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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's about Perspective

Isn't perspective everything?  The same situations in my life change depending on my perspective of them.  People change before my eyes, depending on my perspective.  It's my own perspective that changes how I see myself.  What I think is really my choice!  I either feel rich in blessings and see miracles around me OR I feel empty and lacking and full of heartache.  Even if circumstances change, we can gravitate to either way of viewing it.

I remember listening to marriage talk tape once where the author was saying that no matter what your spouse ever does… you can find something to praise about him.  She gave the example of someone who said all their husband does is sit on the couch and watch football (while drinking and cursing).  She said that you can admire his appreciation of sports. 

You can ALWAYS find SOMETHING positive if you look for it. 

Thankfully, it's not a struggle for me to find the good in my husband.  But there are other areas of my life that I am continually working on my perspective. 

Like even moving here to Utah.  It was our most difficult move and required many sacrifices.  But we have also gained many blessings and opportunities as well.    

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I've had this thought that because of our sacrifice in moving here, the Lord would bless me in a specific area that I wanted.  So my perspective starts to mold around whether I feel this blessing will be answered or not. 

Doesn't it seem true that our pain, disappointment and sorrow is often attached to the fact that there is something we WANT? 

And is it wrong to want something good?  Is it wrong to have righteous desires?  A good marriage? To have children? To mend family relations? For better health?  Etc.

But why must wanting and praying for good things bring such heartache?

Perhaps it is our PERSPECTIVE. 

In my own perspective of looking for a specific blessing, am I not seeing all the other blessings that have been showered upon me?  Am I not enjoying what I already have?  And really, am I lacking anything? 

Is it possible that the feeling of "lacking" something or the sense of "loss" is really a deception?  After all, doesn't God provide for our every need? 

If we don't have something we want right now, is it possible that we don't really "need" it like we think we do?  Or maybe we aren't ready to have it yet?

In my goals for this year, I not only want to EAT HEALTHY, KEEP ACTIVE, and SERVE OUTSIDE MYSELF… I have also written down my greatest blessings and also the answers to my longings (as if they are realized) in sentence form, and will repeat these sentences to myself every day.  Because it's about my PERSPECTIVE and I want to keep it as real as possible. 

I know there is an Adversary trying to manipulate my perspective and distract me from truth.  For me, keeping close to the Lord is the ONLY thing that helps me overcome some of this very strong manipulation.

Here are some yummy meals I've had this last month when out on a date with my man:
The one on the left was some beef kabobs, and the right was prime rib with cole-slaw - which I haven't had in years (I cut the fat off it, of course)

Our waffle iron got dropped and broke, so Brent made me these Medifast Pancakes in the sandwich maker with sugar free syrup to dip.  I thought that was clever!
That is all for now.  I hope to do better at updating my blog this year!  I appreciate all my wonderful blogger Peeps!  Thank you for reading and for your positive encouragement.  :)

Much love, XOxoXo ~Margene


A Journey to a new me... said...

Wonderful thought provoking post. I often remind myself that "it's all about prespecitve"...that I can look at things from different angles and that I can choose how I want to see it. Sometimes though I have to be brutily honest and see a situation for what it's worth. And yes, sometimes I ask 'why God, it isn't what I want!" But it's not fair of me to ask that because it really isn't up to me...so I remind myself that things happen for a reason, that I might not Understand or like it but I've never been let down. Because you're right, sometimes what we want really isn't what's best for us!!

mark mckenna said...

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Deniz said...

Oh, Margene, your words made me smile.
All through my life, my Mum (who shares a similar deep faith to yours) has told me and my sister and brither that we must "count our blessings". To be honest, it used to drive us all crazy!
However, as I've got older, I've finally figured out that she meant what you are saying - there ARE positives in everything, if we only look for them.
Thanks for reminding me :-)

Sandrelle said...

So true Margene, I've missed you!

Christine said...

I felt very singled out over the last 6 weeks until I changed how I looked at this whole knee thing.
The truth is, I need to learn to be patient..once I understood the lesson...the ride got a whole lot easier.
Great post.

Joy said...

Great post my Friend!! Love and miss you!!

No Fear!!

Edna Allphin said...

Hey Margene! I started my medifast journey on January 12, and I've lost 27lbs! I found your blog while looking for lean and green recipes and Costco is a goldmine! I have to feed 6 other people and sometimes making a lean and green for me doesn't make them very happy! I enjoyed reading your blog that there was a night I stayed up till 2am!! You are an amazing person and i am so grateful to you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. You have touched my life and I'm sure many others! May the Lord continue to bless you and your beautiful family!