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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It was a BLOWOUT!!

If you had happened to be at our Regional Women's Church Basketball game last night, you would have seen an amazing team of women play flawlessly... and get a TON of turnovers and end with a score of 41 - 18.  However, it would NOT have been OUR team...


It was after they won the tip off and strolled down for a quick layup that I was first to bring the ball down for my team.  As I was looking for an open team mate, the apposing team stole the ball from me and ran down for another layup.  At that moment, I was psyched out!  Any thoughts that I was somewhat of a formidable player left me completely at that moment.

It didn't take long for me to not even want to bring the ball down because I was intimidated!  Dang... these gals were good!  They were faster than us, seemed to score with every throw, and kept us from passing as they scored MOSTLY from stealing the ball from us!  I didn't score a single point!  I can't count the turnovers... but my daughter seemed to get a lot of them on the videos she took.  Hmmmm.  It hurts to watch those videos!  This team we played were all young girls in their early 20's and most likely all played on their HS if not college teams!  It really wasn't a good match up.  We are a good team in our own way!

We decided to consider LAST WEEKS game as our TRUE finale!  That's when I was on my game and scored a record 16 points!  THAT'S the game I want to DEFINE ME!!  The fact that we even went to regionals and were playing teams from different cities is way cool!

I did earn my first FOUL of the whole season!  Yay me!! 

We were served some HUMBLE PIE!  Or should I say HUMBLE FROZEN YOGURT... as that is where we went to reminisce our amazing basketball season.

OVERALL - it's been AWESOME to play and I hope I can KEEP PLAYING with these gals even tho the season is over. :)

Today, I knew I need to do a "long run" for my 1/2 marathon training.  Last night I did get a pretty wicked leg cramp so I was wary about going out today.  But ya know when it comes to running or exercise - you can't THINK about it too much - you just gotta DO IT!  If you think too much, you may just convince yourself NOT to do it.

So out I went on this WINDY day.  Our basketball hoop had been blown over even!  I knew just a  minute into the run that it was going to be a hard run.  Part of the time the wind was pushing me from behind and that was fine, but when I turned to come back - the wind was right against me and I was surprised how strong it was.  I was wearing a cap that was on pretty tight but if I put my head all the way up - it would blow my hat right off.  So I ran while looking almost straight down.  My pace was barely a walk but with a bounce as I was trying to run!

I thought of my friend, Joy, and her last comment on my blog where she called me "Doer of hard things".  Those words gave me strength... Thanks Joy!  I ran just over 6 miles!  And I was pretty sore!  I hope I can get back up to my 7.4 mile run... but that was like a miracle!  Miracles take a little longer but they happen!! :)

SOOO.... my new plan is to REIGN IN my eating MORE!  I've been having too much frozen yogurt lately and it's stopping NOW.  I am deciding right now that I will not be indulging in ANY candy or chocolate for the Easter Season.


Anyone else wanna join me on this challenge?  Either don't buy it, or only get it for the kids... and avoid it yourself!  Who needs that sugar and crap?  Easter's not even about all that anyway!!  Whether you celebrate Easter or not, surely you see all the candy in the stores and so this is a challenge to not give in to any easter candy!!  Let's do it.  Let's keep it healthy.

Get those celery sticks and cut up the yummy red peppers!  Pop those sweet grape tomatoes, or nibble on a few nuts and low fat cheese.  Your body will thank you!

And that is all for today, my friends!  Sending my love to all my readers!!
Life is GOOD
xoXoxoXOO ~Margene


Julie said...

I know, long time no stopping by but I just spent time reading and boy girl and I proud of you. You are awesome!!!
I'll take you up on the no candy challenge. Starting right this minute. I do need to pick up candy for the daycare kids treats this week but I'm betting I can find something they really like and I don't or at least not as strongly. I have to start somewhere and this is an excellent start.
Take care Margene. You do inspire me to get my butt in gear and do the good stuff. Thank you!!
Blessings my friend!

E. Jane said...

Win or lose, you are a WINNER! You've come through a lot to have accomplished what you have, and you are an inspiration to me! Have a great week!