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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just a step away

I didn't go running yesterday.  Nope!  

Not ONLY that but I stayed up late with my kids PLAYING GAMES!

It was a school night, mind you, and I even ALLOWED by 6th grader 
to play games with us until after 12:30 AM!!!

I am SOOO naughty!
(The hubs was smart and already in bed) 

Irresponsible mother here!  I admit it.  
(Yet somehow I'm okay with that)

But I have been feeling some struggles and lying in bed at night is when my mind can get carried away into the negative.  I still fight it.  Playing games was a welcome and fun distraction.

This all stemmed from my girls trip last month when I had a game night with friends.  We played "spoons" and "scum" and now I play that with my kids almost every day!

So this morning we had our 6am scripture study which I dragged myself out for and then plopped right back into bed.  I knew I should run but I was tired and felt yucky (emotionally).  I work for my brother on the computer for several hours a day and I knew I only had a certain time-frame to get a run in before I'd need to go to work.  But I decided to just stay in bed.

There were many things that hit my mind - almost like I was being tested if I would do what I should do and not what I felt like doing.  I let every thought that told me to get up just slip away and I stayed in bed.

Until... my brother called and set back my time to work until noon.  I could sleep two hours if I wanted!  NICE!
 BUT I couldn't enjoy it.  It was like I knew the Lord gave me this extra time to help me make the right decision.  

So I stopped THINKING and RATIONALIZING and just got up and went running!  
Another run that almost wasn't!

Of course after I got out, it felt great.  The sun was out, the weather was warm with just enough breeze for me to have my jacket and hat on.  Perfect really.  Gorgeous views!  I ran up the mountain part way again.  That always whips me!  Burn baby!

Running is really just a step away.  But so easily can I just disregard it and fall back into old habits.  I'm thankful today that I JUST DID IT!  I'm still slow but at least I go!

Feels so much better when you do!
(except when it comes to eating poorly - don't do that - that feels yucky! :)


Karla said...

Runner lady :)
Sometimes those special times with the kiddos makes being naughty a bit okay ;)

Rettakat said...

Isn't it sweet how just when we need that extra "oomph", the Lord arranges for something to come along and help us make the right decision. Good for you!

Megan said...

Way to go on getting out that door!

I think creating great memories for you and your kids cancels out a late night every now and then! :)

Joy said...

Super star!!!! I knew you would do the right thing!! Keep up the great work my Friend!!

Stay focused!!

Kimberlynn said...

You rock girl!!! Run with the wind!

Hugs and love to you!!!

Joy said...

Hope you had a great Easter my Friend!!

Thinking of you and hope you are doing well!!

Stay focused!