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Friday, September 24, 2010

We are Moving

Well... we have a house to move to, and I can't tell you how many times we have gone back and forth between these two homes, but we've now made a decision and should be signing a lease today or tomorrow and moving in 1 or 2 weeks. We have been selling furniture like crazy and had no time to do any boxing. We've sold my girls beds, our bedroom set, sectional and sofa sleeper; and we have my beautiful dining set and hutch listed, as well as my favorite red leather chair, sofa table, and coffee and end table. We have to downsize to fit in a place that is 1/2 the size. I have felt okay about selling these things, having faith that down the road when we purchase a home we will buy new furniture to fill it. But as the items go and I see my girls sleeping on the floor, I feel a twinge of heartache. In the act of all this "simplifying", we need to replace all that we're taking away with fun stuff and quality family time! Yet we are too busy and stressed for fun right now. And that can lead to discouragement.

Yesterday was a pretty low day. Amid everything going on, I learned something that was so very hurtful - another situation where I feel personally betrayed. As I was inquiring about this situation on the phone with a church friend, I really lost control and could not stop sobbing and I lost my ability to speak. I had to hang up - I was so embarrassed for that display. Even after I got off the phone, I couldn't stop - and tried to shower and move on as I had a lot to do. It really was too much for me right now and I am fighting the urge to socially retreat. I had to immediately leave because I had a few sisters in my church to visit and on one of those visits, my friend had a gift for me. She and another sister had actually gone shopping and purchased me a dress! It was a short dress (not the kind or style I would ever buy) and they bought some tights or leggings to go with it. It is size 14. When my man saw it, he said "Oh baby!" It fits too! How sweet was that?! I was very touched that they thought of me and did that. Now I just need to decide when to wear it.... ;)

Then last night as I shared with my husband the earlier hurtful news I had experienced. We decided that we needed to all just get out and do something other sit home working on moving tasks. We needed to celebrate and so we took all the kids and went out to eat. It wasn't the wisest thing to do financially, but emotionally it did wonders. Our kids cheered up and off we went. We sang songs in the van together. My daughter loves to do this with me... I've even made little song books I hand out when in the car and we choose a song and go to that page. Among some favorites we sang: Battle hymn of the republic, Skip to my Lou, She'll be coming round the mountain, True to the Faith, Grand ol' Flag, and many others. It was so fun.

My husband told me as we reached the restaurant (which was a buffet - kids choice) that he was going to go off plan a little. I stayed ON PLAN, though... I am TOO close to hitting that 100 pound off mark.

So here are our plates:
Mine is on the left. I had steak with a little taste of fish, salad w/ low cal dressing, and some cabbage. All of this was on plan! On the right, my man had salad, pizza, melon, raisins,carrots, and meatloaf (all off plan except the salad). And what I'm not showing is the 2nd and 3rd plates my man enjoyed... all smaller portions, but things off plan. He even had a little of the dessert. So I was the only one in the family who didn't have dessert and who stayed on plan. I DID have dessert later at home with my Medifast soft serve ice cream which was yummy. I think it was good practice for when we're maintaining. We can have more items but I hope to learn moderation and smaller portions! I am not ready myself to go down that road and even tempt myself. I felt satisfied and enjoyed what I got. Going off plan wasn't that satisfying for my husband and he is anxious to get right back on plan from now on.
Tomorrow is weigh in and I hope it says 180 or less. There is so much work ahead of us, I am trying not to think of it all. It seems that's all we've been doing for 2 months now. But we are blessed to find a home with lower rent, and I know we are being watched over. LIFE IS GOOD!


Lucy said...

Just want to say I think what you're doing is very wise. You are a sweet and thoughtful person, this doesn't escape the eye of the Almighty!

Keep Smiling and keep singing Margene - you are teaching your kids so much during this time.

Oh and congrats on keeping on track!

Anonymous said...

Size 14! Wahoo!!! :D

I do realize that you post held a lot of serious, chaotic, wonderful victorieous difficult, even painful situations--but, SIZE 14!!! WAHOO!!! :D

Hugs and prayers,


Ann (-8 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

What an inspirational post! With all you've had going on, to stick with your plan - especially while your husband deviated from his - is so uplifting!! I love that you had the control and mindset in place to stay on plan in order to reach that 100 mark sooner. Congratulations!! And hugs too ...

Lesia said...

I am happy that you found a house. I wish you well in selling the furniture and getting your new place set up. Sorry to hear about your sadness. But way happy you stayed on plan. Living the life style is a great feeling. And a size 14 ROCKS! You go get that 100 pound mark now. smile

Polar's Mom said...

YAY a 14!!!!

Don't worry about the church issue, things have a way of working out.

And congrats on the house, when you are settled you will have to post pics!

And I am VERY impressed with your buffet food (personally I like your husband's plate better-ha).

Take care and keep your head up, no more crying in the shower-that propagates sadness for some reason... Singing in the shower only-ok???

Polar's Mom

Julie said...

Girl, I so wish you had an e-mail address I could write you. I know, that's private but I feel so sorry that someone hurt you, that someone said or did something to make you feel so bad. People can be so nasty at times and so unloving.
I'm glad you guys went out. A family needs, has got to have, family time. Even with all that's happening you've got to do these things.
Take care and have a great day. It's a new one with so many possibilities. God Bless!!!