Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. This is the story of our continuing Journey through the ups and downs of maintenance.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

It’s a bad thing when....

You do not have the ingredients for a fresh salad or a nice lean and green on hand...

You do have all the ingredients for sugar cookies at your fingertips!
Before I go on, let me just say that I kept really active this week.  I went running one day probably at least 2-3 miles, biking at least 3 days, basket ball two days, and general running around a lot (that counts right?).  Here are a couple pics from one of my bike rides... so gorgeous!
So what I’ve noticed with my weight and my eating is that... I fluctuate.  I’ve stayed within 10 pounds my goal weight or even under which is good.  Still finding that balance and NEEDING to set myself limits.  
And not to sound like I’m full of excuses, BUT my husband and oldest son are in Utah now and I do have a LOT of stress, loneliness, pressure, responsibility, worry, and frustration placed on me right now.  We are moving mid July and the two oldest men in the family won’t be here to help pack or anything...until the day we move literally.  And we don’t even have a house or place whatsoever to move into yet!  And I know Brent has more stress on him right now - he is struggling more than I am, poor guy.  Yes, there’s my sob story.  We all have one, don’t we!
AND STILL...  I know we are not forgotten.  I am enjoying a life of freedom like I haven’t in over 25 years.  I am mesmerized by the Oregon beauty, and cherishing every moment with my friends here.  My kids aren’t being TOO difficult and I have been enjoying my time with them.  I am gaining a huge appreciation for single parents!  I do have hope and faith that one of our offers will come through soon.  I do have hope and faith that somehow our finances will stretch and we will somehow make this move and we will be together again as a family and have a fresh start in a new place.
SO UNTIL then, I made cookies and downed them today.  Naughty me!!  But, I’ve also made a lot of good choices this week.  Key thing is, I need better ingredients in my house so I have better food choices.  Weekends are hard for me without Brent here.  Everyone else is with their families and husbands.  But I know I can do hard things!  You can do hard things!  God did not create wimps, ya know?  My life is forever changed for the better because I have dropped my weight and I am dropping the negative that I’ve fed for too long.  I really am so blessed!
So... I’m going to Keep Moving Forward.  Who’s with me?
Life is GOOD!!  xoxoXO ~Margene


A Journey to a new me... said...

we all have "bad" moments and it's good that you aren't dwelling on them and choosing to remember all teh good choices you've made. Besides, you can't take back you've already done so enjoy and keep on moving!

Scooter Butt Susie said...

I always say this:
You already ate it. Not to worry it just is later behind you as poop. Flush and start new. LOL

Karla said...

Bad moments ..... Go grocery shopping and stock up on good healthy ingredients. Throw out the garbage, the kids dont need them either, they will also thank you for teaching them healthy eating :)

gracies tough journey said...

After all you are in maintance. You have struggled and have won the weight loss battle. So, at maintance I beleive cookies can be allowed as long as it is not a habit. Which I dont think with you it will be. I a sure being withu hubby and son makes it tough. Keep the faith we are here for you. God bless my friend.

Anonymous said...

Stress eating is just the worst. so illogical and so hard to resist. I know. I did some this evening. Klondikes. As if that would ease the heartache or solve the problem...

As far as packing without the guys, well, I've found that really my husband did very little of the actual PACKING when we moved. You know the emptying out, sorting, putting in boxes and bags, labeling, cleaning. Very little.

A couple summers ago, I emptied my mother's HOUSE of everything so that it could be sold. He packed nothing. Not one thing. I really didn't expect him to.

He did the actual moving. Which happens the last day. By then I had everything packed, labeled and in groupings to ease unloading.

You've moved very recently--you know the drill and probably have already parerd down a lot. So, I think his absence with all of the packing has little real impact on the amount of work you'd have to do.

BUT, the not having anywhere to move into yet. :O OH MY!!!!! Now THAT is a real panic-filled, stress inducer if I ever heard one! There are not enough exclamation marks for that one! And hubbies' presence to talk to about it would help a lot.

I assume that you have a plan in place in case new digs are not found by moving day. You know, a storage space for your stuff and a place to sleep of some kind. Hopefully, you won't need it.



Natalia said...

Margene! Life just has a way of working itself out. If I were to sit down and do the math on money coming in and money going out it would not add up, and yet we make it every single month. We are blessed indeed!

As far as the sugar cookie incident....done! They sound real good! Very enjoyable, now you can move on. :) While yes it would have been great to have other healthier fixins in the house, if you're anything like me at certain times that wouldn't have mattered.

More pictures of the bike ride! Looks like you had a beautiful ride! :)

Sarah said...

I work so hard to find balance and discipline when I have to make choices on my own. I need to be able to do these things for myself or I'm going to fluctuate as well.

Good luck to you. I know you will get through it!


Michele said...

Your post reads like power self talk. You should read it over when you feel low. You really inspire me with your resolve. So glad you are taking in the last moments in OR. It is such a beautiful state.

Debbie said...

You can do hard things. You have before and you will continue to do so. Remember Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Praying for you in your move and all that it entails.

I love your pictures, lovely ride!

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

You don't have to justify yourself, Margene. And I'm not making excuses for you. You've moved on, and you are aware enough of your weaknesses to know what has to change! Admirable and inspiring. You are in a very unique situation, and, like you said, God doesn't create wimps!

Just keep believing. I love the title of this blog, btw. Every time I see it I think, how very true!

Julie said...

First, I am so proud of you and your run. You did such an excellent job. 42 minutes is awesome. Mine was 44.18 and I ran 2/3 of it. Great job Margene.
Soon you and Brent and family will be together again. You have your hands full but you'd doing it and getting there. I hope that you get a bite on the house and it all works out.
Take care Margene. God Bless you my friend.

Joy said...

Friend, I so understand what it's like when the hubby is away. It is really lonely for sure! Sounds like you are doing plenty to keep busy! Just do the best you can and for goodness sakes, get to the store and buy some healthy stuff! You are totally rocking your plan. Just keep focused and stay on task. Everything else will work out!

Take care! Love & hugs to you!