it! You will burn off those calories easily :)

Joy said...

ACK! Friend!!! Stop it!!!

First of all you're not evil, my goodness! Second of all, you can totally stay on your plan, even if you have cookies in the house. My secret weapon is the freezer, anything that goes in there is forgotten. Works great for me.

Don't beat yourself up, just get back to your plan, keep focused. You've got this!

Love and hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

We've all done it. It's one of those things that prooves that we are human. Just maintain your focus and work those calories right off.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is my favorite lie to myself! "Making them for the children" or whatever excuse I can think of!
Here is the BEST part of the sugar cooke fiasco... you realized it! You thought about it.... remember the days when you ate all of that - AND MORE ! Without a thought!
Brush the cookie crumbs off ... and move on!
Have a PRETTY day!

Lucy said...

I say if you're going to eat it - at least enjoy it!LOL!

Yes-Evil, Bad, so, so bad! :)

Why "bad/evil" taste so good is the "really bad thing" here - not you :)

Still my inspiration girl!