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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 56 - Confessions of an irresponsible mother!!

Yesterday was our first full day without Brent here.  So, according to our pre-arranged plans, we "skyped" our family scripture study with him after dinner.  Okay, this was cool... except as one person was reading - everyone else was making faces through the camera and being completely irreverent... or I should say - Me and Brent were were doing this.  What kind of example were we setting in showing reverence for the "Holy Writ"?  We are bad!  Bad, Bad Bad!!

But if that isn't shocking enough... Last night as the kids were going to bed, I was feeling antsy.  This is the time I usually hang out or do something with my man.  I hadn't even left my house yesterday.  I thought about going to the gym and asked my oldest son to go with me (he has a membership), but he declined.  So, I ended up taking my daughter and we went shopping at Wal-mart (which was the only store open that late).  We left at like 11:30pm and got home just before 2:00 AM... ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! 

((((( Pausing for gasps of horror to subside)))))

What kind of mother takes her almost-straight-A child and keeps her up until ALL HOURS goofing off in a store that is completely deserted except for night stalkers... STALKERS! (see how bad that is)...  This is the kind of mother that people go "tsk tsk..." whilst they shake their heads in disapproval!  This was me!!  Oh where is my sense of respect for a good nights sleep and teaching my children self-discipline?

But dang, we had fun!!

Yes, we feel pretty cool in those ICarly and Tinkerbell sunglasses!

We loaded up a cart FULL of clothes to try on, only to find out the the changing room was closed for the night (it was 12:30 am at the time).  So we pulled our pathetic, sad, little faces while we looked at our cart full of clothes and they let us in to try on anyway.  We tried on like 20 articles of clothes each and then perused the store for other treasures.  I got a couple Blu-ray movies to surprise my son (Mega Mind and Despicable Me).  I totally spent money we didn't have.  I was so irresponsible!!

But at least I didn't binge or eat off plan!!!

Speaking of Plans... BOTH Brent and I STAYED the same weight - no gains or losses from the last week.  So now.... GAME ON.  I've got to get my last 5 pounds off SOON so I can enter that contest...  Oh, and because I just want to reach goal.... BUT I REALLLY want to enter that Medifast "Happy Afters" contest!

So, today is a new day.  Today I will be responsible.  Today I will NOT let my kids or myself get away with murder anymore.  I am the adult!  (I will be repeating this to myself all day).  LIFE IS GOOD!!!


Anonymous said...

You guys are totally rockin them shades. hahahahaha too fun!!

And the movies... SO WORTH IT!! They are too funny and cute... (If you havent seen them yet)

Lucy said...

Oh the memories you two made! Worth it all :)

gracies tough journey said...

I agree with Lucy, these are the memories worth having. She will make up her sleep. I know mine do. Life is good! Amen

Bring Pretty Back said...

The wonderful bonding time and memories were worth much more than sleep! This was great!!!!
You look awesome by the way!
Thank you for the comment about the BPB beauty Co!
Have a pretty day!

Sarah said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Sometimes you need a night out with kids, even if it is just to WalMart!


Julie said...

It's hard being an adult all the time especially when your a scared child with Brent gone. You are going to have lots of days it'll be hard but you'll get it. Your a good mama and besides what better way to spend the first night alone then with your daughter spending money. Memories are much more important then a good nights sleep.
Take care Margene. God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

You guys will all be back together before you know it. Days fly by--it's the minutes that get you.

It sure looks like you and your daughter used some of those minutes to have fun! :)


Natalia said...

I say throw caution to the wind every once in a while and create some memories! I think that it's great that you had that time with your daughter. I'm sure she'll remember it forever! 2am? hahahaha

Michele said...

I'd say that was seizing the moment. Plus, you both have a memory forever with those shenanigans!

Karla said...

bonding time with the daughter, you both will remember "that night at Walmart up until 2AM" you have a nice memory :)

Debbie said...

Hey you guys looked pretty cool in them sun shades. I think it is alright to throw caution to the wind ever once in a while. Makes life worth living.