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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 57 - A Little Reflections

Howdy friends!

Well, I have tried to be strict this week.  I struggled w/ cravings this week and I'm pretty sure they were emotionally driven.  I did stay on plan, though, that is mostly.  Yesterday I had a fabulous lunch date with a friend and when they brought out my chicken salad, the chicken wasn't just grilled but was in a sauce.  I know it was carb filled and higher calories than I needed but I ate every last bite!  So, knowing this, I made myself go to the gym last night and did a little work out before weigh in this morning.

I lost 1 pound!!  I'll take that.  Only FOUR pounds until goal!!  I am in the 130's now... and I have NO MEMORY of ever being int the 130's before.  It's very cool and unbelievable.  And my hot lover has reported a loss as well... now it may be because it's a Utah scale but we will take it.  He lost 5 pounds!!!  Woo Hoo.  He's been working out almost every day!

It's been fun to Skype every evening.  Doesn't feel like he's that far away when we do.  I love seeing his smile!  I'm sure no one wants to read the depth of how much I love and miss my man but I'll just say it's quite a bit!
I was thinking yesterday about how Brent is gone and my thought process started to go down that “feel sorry for myself” mode when I stopped for a second and thought “I don’t have to think like this!  Why do I need to focus on this when there is so much good to focus on?”  I can change my emotions by changing my thought process!  So I started repeating to myself all the good things and huge blessings I have.  And you know what?  It was A LOT!!  I have absolutely NO REASON to complain but every reason to REJOICE!  The biggest reason being having lost the weight I have and transforming my life around.  Which is something I never dreamed would happen.  So when a dream comes true, we celebrate it.  We thank God for it.  We never forget it.  We don’t just find something new to feel bad about!!  Unless that is, we are so used to feeling bad that we just want to.  It’s like we get used to nursing “old wounds” even after they are mostly healed... we fuss over them so they don’t quite heal... because what would we do if we couldn’t fuss over them?
I am wanting to keep my life REAL.  If I have a problem or weakness... I don’t want to ignore it or pretend it’s not there.  I want to realize it, attack it, and eradicate it!!  It is and has been my greatest desire to be a happy, positive, energetic person!  I want to be one of those kinds of women and moms who you feel edified and energized to be around.  I love being around people like that.  I won’t get there until I can consistently change my thought process and I know I can do that with my Saviors help.  He has blessed me so much and shown His power in my life already.  

If you are reading this and struggling in your life... Hold on with all your might!  Do not give up!  Know that you are loved EVEN when you don't feel it!  You are!   And you are watched over and tenderly cared for more than you realize.  Smile and count your blessings - it helps you feel better!!!  Life is SO GOOD!!  XOXO ~Margene


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the loss and on hanging in with your program under an extremely taxing situation. You are doing extraordinarily well!

And I loved the way you took your very understandable emotions in hand by redirectign your thoughts. Even tho there is a reason why you were starting to feel like you did, you grabbed hold and refused to go there. Focusing on real things that arre positive does not mean that you're denying the real things that arre difficult--it just means that you are not letting them overtake you and blind you to what is good. Great job.

You are already the kind of encouraging person that you want to be to many peoople in your life. I know that you are always supportive in your comments here in blogland.

130s! Wahoo!


gracies tough journey said...

I am so happy for you to be near your goal you so deserve it. I am no where near your goal yet but someday. I agree with you through Christ I can do anything. Praise him.

Julie said...

You are doing so good Margene. I love you found the positive and are holding on to that. Soon you'll all be back together, won't be that long now. One day at a time my friend. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings my friend.

Joy said...

Margene, Great post!! I think even on our worst day, we have so many things to be thankful for!! We have so much!! I need to remember that daily!

Way to go on your loss! That is awesome. You are very inspiring!! Keep it up and stay focused!!!

ladyofthehouse said...

Great post Margene! Makes me think of Philippians 4:8 (I think that's right) whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there be anything of excellence or anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.
Congrats on being so close to goal. I'm thrilled for you!!!
diane :)

Michele said...

That was a very powerful and touching post, Margene! You are indeed testimony as to how "holding on" will get you far into a healthy life. I love the fact that both of you lost this week. Excellent and good for you. Skyping will make the separation easier and LESS expensive!

Sarah said...

What a good post and good for you for being so close to your goal!!


Jennifer said...

Margene-I so NEEDED this post today. You are right about needing to change thought processes. It isnt an easy task but realizing it is half the battle. I think its called cognitive behavioral therapy. (I have a psychology degree but I am a stay at home mom so its been a while!) Anyway, thanks for this post today. As you know, I have been having a tough time lately. And actually I am going for yet another test tomorrow that I am petrified about. So please say a prayer if you so kindly will. I am really looking for some peace of mind. I really need that right now.
I always look forward to your posts. I can relate so much of the time. Your journey is so inspiring, and not just the weight loss. I think it is your calling to be blogging like you do and inspiring others.