Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. We slowly gained a lot of that weight back and we're now on another journey for weight loss and better health using Bright Line Eating. This is the story of our continuing Journey. .
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Comparison Pics - The Good, The Bad, The HORRIFIC


This on the left was taken in July of 2009 (300 lbs) - just over a year ago. Although he is smiling, he is miserable and in constant pain. My young son won't even look at this pic of his dad because it really bothers him. It was a time of survival, not living.
The pic on the right was taken last week and reminds me of how he looked when we got married over two decades ago. You can see more of the real him in his eyes... he is a very compassionate man!

June 2007 is when the pic on the left was taken. Always looking for a place to sit down then!
On the right was taken today after church. I LOVE the way he looks in his suit. I keep starring at how good he looks and how much younger and how I want to... I could say more, but this is a family blog!!


The left pic here was taken on my birthday in 2006. I allowed my picture to be taken as a record for my children, you know, in case I died... since I would probably die young (I was keeping it real for myself) they needed something to remember me by. I hated my picture taken and cringed looking at any picture of myself. I saw no beauty and only absolute disgust and could only imagine that is what everyone else saw. I also butchered my eyebrows pretty much daily and always had red marks on them. It is SO hard for us women to see the beauty in ourselves, isn't it? We are way too hard on ourselves!
The pic on the right was taken this month after my daughter put my hair into a side pony tail. I don't always realize myself how my face has changed because I am the one behind it! And sometimes I don't even recognize it. But I do like it much better and I am still learning to find the beauty within.

The left hand picture is me exactly 9 years ago at a family members wedding. I would have the video camera because really, what else is there for me to do? I was the "fat aunt" who needed something to do to feel useful and taking pictures or video kept me from being in them! I do love videoing, though, but I missed the socializing a lot because I didn't feel like anyone would want to socialize with the fat lady (silly, but I did believe that). That was a size 28 dress that I have worn up until a few months ago!
And the pic on the right is me just yesterday. This is the dress that my friend gave me... the size 14 dress mentioned in a previous post. I am SO happy to have something else to wear other than my one skirt to church and I love it. My kids were oohhing and aahhing when they saw me in it. My young son called me "sexy" which is a word I don't like him to be using (yes, I am old school), but it was sweet none the less.

Yes, it is very embarrassing to post these pics of ourselves. We are not proud of how we let ourselves go and ate ourselves into obesity. When you are heavy, there is a lot of shame involved, which causes you to turn to food for comfort and it becomes a vicious cycle. Change can happen, but it is a process and a continual journey. For us, it's been a change that has involved not only what we eat or how active we are, but how we view and handle our trials and our perspective - and letting go of the past. I never thought at the beginning of 2010 that we'd be moving or selling so much of our stuff. It's like this change has brought on a bigger "purging" than I thought it would. We both sometimes "freak out" but overall, I think we're moving forward steady and full of faith for a positive future.


lynnss1 said...


The pictures say it all! What an accomplishment for both of you. The smiles on your faces are the best!! Have a great week and keep the faith... greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done...


Kimberlynn said...

I just came across your blog and am so inspired by both you and your husband. You look just beautiful and so healthy. What an amazing accomplishment to have lost so much weight!!!

Ann (-8 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

Margene, you (both) have done such a terrific job and in a relatively short amount of time too. The before/after shots are very inspirational. I hope you aren't (now) worried anymore about leaving your children motherless! She's going to be around a LONG time. I'm so glad!! xxox

Jennifer said...

I must sound like a broken record, but hey...the truth is the truth and i cant help that...


Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog today.


Anonymous said...

The change is amazing.

I just can't get over the fact that you and your hubby have lost all of that weight while having all of the turmoil in your ife that you have.

If things were going smoothly, 100 pounds is astouinding--but when complicated by distressing events--well, it is miraculous. That's what it is.

God is good.


dawne said...

Totally amazing. You two should be on Oprah! Seriously. And by the way, throw that big dress out. You're never going back Margene, NEVER!

Tammy and Mike said...

I am imagining your wedding photos and it looks like you guys just walked out of them! You both look awesome!

spunkysuzi said...

You are both absolutely amazing!! And what an inspiration.

Christine said...

I just came across your blog.
Truly amazing what you both have done!!!
I will be back later to read over this journey of yours and see just where you have been and get some inspiration!!!!

lotstolove said...


You and hubby look so joyful and happy that it makes me smile! While your beauty was always evident you can see now that you can see it too! Congratulations to you and hubby!! Wishing you continued success!

D said...

Sometimes it takes looking at old pictures to really appreciate the change in yourself. You both look amazing! Congratulations on 100lbs! That is just so awesome. I hope you both are very proud of yourselves. You have worked hard and are inspiring so many others.
Way to Go!!!!!

Lesia said...

1st you 2 look FABULOUS! 2nd No one really knows how truly exciting it is to lose that much until it happens to them. I can truly say I GET YOUR EXCITEMENT! I still have to take a second look at my self as I walk in front of a mirror or see my reflection. AMAZING isn't it? WAY TO GO!!!

Juli's Journey said...

You both look AMAZING!!! It's like completely different people. Thanks SO much for sharing your progress. It gives me added hope for myself. Sorry it has been so long since I commented. I often get into my own world of pity and don't even write on my blog. I know that I LOVE to hear from you and I will work on getting back in the swing of things.


Cindy said...

Whoo Hooooo! Margene and Brent, you made me cry. You look beautiful. Congratulations. I'm sure your optimistic attitudes and sense of humor helped get you through this. I can't wait to read your blog and get ideas for myself. I am so happy for you! Love, Cindy

Dianne said...

Because I see you every week, it's harder to remember you before your journey... you guys look absolutely amazing and younger too!
What an inspiration you are!!
You are a great example of that infamous quote by Elaine Dalton "I can do hard things". I know it isn't always easy, but you have done it! You ROCK!

Sarah said...

What a transformation! It is really impressive. More impressive and important than the pictures, though, is that it sounds like you have your life back. Congratulations. You must be so proud.

ladyofthehouse said...

Wow - You and your husband look so happy and healthy in your photos on the right! I am so thrilled for you both and you are such a sweetie and offer so much encouragement and inspriation to others from what your have learned/lived. thank you!
Blessings ~ diane :)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing!
I used to look at all my before pictures with disgust too. I've had so many before pics that's pretty disgusting in itself. One day I had someone tell me how one day it hit her that the person in that before pic was her hero because that's the person that had the courage to change her life,to change her destiny, and to make lasting changes that took determination, willpower, and every ounce of strength available. I've never looked at anyone else's before picture the same.
Be proud of the people in your before pics. They are life-saving heroes.

Julie said...

You don't know just how inpirational you guys are to everyone out here. How a person can see just how hard you worked but what great results there is in all that you've done.
I am proud to "know" you guys and am so enjoying learning from you, learning about you, and now "seeing" you both. It is so terrific.
You guys are the handsomest couple out there. YOu are going to have to take a family picture this year for you Christmas cards and show the world how much you love yourselves and Christ loves you for doing all of this.
Take care my friend and God Bless you!

Trevor said...

The transformations here are so awesome. Really inspiring.

I know for myself, once I get to the next level (not even the full goal) I have a whole new wardrobe of brand new clothes to wear that have been stacking up in the closet for some time.

Great work to you and your husband. Keep inspiring people!

If you have a chance, check out my blog too. 100 Pounds Goal. I'd love to hear your comments.