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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twelve Days...

Merry Christmas!!

I am bowing my head in shame for taking so long to update my blog. 

Wanted to note - for financial reasons, we've had to put our return to the 5:1 plan on hold temporarily, but I am excited the second we can do another order and get back On Plan… there are so many newer Medifast foods now too. For now, we watch what we eat as always and stay active!

I am giving you 12 days of Our Christmas 
(in no significant order) - Enjoy!!

1. First Day of Christmas:   We got to be involved in an Extreme Makeover of a teen girl's bedroom here in our neighborhood, after they suffered a horrible break-in robbery and vandalizing of their home.  Over 70 people came together to do this.  Can I just say AMAZING!!

2. Second Day of Christmas:  We were blessed to spend some time with a sweet widow in our neighborhood, which is cool since my kids have no living grandmother.  I just love the attention she showed my kids and feeling her sweet spirit.

3. Third Day of Christmas:  I got to see so many in our neighborhood come together gathering gifts for some that are less fortunate.  So many acts of love and service, it just restores my hope and belief in the goodness of people and in the Goodness of our God!

4. Fourth Day of Christmas:  We enjoyed our church Christmas Breakfast!  We all came in our PJ's and had a yummy breakfast and hot chocolate and enjoyed some live Christmas Music.

5. Fifth Day of Christmas:  We threw a neighborhood party at our home and had over 40 guests.  It was so fun!  So cool that people actually came and we had a fun white elephant game!

6. Sixth Day of Christmas:  Got to host a family party at our home with all my local siblings & their kids.  How fun to have family here and see everyone.  We ended with a special Christmas story and sang some Christmas songs!

7. Seventh Day of Christmas:  A neighbor friend randomly brought me flowers!  How sweet it that?

8. Eighth Day of Christmas:  My daughter and I made our own wreath!  I'm pretty pleased with it!

9. Ninth Day of Christmas:  We celebrated my oldest turning 20 years old (silent scream!)  Good times!

10. Tenth Day of Christmas:  Simple Christmas at home with my family… new PJ's for kids.  We have good health, warm place to stay, and love of our family and friends.  So richly blessed!! 

11. Eleventh Day of Christmas:  Special Surprise box from a friend who started her weight loss journey just 13 weeks ago and has lost almost 35 pounds.  Her determination and energy is contagious.    

12. Twelfth Day of Christmas:  Lastly, Brent and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary!!!  Wahoooooo!!  I can't say enough about my man and best friend!  Truly!  He supports me so well, and often gets overlooked because he puts me first.  I get a lump in my throat just thinking about him and how grateful I am for him.  Such a good man!  He stays in the shadow (where he likes it) but he makes all the difference in my life!!  I love him tons and tons!
Holding up our "2" and  "4" - at our Anniversary Dinner at Texas BBQ
I truly believe that if you are feeling down and want to feel better… then get up and do something for someone else!  It's amazing to see the difference you can make right around you, and how that makes your own problems so much smaller and easier to bear!!  Sitting and pondering about your problems only makes them bigger.  It really is about "forgetting yourself" in helping someone else with theirs!  And if you don't think you are needed or make a difference… I'm here to tell you that is just NOT true!!  Pray to know who you can help and then keep your eyes open.  I am learning this lesson first hand and feel humbled to learn!

Love to you this Season!! 
xoXoXO ~Margene


Lori said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I'm glad for you. I hope that your finances turn around and you're able to restart Medifast soon.

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Julie said...

Good evening and Happy New Year to come.
Your Christmas sounded awesome. Mine too was great. I love having Mike home. Mike turns 21 in March, it's amazing how fast they grew up. Mike also graduates in April.
2013 will be an awesome year. For me it's back into my weight loss journey and an end to this journey.
Take care Margene and may God Bless you and yours.
Happy New Year!

Joy said...

Aw Friend, sounds like you had a great Christmas! You are so right about serving others!! Nothing better than that!

No Fear!!