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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Tomorrow morning I fly out to Oreogn... but I wanted to post really quick tonight about an amazing experience today.  I went out for my run and decided to go up the mountain again.  I was thinking about my friends and family in Oregon and how I wished I had something to bring for them... something I made or bought to surprise them.  I had nothing.

Then I got to the top of the paved pathway up the mountain and saw all these rocks.  So I randomly picked up several rocks here and there and put them in my jacket pocket as I ran.  I decided to take a rock as a symbol for DOING HARD THINGS and I dedicated my run to my family and friends.  

So during my run, I thought about how some of my loved ones are really struggling and friends who have severe trials.  Dedicating my run to them changed the run altogether.  I prayed for all my friends and family and blogger friends and really wanted the Lord to bless their lives and give each of them courage and strength to do hard things.  To be able to run and play basketball, to me it's a miracle.  The Lord can work miracles in our lives!

I ran so long and I knew it would be a record for me.  Towards the end, my knees started really hurting.  Especially my right knee which was the side of my jacket that all these rocks were in.  I wondered if it was wise to keep running when I was in quite a bit of pain.  But I couldn't stop running.  Not when I felt I had such an important purpose to my run.  I tried hard not to focus on the pain.  It was down the last stretch to my house and I probably looked like was limp running... but I felt good and happy.

I thought I was smiling more - but I think my pain was showing thru!
My pocket with 19 rocks that I ran carrying.

When I made it home, I saw that I had run for 1 hour and 57 minutes and for 7.4 miles!  That blew me away!  That's 1.3 more miles than my last run!  

Now, as I get everything together for my trip and put the sayings on these rocks... it all sounds like a corny idea.  But for me it is sincere and felt so meaningful when I was running.  Running is an emotional and spiritual thing for me.  I can't wait to see my friends and family in Oregon - my first time back since we moved last July - and to be with my girls!

My goal is to eat smaller portioned meals, but I will allow myself some frozen yogurt.  I've got healthy snacks packed and I hope NOT to indulge in high calorie/ high sugar foods.  And I hope to be able to go running (if it's not raining the whole time) every few days.  Wish me luck!  Boy, am I sore right now:)

Life is good!!!


Rettakat said...

Well, if that's corny, then I must be full of corn! I love it. What a unique and touching thing to do for those you care about. And be sure to tell them the story of the Rocky Run. :-) They will treasure their little rock.

E. Jane said...

Loved this, Margene! You took a run and turned it into something with so much meaning and thoughtfulness. Have a wonderful trip, and it sounds like you have a great plan!

Kimberlynn said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! You are always such an inspiration to me Margene. I hope I was one of the fortunate ones to make it on your prayer list...I'm definately struggling.

I love you friend!!!

Have a great time in Oregon!

Joy said...

Oh my Friend, That is awesome!! I'm sure the gifts will be treasured!

Call me if you can! Would love to see you, or even just have some time to talk!

Keep focused!

Kristin O said...

I'd be really happy if I received that gift--I think especially as you mature, you appreciate stuff like this more than some random piece of plastic or other schlock. Great job on the running!

Kristin O said...

I'd be really happy if I received that gift--I think especially as you mature, you appreciate stuff like this more than some random piece of plastic or other schlock. Great job on the running!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Joy at nuggets of truth linked over here and I am so very glad she did. I am so happy to find your blog and to read this story about your rocks symbolizing doing hard things. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think I needed to read this today. I really really did. It is so wonderful that you carried those rocks while praying for everyone . What a great sacrifice and a great way to stay motivated about running b/c you are also helping others. I am very inspired