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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 44 - I stepped on the scale...

And I saw what I wanted to see.... BOOOYA.  158 pounds!  That is 3 pounds down from last week.  SAWEET!  I can’t remember being in the 150’s.  Feels GOOOOOD!
 Look!  I'm not the family Christmas Tree anymore!
My hubs, on the other hand, has has his first gain since we started.... pausing for big frowny face....   :(
He gained 2 pounds and is at 199.  But you know... he worked so hard this week staying on plan.  He hasn’t been sneaking the PB as much.  He has had some soda’s so maybe it’s just water retention.  Also, he deals with so much stress.  And he has been having issues with his ADD meds where he kept needed higher doses because they didn’t last as long, but the side effects weren’t good.  So a couple weeks ago, he tried going off of them completely and he doesn’t miss the side effects.  But it messes with his mood and emotions... poor guy.  He still rocks and is hotter than anyone I know and always will be!
And tonight we celebrated our 22 years of marriage.  I have to say that my husband is a very kind, compassionate and patient person.  He can see the good in the most annoying person (hmm.... guess that’s why he married me!  lol).  But I seriously don’t know a more gentle or loving person on this earth!  I am SO blessed to have him and I love him so much!  Our anniversary isn’t for a few days but this was the best day to do something.  We went and saw the 3D version of the 3rd Narnia movie.  Loved it!  I love just spending time with my bud.  We were snuggling and talking in the theater before the movie started about our journey and he leaned in and said “We have a completely new life now.”  And he is right.  It is completely different and new. 
Note - I have a jaw line now!  Woa... me!  And that’s not all... I have a collar bone!  When I lay down flat, my ribs poke out!  I never really ever felt my ribs before!  It’s a strange thing!  My coach and friend told me a week or so ago (she’s known me for 10 years) that she never knew I was so petite and that I have such delicate features!  How many years did I wish I was “petite”, I cannot even tell you!  I feel so humbled and like weeping every time I think of where I have been and where I am right now.
I am so happy!  I am so happy to have lost 122 pounds!  I have a new life!  It is a new start for me in every way.  I am still amazed, it’s like a dream come true.  You know that scene in the original Superman movie when Superman takes Lois on her first time flying in the sky?  She is just so amazed and in awe and she looks at him while they are flying and says those words to the song in her mind?  (“Can you read my mind?...)  Anyway... I kind of feel like THAT about losing my weight.  I say these words in my mind... Do you know what it is, that this has done for me?  Here I am so totally blessed, this quirky girl given another chance, to let go of the shackles that have bound me.  Yes, I know... corny is me!
I could list some amazing treats and foods that I have encountered this past week.  Treats brought into my home even (by my kids).  I don’t even want to list it and tempt your thoughts, but I can tell you right now, that I don’t feel deprived in any way that I didn’t take ONE BITE of any of it.  Because #1 - I have yummy foods I can eat including chocolate that is on my plan, and #2 - Nothing compares to feeling good in my own skin... NOTHING!  I will let that plate of ____ pass me by and others may feel sorry for me and think I am so deprived and feel they could never do that themselves... but I am smiling when I get in my PJ’s at night and thanking my Heavenly Father for this new life.  I feel so blessed.  Life is good!


Anonymous said...


What an amazing loss! You have been seriously dropping some pounds!

158!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, girlfriend, I am ecstatic for you.

And, happy anniversary, too. :)

Tell the hubs to take a deep breath and relax; he looks great. The weight he needs to lose--can't be much--will come off.


Karla said...

I seriously want to meet up next time I come visit my sister, every time I read your blog I want to give you a hug!!!

feeling good, no food tastes as good as that feels, I can sooo relate!!

150's wooooo hooooo!!!!!!!!

lynnss1 said...

Margene... you and Brent are doing so well... it's such a tough time of year to stay on plan. Tell Brent to just hang in there.

You inspire me to make better choices... I've been caving to the holiday treats a bit and the tightness of my jeans is living proof that I need to eat better.

Congratulations on 22 years! We hit that mark next summer.

Me, Only Better said...

Congrats on your success! You look awesome! Way to go!

Christine said...

You are awesome, you look awesome and your commitment is SO AWESOME!!!!

You are a true inspiration to me, thanks for sharing your life us!

Polar's Mom said...

Someone called you 'petite', how cool is that?!?!?! GREAT job! Love those NSVs!

Polar's Mom

Ann (-42 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Congratulations, Margene!! I am so tickled and delighted for you!!

Gosh, finding the 150s again is better than discovering gold! Enjoy it. You worked hard for every pound lost.

And SURPRISE ... you're petite!! hehehe I chuckled at that.

You know, you just gave your kids the best Christmas gift they'll ever have - YEARS more with you in their lives.

Congratulations, and enjoy it for all of us that are still working hard to join you one day!! I love it!!


Kimberlynn said...

You've brought tears to my eyes...I'm so happy for you Margene. Thanks for letting us feel even a fraction of what if must be like to be where you are right now. Congratulations my friend!!!

spunkysuzi said...

You are both doing great!! And you look absolutely stunning :) Go you!

Casey said...

Whaty a wonderful post Margene! You are truely inspiring.
I can just feel all your happiness about losing all that weight. And to be called petite?! How wonderful is that?!
So happy for you!

Jennifer said...

I am so happy for you MArgene. And I cant even tell you how much you inspire me with your constant losses! You are doing so great and I am so happy for you that you have found such happiness

The Fat Mom said...

From start to finish....this was an amazing post! First the weight loss. The picture says it all. You look amazing! Second being married for 22 years to the same man. Not many people can say that anymore. And it may be me, but you can see the love you still share for each other in your pictures. It makes me want to cry. Third your will power not to take even one bite of something. I'm inspired. I hope I have that much will power of my own during this season. All around, you are awesome!

dawne said...

You have a jaw line alright! You are a thin woman, Margene. Congrats! You are an amazing inspiration.

Katie said...

SO amazing. I cannot shake 10lbs, and here you are losing 3 per week!
Keep it up!

gracies tough journey said...

Wow, both you and your hubby look great. You both have done an amazing job. Congrats to both of you. Gracie

A Journey to a new me... said...

You're so inspiring! And you hubs-sweet!! My hubs and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 11th. Most days I can't believe we've been married that long-everyday something new and refreshing (most of the time!).

Great Great Great Great job on the weight loss. You are being so consistant in the numbers you lose each week...it will definetly help when it comes to maintain (which is right around the corner!!).

have a great week!

Julie said...

Margene, you are amazing!! You are awesome!! Your are beautiful!! Your husband is so handsome. Your willpower is something I'd love to just have a piece of. I'm working at it and I am loving my new to me skin but sometimes it's just so hard.
Congrats on the 22 years, we will be having our 31st in April. Time flies when you're in love.
Keep inspiring Margene. I am so very, very proud of you.
Take care and have a blessed nights rest.

Michele said...

Congratulations on your loss and sticking with your plan through the month of December. Your pictures are amazing and tell the story about your success too. Just fantastic!