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Monday, November 19, 2012

Skipping... I can do that!

It's Week 5 Back... and we are both skipping weigh in!  We had a couple days off plan and I don't want to step on my scale and feel sick or bad, so we both decided to give ourselves another week.  Plus we need to order more food as we're running out of our favs!

This last week, as per our tradition, my girls and I went to see the new Twilight Movie "Breaking Dawn Part 2".  We liked it better than Part 1.  Pretty cool.  
This was my first day off plan (Friday).  It started with me having lunch with a friend... and I knew it was a place that wasn't 100% on plan, but the time with my friend meant a lot so I "planned" to go off a little.  Then later on, I "planned" to have some off plan appetizers at my sisters house when we went over there... but even though I planned to have some, I did over-do it and had way too much.  So then later at the theater, I didn't have ice cream with my girls, but I did have a small popcorn and some other munchies. (sigh) 

Then the next day, Brent wanted to go out to eat since I did the day before, so that seemed only fair.  That made Saturday pretty much off plan for both of us.  Looking back, I don't regret going to lunch on Friday  but I can see that I have to be careful what I allow myself because I DO have a sugar addiction.  Once I said yes at my sisters house, I was gone!  I slipped in frozen yogurts both days too!

By Sunday morning I was SICK!  My body had way too much sugar.  Now, in my obese days, I didn't get sick from too much sugar.  But now that I'm used to eating healthier, my body does not like when I eat much sugar.  I missed choir practice on Sunday and almost missed church due to my bad choices!  

In fact, since I started my journey... I practically NEVER get sick. And the ONLY times I have gotten sick since reaching goal, have been times I have splurged on the higher carb, fatty foods.  I did this on my Girls Oregon Trip last March... indulged in 2 greasy pieces of pizza and some choc. covered pomegranits and I was SICK for 24 hours!  

When our friend from Australia came last year and brought us the rich Aussie chocolates which I totally ate way too much of, I got sick again for 24 hours.  I missed spending the next day with our friend giving him a tour of the Utah sites cuz I was out sick.   

I've even gotten sick once when I ate TOO much watermelon... and I mean I ate way too much!!  That time I missed my daughter performing her first flute solo in church... cuz I was home sick from what I ate!!

So... I am still learning!!  I'm glad I get sick, actually.  Then I remind myself that it wasn't worth it!!

On a fun note, I tried a fun new thing on Pinterest.  It involves jello!!!  
I made these jello orange slices.  So cool and fun!!

Well, that is my report for this week.  I'm looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and I do feel so thankful for the blessings that I have - especially my family and friends!!

Much love!! XoxOxo ~Margene


FAT FLYER said...

Hey! You guys are suppose to be my role models!! LOL Get tough with yourself and you will both do great! You KNOW you can do this!!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I totally know what you mean about getting sick!! I used to be able to tolerate pretty much anything but now if I try to eat something I used to I get sick b/c my body is no longer to taking that in. It is amazing how our bodies will adjust to the good or the bad. I totally relate!!

Joan said...

Please publish your peach muffin recipe on the SFFL files!!!

Thanks! Joan

affectionforfitness said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

:-) Marion