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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I realized that I am a wimp. I like to think I'm not, but I am. And I'm okay with that.

My back has often been hurting somewhat while I've been losing weight, not too bad though, I always thought it was because I needed better posture. And I'm sure that has something to do with it. But yesterday I woke up to a very sore back. A specific point in my back around the middle just to the right that really hurt. I found myself reaching my arm around and trying to massage it. It would hurt when I was sitting (like right now) but then even standing and lying down didn't help. I took some Extra Strength Tylenol and it didn't phase it. Last night I took 600 mg Ibuprofen and it didn't seem to do much. I lay in bed and could NOT get comfortable. It was like a banana pushed into my back at that spot... a dull throb that was painful enough to NOT let me sleep.

My man rubbed my back for a bit and distracted me until he drifted off to sleep. Then I turned and tried every position and every pillow, I prayed over and over for the pain to lesson or go away, I tried to ignore it and breath through it like a labor pain, I even lay there and silently cried. Finally, I went downstairs and tried laying on a recliner... it was a lONG and TORMENTING night. I imagined it would be better to pass away than to live through this constant pain (pain gets to your brain). Before I knew it, my kids were getting up - first day of school. I was a not a cheerful mom. I did manage to take one picture of them before they left - I'm so glad they are old enough to feed themselves. I just wasn't there for them. :(

I managed to get an appointment with my doctor this morning. It was miserable driving the 25 minutes it took to get there! Before he came in, I said a prayer for him to be inspired and give me the help I needed. For that moment while I waited, I felt like a small child again, sitting there without any support or parents... my eyes got all teared up and then the doctor came in.

I greeted him with a big smile, hoping he wouldn't see that my eyes were all teary. I felt pathetic! After examining and listening to all my woes, the doctor said it was a sore and inflamed muscle (not my bones) and that I needed to ice it (not massage it), and have better support for my back when I sit and a firmer mattress. He gave me a prescription for percocet and told me I would sleep better tonight.

Good News.... My blood pressure has dropped. Last time I was in there it was 134/90. Today it was 113/65.

I'm still in pain right now... I haven't taken it yet. Still on Ibuprofen. I've got to drive my daughter to seminary and then water polo and have a Court of Honor tonight for my son... too much to do to worry about getting drowsy. I don't know how people who suffer from chronic pain survive! I'm glad for the blessings of having a doctor and pain reliever that will hopefully work great. Next, I think we'll be looking into getting a new mattress... or at least it will go on our list of things we gotta do. :)

Life is still grand!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I came across your blog. It's good to see another person who finds it important to stay fit and healthy. I have lost over 125 lbs. myself and will be featured in the November 2010 issue of Shape magazine. This is VERY exciting for me! Anyway, my blog is located at www.LauraGetsFit.com if you'd like to check it out. I added your blog to follow, so feel free to follow mine as well. I look forward to reading more of your journey. Take care! <3 Laura

Anonymous said...

Hey, Maragene. This may NOT be the source of your problem, but it sounds like what happened to me after I lost 40 pounds.

I started getting this rather extraordinary pain in my back--about where my shoulder blade is & a little lower.

I kept sayiing it felt like a muscle cramp, only with someone pressing their thumb into it--hard.

Sometimes I couldn't even stand up straight. Or didn't want to anyway. :{

The odd thing was, that I was used to lower back paing--but that had quit. Now higher, to the right and worse!

I'd reach my hand around and press on it, too. It was then, that the location kind of registered with me----and I wndered if it could have something to do with the shift in my weight.

Anyway, one thought led to another and I decided to quit saving my new, well-fitting bras for going out. I had been wearing my old saggy ones around the house and for walking.

I put on those new bras--and the pain was gone. Except for when I forgot and put on an old bra--pain back! I've thrown out the old bras. no more pain.

It's worth a try. The girls may be pulling that muscle. :)


Sam said...

I'm sorry to hear about your pain, back pain is the worst!! Take care of yourself and do what you need to to heal. I'll say it again - Take care of yourself!! Big hugs!

Lynnss1 said...


Sorry to hear about your back, but your doc is right, most times with back pain, ice is definitely your best friend! Better than most drugs and better for you. I've had back issues for years (lousy posture), but for the times I've injured it, my chiropractor has been my other best friend. Actually, he treats me for most of my ailments... I haven't been to an MD for being sick in years... and can't tell you the last time I used prescription drugs. Please be really careful with percocet, it's nasty, addictive stuff.

Great news on your blood pressure. Sure wish mine was that good! Feel better soon!!


dawne said...

Ouch! There's nothing worse than a sore back and it's not fair you are suffering after losing so much weight!!! Feel better Margene!

Polar's Mom said...

That sucks about your back pain-it is tough when there is no comfortable position. My back hurt me around that same area for two years, my doc kept saying I pulled a muscle, ended up being my gallbladder-and boy am I happier without it now!! Take the good meds, you need some super sleep and will feel better soon-and I recommend a tempurpedic, best investment hubby and I ever made!
BTW I gave you an award on my blog.

Reitmans Fat Girl said...

I totally understand back pain. ugh!! I hope that it all goes away for you.

I love how you always seem to see the brighter side of things :)


Motivated Mama said...

I just wanted to thank you for following my blog. You are actually my first follower.

I'm wishing you a speedy recovery. I lived with chronic back pain from two herniated discs for several years. It was only after loseing weight that the pain became manageable. It would flare up after trying a new and strenuous exercise though. The icing should help.

I am so impressed by the progress you and your husband made together. My husband and I met in a weight loss support group. He had lost 100 lbs. and I had lost 150 lbs. It's so importandt to have that support.

All the best to you both!


Lesia said...

I have lived in constant pain for 25 plus years, it IS NO fun and can make a person very depressed. Try to stay up beat and remember God only allows us what He knows we can handle. (even though sometimes I think He has me confused with some one else). smile

Jennifer said...

Ohhhh Margene!!!! I hope you feel better soon. Have you ever taken percocet? I have been given different kinds of pain meds after all my surgeries and the only one that even touched my pain is Percocet. I had it only after both my children were born(c-section). So, good to wait until you are home for the night before you take it! I will say a prayer you feel better soon. Take care.


A Journey to a new me... said...

I;m so sorry to hear that you're having such pain! Hopefully by now you've been able to treat it and get some sleep!

ladyofthehouse said...

Oh goodness Margene, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been in so much pain!! I will be praying that the Lord would put His hand on healing on you and that you are able to get some sleep tonight! Lack of sleep just makes everything worse.
Congrats on the lower blood pressure, that has to feel great!!
Take it easy.