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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 59 - or should I say Week 1?

It's been 59 weeks since we started our journey to better health and it's also week 1 since meeting my own goal.  I am happy to report that I have maintained my goal for a week now!  Woo Hoo!  Brent has also maintained where he is at as well.
My younger son took this picture yesterday - I actually like this it!  Imagine that!

BUT... yesterday I did go off plan quite a bit for the first time in over a year!  It was sort of planned.  It started out with having a taste of my daughters nacho's.  I had two round corn chips with melted cheese all over them.  Wow, taste explosion for me.... making me want more.  But I was in control.  Next it was the tasting tables at Costco...  I did NOT taste the chocolate cake as that is a huge weakness of mine.  But I did taste several other things that I'm sure racked up 200 or more calories.  But it was fun to be able to do that!

A few hours later, I was at a Young Women church broadcast with my daughters where a dinner was served.  I decided before hand that I would eat whatever was served as my "lean and green".  This is the FIRST time I didn't just prepare before hand.  They served a pasta chicken salad and white dinner rolls.  I haven't had pasta in a LOOOONG time.  There were bits of pineapple in it as well.  It all tasted so good... me not having carbs to that degree in a long time.  They had these little cups of cashew nuts and I was mesmerized by how yummy they were.... AND, they had little Hershey "treasures" chocolate and I had all 3 of mine.  I enjoyed every bit of everything while trying NOT to feel guilty.  It's really hard in some ways to not feel like I am sabotaging myself even though I was in complete control.  I did NOT have the cupcakes that were passed around as dessert, tho.  Yay for me on that.

When I came home, I nibbled on some beef jerky (another fav of mine) for a while until I asked my daughter to hide those Costco size beef jerky bags from me.  I ended my day with some knox blox.  I'm guessing I had somewhere between 1600 to 2000 calories yesterday... hopefully not more.  I wanted to go work out at the gym but didn't get my son to go with me and so I didn't go.  I consider this a little adventure and I'm going back on plan strictly on Monday.  Why Monday?  Because today I am fasting.  I haven't fasted since I started this journey and I really miss my monthly fasts... it's fast sunday and I want to fast with my children and it's a fast and prayer with a purpose.  I really have missed that... so that's another treat for me.

Brent and I are really missing each other... it is way hard to be apart.  I think we miss each others hugs the most!  When he hugs me... it just fills my buckets right up... feels so good when I'm in his arms and he can wrap them around me so easily now.  And I know he is struggling being away from us and from the back rubs I give him to help relieve his stress.  I wish I was there with him right now!  But the Lord is surely blessing us.
Thought I'd post these pics of me and Brent when he was here.  Sure miss my man!  Miss those hugs!

The other day, the tie rod of our suburban "Max" broke off and made Max undriveable.  That is my only means of transportation for me and the kids.  And money is more than tight.  Yet somehow I found an inexpensive tow and was able to get it fixed in just one day with a total cost less than $150 (including the tow).  I KNOW the Lord's hand was at work for us.  He has not abandoned us.  I feel so grateful for that.  So we try to focus on our tasks at hand and serving where we can.  Serving always helps when you feel down!

I haven't posted pics of my food lately so here is a catch up.

Applebee's steak w/ broccoli.   Garlic seasoned baked chicken with salad (I found some frozen pre-seasoned chicken breasts at Win-co - so it was easy to just bake and serve)
Our Cheesecake Factory lunches:
Chicken wraps you make yourself!  So good.  Chicken salad (chicken is underneath you can't see) with a light vinaigrette dressing... this was amazingly so tasty, I ate every last bite!

This is a baked flounder Recipe I got from here... and adjusted is for my lean and green.  I baked it atop of red peppers and mushrooms with light mexican blend cheese.  It was good.
On the left I had a Morningstar garden burger w/ sauteed veggies and 3/4 cup low fat cottage cheese.  On the right is a pre-marinated & seasoned salmon baked (from Costco) and salad.

Take care, my friends!  Life is good!!  XOXO ~Margene


Anonymous said...

You both look wonderful! I've been thinking about doing a brief fast myself. I used to do them quite regularly. In fact, I think this is the first january in decaades that i didint begin the year fasting.

I want it to be froma pure heart, tho, rather than an attempt to get holy and skinny at the same time! You know what I mean... sigh.


Lori said...

I'm so glad you did well on your first week of maintenance. I hear maintaining is harder than losing. I can understand that because those little indulgences are allowed. For so many of us those little indulgences lead to large binges. I'm proud of you!!!

How long are you and hubs apart? I hope it won't be too long for both your sakes. I know I'd get tired of being apart real fast.

Sarah said...

Yea for maintaining for one week! You must be so proud of yourself!


Kimberly said...

It must feel amazing to get to maintenance! It's still going to take work and committment, but all these months of getting there have prepared you for that. You have been transformed from the inside out and it shows!!!

Joy said...

Way to go!! Keep it up and enjoy your success!! Glad your car is fixed. God is soo good. He knows exactly what we need. So awesome!!

Keep focused!!

Lucy said...

You look AMAZING! And WOW to the $150 for the tow/repair. What a relief :)

Julie said...

EXCELLENT!! my friend, you are doing great. I can't imagine being away from the hubs but you are making it and it's not forever, just a wee bit longer. Keep up the great work and have a blessed evening.

Natalia said...

Congratulations on maintaining for a week! That's awesome. The food looks delicious. I wish I liked fish....not a big fan.