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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The ART of drinking water!

There really needs to be an art to drinking water when you aren't thirsty.  
Because really, to get in the minimum of 64 ounces of water a day, 
it means you are chugging the H2O when you're not necessarily thirsty.  

I think this is one reason I was never a good water drinker.  I didn't crave gulping it down.  
And, whenever I drank very much, I always had to pee a lot.  
It's a pain to keep running to the bathroom.  
I think that was my biggest obstacle.  

But now, I am a major water drinker.  
Usually over 100 ounces a day.  
But it takes conscious effort since it doesn't come naturally to drink when you're not thirsty.  
Here are some ways that have helped me:

1. Have some good water bottles that are easy to re-fill 
and drink from always available 
and get used to taking a water bottle 
with you wherever you go.  
I personally like the kind with a trigger spout 
that I tip to drink from.  
But I've also used the kinds with straws in them.

2. When I first get up in the morning, I've gotten in the habit of drinking a glass of water right off.  
This is before I've eaten or even showered.  
That first 8 oz is easy to get in first thing when I wake up.

3. It is my goal to try and drink one of my 24 oz water bottles 
with each of my six meals.  
So, before each meal, I take several swallows of water 
and then in between bites I keep taking sips here and there, 
so by the time I'm eating my last bite, 
my water bottle is pretty much empty.  
By this time, I'm feeling quite full and satisfied. 

4. I always try to quickly fill 
my water bottle back up once it is empty.

5. If I want a piece of gum, 
I always chug some water before I pop a piece in. 

6. I keep my water bottle with me in the car, 
and when I stop at a stop lights, 
I get a few swallows in each time.

7. To keep my water bottle full when I'm out and about, 
I take it in stores and eating places 
so that I can easily fill it up at a soda fountain 
where there is water 
or at a drinking fountain.  
I keep it in the cart when grocery shopping 
and chug a bit here and there.

8. To switch it up sometimes, I add in some crystal light 
or other low/no calorie flavoring into my water bottle.  
I try to do this only once a day 
because I don't want to become dependent 
on needing that flavor to drink my water.  
It's more of a little treat once in a while.

YES, I do have to use the bathroom quite a bit.  But, I feel better when I drink a lot of water!   It flushes out the toxins in my body.  I don't get headaches when my water is good.  I can just tell that my body feels and responds better when I'm getting my water in.  This is probably the biggest thing I've learned on my journey. Up until about 2.5 years ago, I barely had 1 or 2 glasses of water a day!  I think I've amazed myself that I've become such a water guru!

Do you have any tips or ways that help you get your goal amount of water in each day?

(especially with yummy water!)
XoXoxO ~Margene


FAT FLYER said...

EXCELLENT suggestions!!

MaryFran said...

Nice suggestions. I've realized over the years that the first few weeks of heavy water drinking causes the multiple bathroom trips, but eventually my body regulates. Or maybe I just have the bladder of a camel. :-)

Lori said...

I have four 16 oz bottles that I fill every night. That way I know when I've had my full allotment for the day. Sometimes I'll reward myself with some tea!

I had gotten up to over 100 ounces of water per day, but then I decided I needed moderation in my life and went back to the 'normal' 64 ounces.

I avoid crystal lite & mio for the same reason you do.

I feel so much better when I get in my water. If for some reason, I get thrown off track and don't get my water, I feel thirsty now.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

You are lucky MaryFran!! I don't think my bladder will ever adjust, it always wants me to make trips to the rest room! But maybe for most people it does adjust!

Lori - I agree that it's good to at least get in the 64 ounces - and I too feel so much better when I get that water in! :)


leah said...

Thanks Margene. I'm not very good at drinking enough water so these are very helpful tips!

Sandrelle said...

Margene, I haven't been drinking enough water lately and forgot some of these things. Some great suggestions! I shared it on my FB page, hope you don't mind.:)

Jana's Family said...

Margene, all I have to say is WOW! You are an inspiration!! I spent a good portion of yesterday and most of today reading your blog. (this comment will probably direct you to my blog, but I haven't posted anything for a long time--just didn't know how else to contact you : )

Your blog was like reading a great book . . . I LOVED it! I'm wondering if I can email you or send you a message on FB?

I actually live in Utah and would love to get together some time. I am just east of Park City, so not too far from SLC. Would love to hear from you.

Thanks much!

Jana (I found your blog from Sandrelle's FB page. I follow her, too : )

Jana's Family said...

you can email me at:


Thanks again,


Julie said...

I had to relearn drinking water. I am a huge water drinking. Really other than a glass of milk for breakfast and a glass of juice at night I only drink water. 100 oz or so however now I drive bus it's really hard getting my water in because I'm in the bus for 2.5 hours at a time and there is no where to go potty. It just means the minute I'm up 20 oz goes in so that I can go pee twice before I'm in the bus. Same for between runs, I have 4 hours off so I drink the first 3 hours and pee the last. Then after work more. Your tips are awesome and you've come so very far. Keep it up. Blessings!!

A Journey to a new me... said...

Lots of great suggestions! I used to be REALLY good about drinking my water but have slacked lately. I used to require myself to drink 2 full bottles of water (held 32oz) before having a diet soda. By the time I had drank the 2 I didn't have a taste for the diet soda and would just keep drinking water.

time to get back onto the water wagon!!!