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Monday, December 27, 2010

Hug your family!! (and 12 days Christmas update)

We are home today from our trip to Utah that easily could have ended with one or more of us not home with us.  On our way home late late Saturday night, a large deer popped up in the middle the road while we were going 75 mph (that was the speed limit) through northern Utah.  My husband began to slow down and veer to the right to avoid it, and that deer jumped more in our way and we hit it head on... BAM at about 65 mph.  
Our lights went out immediately and we pulled over to find our front end badly damaged.  I could barely even open my passenger door.  It was 1 am, completely dark (like no traffic) and freezing temperatures.  After what seemed like hours, we got towed to the nearest little motel and the guy agreed to accept our van as payment for the towing.  It felt so good to be in a warm room again.  Then, my brother called to say that he and my sister-in-law were driving out to pick us up and take us all the way back home to Oregon.  Now that’s brotherly love!  We feel SO blessed to all be safe.  All we really lost was our van, and we can eventually replace our van - but we can’t replace each other.  We were being watched over, that is for sure!

Other than the deer incident and the fact that we don’t have a family vehicle anymore... we are doing great and we had a fabulous time!  
I was looking at these comparison family pics and thought I’d share them on here.  



The obvious difference is that my kids are a lot taller but I also think that the hubs and I look like completely different people!  Don’t ya think?  I was just thinking after the deer incident that life is too short to wait to make a change.  Life is too precious to not live it joyfully and to love others fully.  Life is too amazing to spend a single second holding a grudge or loathing oneself.  Life is so good.  I haven’t wanted to wait until it was over before I really feel and believe that!  LIFE IS GOOD, so let’s live, love and laugh and make it all count!


The 7th Day of Christmas - a hard case wallet :)
I also enjoyed a wonderful 12 days of Christmas swap with Melissa over at The Fat Mom (aka the Fabulous Mom).  Here are the pics of the rest of the gifts:

The 8th Day of Christmas - a hard case picture holder :)
The 9th Day of Christmas - Matching earrings & necklace :)

The 10th Day of Christmas - Scarf & gloves :)

The 11th Day of Christmas - Hand Painted ornament :)

The 12th Day of Christmas - Willowtree  "Surrounded by Love" figure

I LOVED all these gifts from Melissa.  It's like she knew me so well!  So fun!  Isn't she truly Fabulous?!!  I definitely feel "surrounded by love" this Christmas and I hope each of those reading this feel that too.  XOXO ~Margene


Polar's Mom said...

Wow, you just described my worst nightmare-other than it ending up worse of course. Deer are really tough to avoid and are EVERYWHERE-I am so happy you are all ok!!!

Polar's Mom

Joy said...

So glad you are all OK!! You are right life is short!! We need to embrace and live it to its fullest!! Not guaranteed tomorrow!

Blessings to you and your family!

spunkysuzi said...

I'm so glad your all safe!! That must have been scary.

Anonymous said...

First, praise God for His mercy! I'm so glad you are all okay.

Second, those pictures! You guys look so different. So thin! And what a lovely family.

I'm happy for you & praying for God's provision.


Christine said...

Wow, I am so glad you are all okay!! Scary.....

Lucy said...

So glad you are all o.k!

The pics-wow! You did notice, didn't you, that in the last pic you are NOT HIDING BEHIND your children right!?! And rightly so - you are looking fabulous!

Lesia said...

BUT the best thing about your trip is you got to see ME right?....lol no for real I agree with your post so glad you are all safe cause the fact is YOU can NEVER replace your loved ones! smile.

Ann (-48 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

The Lord was really watching over you. Deer are hard to avoid, poor things. I'm glad everyone was okay!

Those family shots are amazing! The kids have really shot up. Next time, you'll have to pose in FRONT, hard to imagine, I know. And you are correct, you and your husband look like completely different people! How fun to see that transformation!!

I'm happy that everyone had a good time, and arrived home in one piece. You have an AWESOME brother and sister-in-law!

Michele said...

Yes, those pictures tell an amazing story of you and your journey. Keep them to always remind yourself of how far you have come. You have given your whole family the gift of health by doing what you did (and the hubs, too). Happy new year to you!

PS: Glad you were OK after that deer incident. That was scary!

Casey said...

So glad you are all safe. We always start our longer road trips with a prayer for protection. My husband is such a great driver, but as careful as one is, sometimes you can't avoid the deer (or stray cattle, a horse and sadly a drunk walking out in front of the bus we were in).
You all look great in those pictures!

Julie said...

WOW, I am glad you arrived home safe and sound after that. We hit a deer with a chevette (teeny tiny little car, last one we ever owned too, now it's suburbans) and totalled it and that was just at 45mph. Scary. You have a sweet brother and sister-in-law.
I love the comparison pictures. I love your pictures.
Take care and God Bless!!

The Fat Mom said...

I'm so glad that you and your family are safe! A vehicle can always be replaced.

Love the pictures. I love the fact that you are no longer hiding behind the kiddos. Sometimes you don't realize what you've accomplished until you look back at the pictures.

Lisa said...

Love the comparison Temple pics!