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Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm still here....

In Utah with my man and boys.  Okay, yesterday I did indulge more that I should.  Brent and I actually went out on a date and went to my new favorite place to eat:  Zupas!!  Okay, we need one of these in Oregon.  They have incredible salads and sandwiches.
Here is a pic of their salad menu.  I had the Red Raspberry Spinach and it was SO good.
Today I want to go and try the MangoBerry salad.  Then we perused University Mall.  Okay, this is the mall we cruised through as teens but it has really changed in 26 years.  Doesn't seem quite as "cool"... BUT...

I did finally have my frozen yogurt!!  Let's see, it's been about 2 years and it was pretty yummy.  After that we went and saw "Super 8" and we had buttered popcorn.  THIS is where I should have not given in.  I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to munch.  So I did eat way too many calories.  But, lesson learned.  I told Brent I don't want to have movie popcorn again for a LONG time.  I don't need it.  I went through my whole weight loss  months without it and was fine!  But it was fun for one night.

And this morning.... we went running.  And guess what?  I ran 3 miles without stopping!  ... in 36 minutes!!!  I totally wasted my man!!!  It felt so great.  Here I am in Brent's "shed" after the run.

Something about jogging just brings my emotions out.  As I was finishing the last 1/2 mile, I thought about the book I've read called "Running with Angels" about an obese woman who lost her weight walking and running.  I thought about my angel parents and imagined them running with me.  Finally... I feel that they would be pleased with me!  You know, I bear their names.  Marjorie and Eugene - they put their own names together to come up with Margene.  I used to not like my name.  Finally, I can represent their names and honor their legacy of love, service and devotion to the Lord.  I finally don't see myself as their obese loser daughter!  I can't even express how amazing and liberating that feels for me.  Brings tears to my eyes.

Today, we're off to see some of our homes.  One of these homes will most likely be our own home in just about a month.  And we're so excited to finally get pets.  Here is my little guy with "Ellie"... my brothers dog.

This kid needs his own dog, I tell ya.  It is SO fun to see him playing with Ellie.

I hope you, my friends, have a wonderful day and make good choices and enjoy your life because it is good!!
 XOxoxo ~Margene


Lori said...

I don't think we can expect to live our lives without a few treats every now & then. You were having a special weekend and having popcorn & frozen yogurt were a part of it. It isn't like you at a gallon of ice cream and half a cake.

You ate and realized that you didn't need it and moved on. You still went running. You didn't use it as an excuse to really binge. That is important. I think we all want to get to the point in our life where we can have a little extra and not have it be a trigger. I know I do.

I appreciate your example

Christine said...

I love it!!!
"We went running" how many married couple do that together?!?!
Not many are my guess, you continue to amaze and inspire me!

A Journey to a new me... said...

Sounds like a great time (the running..and the mall!)...glad to hear you are reconnecting wiht your roots. Tomorrow, when I go for a jog, I will follow in your foot steps and channel my angel to help carry me through! Have a great rest of teh weekend!

Debbie said...

That book sounds interesting, I may have to look it up. Running 3 miles is awesome! See Margene run. Run Margene run. (If you're old enough you'll get the Dick, Jane, Sally, Puff & Spot reading book reference.)

Karla said...

I dont think my hubbs could walk 3 miles, love him but he is NOT the health nut ..... Lol......

Julie said...

You don't need to worry about enjoying your treats now and then. YOu don't have to worry because you know how to take care of yourself now. You know how to love yourself now. You know that you are more important then you ever knew and you will be here for a very long time.
It was awesome you suggesting we were running together. That was pretty cool. That means I had a partner, even cooler.
Take care Margene, I love the name, the reason for your name. I can't imagine no mama and daddy, thank you for reminding me even to cherish what I have just a bit more.
Enjoy your weekend. Blessings my friend.

Liv said...

That's awesome about the 3 miles!! Good luck with the home search.

Have you seen the new show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (Monday nights on ABC at 10pm/9c)...it's really helped me put this weight loss journey into perspective...

Thanks for your post!

Joy said...

Girl - You are rockin this running thing!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Keep up the great work my Friend!!!

Praying you will find your new home!!

Keep focused!

Jennifer said...

You are doing so well! thats interesting to have the name from both your parents. I love it! Keep on running MArgne! You are doing so very well!!! Good luck on the house hunting!


Becca said...

I am a new follower. I was told about your blog from Karla. I also live in Oregon and I am just beginning my medifast journey. You are a huge inspiration!! I look forward to reading through the last year of your life and thank you for being so honest and showing that it is possible!