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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Video (Yikes, but happy)

Happy New Year!!!!  Wahooo!!!

Okay, my daughter made this video for a school project in her video production class.  She chose to interview me.  It was a busy day and I did NOT prepare for the interview, so I wasn't even wearing make-up or did my hair or anything... which, now I wish I did!!  She edited it all herself and I thought she did fantastic.  I just don't like the way I look... why do I have this crease in my forehead the whole time?

Anyway... to brag on my daughters video skills, I am posting it here on my blog!  

Life is GOOD


MaryFran said...

She did a great job. And it reminded me of reading your blog way back when. :-)

Lori said...

I am quite impressed with her editing skills and thrilled that she thought enough of your accomplishment to do her project on YOU!

Sam said...

Pretty awesome pair you two make!!! :)

Joy said...

Love it my Friend. You story will help a lot of people!! Miss you!! Take care and keep up the great work!!

No Fear!!