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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cookies be gone! I'm gettin' my MOJO ON!!!

There has been way too much rationalization going on in my mind lately... one more this, and one more that and then I’ll start.  My weakness has been those frozen yogurt places that you serve yourself.  I mean, they are healthier than ice cream right?  And also cookies, which I can’t seem to ever have just one of.  I do have a sugar addiction as just a small serving or bite isn’t enough.  I have to AVOID it altogether.
But something has to be said for JUST DOING IT!  
I can’t just wait until I find motivation.  
I must CREATE motivation! 
So I made my own training schedule to build myself up to a 5k again in 5 weeks and then I’ll start my 1/2 marathon schedule to build myself up to 13 miles.  It’s written down and it’s ready to check off.  I also researched and invested in a good pedometer.  

Saturday I went to the bridal shower of my lovely niece, and the host of the shower, Emily, has also done TSFL, and now she runs marathons!  Rockstar Material!  Booya!  

How lucky to meet her now!  I got some great advice - one being that I really NEED to get good shoes.  I think I’ll be taking my Costco shoes back and invest in a pair more fitted to my feet.  I need to do that to not risk injury to my knees which are already sensitive due to the years of being heavy.
I also found on Casey’s blog, something I want to post by my mirror and read every day:
Is it possible that I love and rely on food more than I love and rely on God?
God never intended for us to want anything more than we want Him.
Today I started my runs!  It’s a simple start but that’s how I started before.  I run 1 minute and walk 2 minutes and do it 13 times.  It gave me a good work out and toward the end, those 1 minutes runs were starting to push me.  It feels good that I just did it.
There are no cookies in the house, and I have lots of good healthy foods available... so I’m good to go.  I was thinking today as I was doing my runs, how running just 10 seconds used to spike my heart rate and literally kill me.  I am so thankful I can run now!  I never want to forget how grateful I am for that... even when I’m pushing it and want to stop.
Life is good!!  


Sharon said...

How am I creating my MOJO?? It's posts exactly like this from my blog friends that spur my MOJO into high gear. Love the upbeat sound of it! You go, girl!

Sharon said...

Margene, couldn't resist an additional comment. My "word verification" for my first comment was (I swear this is the truth) "comagic." I'll take that as a sign that you and I will create magic together this year with our successes and in turn, be sources of encouragement to all those around us. Are you game??

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Co-Magic Sharon... GAME ON girl!! Let's do it!! :)


Michele said...

Yes, my game is on, too. I took three weeks off and am just getting started on my targets for 2012. Hope to do a couple of big bike events and get out of the obese category.

I like that getting good shoes tip. Very important to have good fitting shoes for running.

Joy said...

Way to go girl, you've got this!!! So proud of you!!!

Keep up the great work and stay focused!!!!