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Monday, January 23, 2012

Charge!!! (4th day of training)

Last friday I found a running buddy!!  Woo Hoo!  What an answer to my prayers.  :) So we went running outside in this Utah COLD, but it was good.  I always love running outside more.

Not only that, but I also went and played my first BASKETBALL scrimmage here in Utah.  I really do suck and can't make many baskets but for some reason I LOVE this game.  I ran my heart out and my legs felt like rubber and my chest was burning and it felt so good!  It's not like exercise when you find something you love doing!

This morning, my buddy and I went out again.  We ran 13 sets of 2 min runs/ 1 min walks.  What a great start to the week.  Coming home from our run, we both felt like rockstars!  I had been tempted to just stay in bed under my electric blanket but I made myself get up.  It feels good to take over from what my body wants.  Mind over matter, baby!

Life is GOOD!!  I hope YOU kick it this week.



Rettakat said...

How great that you found a running buddy!!

"It feels good to take over from what my body wants. Mind over matter, baby!"

Loved those two sentences. I'm reading a book now (in addition to that fantastic book, The 4:8 Principle--love it) that talks about "brain over body" type thinking.

I so enjoy reading your journey into maintenance. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

E. Jane said...

So glad you found a running body. I bet you felt great! Also, denying our body things it doesn't need and what isn't good for it is something we have to do to get healthy and stay healthy. Soon, our positive actions will become good habits!

gracies tough journey said...

Wow good for you. Glad you have a running buddy. You each can look after each other and motivate. Keep up the amazing job!

E. Jane said...

Sorry about the typo. My comment should read, "So glad you found a running buddy." I guess haste makes waste (and errors), but I did want to comment on what you've been doing, which is great!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Thanks for clarifying Jane, I was worried that you only cared that is was a body... which could have been a canine or amphibious creature. But now I know you meant buddy... which actually still could be a canine or amphibious creature! But buddy sounds safer. Always love your comments, girl. :)