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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What do you do...

When your girls head off to girls camp and your son and man are in Utah and it's just you and your little guy?

You fly to Utah and surprise your man!!  (and your other son)
Thanks to my wonderful niece for her non-rev tickets, I am sitting in Utah right now.  We flew in and surprised him at his work.  It was SO worth it.
Tonight, we went for a bike ride.  I used my son's bike which has a way smaller seat (how fun!... sort of)... but we went by the old street I lived on and the house I grew up in that my dad built!  I saw some old neighbors and I stopped by and visited.  The old Margene would NEVER want to see people who knew me... they'd just gawk at how fat I had gotten, or so I thought.  But tonight, it was so FABULOUS to talk to old friends, especially ones who knew and loved my folks.  I love it!!  I will talk to anyone now.  It's funny because no one recognizes me!!

THIS is my mountain!  Yup.  If you go to Utah Valley (just south of Salt Lake City) and see this here Mount Timpanogos, I want you to point and say "Hey, that thar is Margene's Mountain!"  This is the mountain I grew up looking at and loving.  I even climbed it during girls camp one year.  And it has the coolest story about an Indian maiden who died after her lover was killed, and you can see her outline profile on the top of mountain.  Her feet are on the left and her head is 3/4 the way on the right.

While in Utah, I plan to have some low fat frozen yogurt.  I haven't had it in like 2 years.  So far, I've kept my eating in check and have not given in to any over indulgences.

AND - earlier this week I ran another 5k.  It is so weird to think I can do that now.  And I've been bike riding almost every day.  I absolutely LOVE being active!!!  I'm getting to where I can't stand just sitting and watching TV.  Life is good!!! xoxoxo ~Margene


Deb Willbefree said...

:D So happy for you! You needed this trip. :D Deb

Sarah said...

Congrats to you for making a surprise trip! Also, awesome work on the running. It's great to see that you are sticking to it and enjoying yourself!


dawne said...

It won't be long until you can say that you've just run 10K, and you can't believe you can do that now. That is how running works. It's glorious!

lotstolove said...

I am the same way now too Margene! I can't sit still like I used to! Watching TV used to be one of my favorite things..and now it seems like a chore at times! I would rather be up and moving. Funny how weight loss changes these things huh?

Michele said...

Beautiful mountain. I used to have one in CA that I felt was "mine" too. I climbed it and played near and on it for years.

Great work on ANOTHER 5KM!! Love the fact that you are biking!

Julie said...

YEAH to Margene. You are doing so great. And to have a surprise visit, that is wonderful.
Take care and have a great time with your hubby and son. Blessings my friend.

Debbie said...

How cool to be able to surprise your guys with a visit. When I look at your pictures, I can't imagine that you were ever anyone's obese daughter. You look great and you look happy. Enjoy the rest of your visit.