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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sometimes You Wanna Climb BACK into Bed!!

Thanks for your comment, Julie, and for asking how things are going.  It’s nice to know someone is thinking of me.  I enjoy that extra push to update my blog as it’s actually one of the FUN things to do in my day.
My new running shoes are working out GREAT!  And I haven’t missed a training run yet.  I run M/W/F.  Lately all my runs are on the treadmill (so boring).  Last Wed I ran 6 sets of 7 minutes with the last set bumped to 8 minutes.
Then Friday I ran 4 sets of 10 minutes.

Monday was hard!  I sat in my bed NOT wanting to get up.  I contemplated for a good 5 minutes the consequences of not running, why I am running, do I really want to run, etc. Then I just stopped thinking and got up and did it.  Too much thinking can not be good sometimes.
I put on the movie “Groundhog Day” - which isn’t the best movie to watch when you’re running as it just repeats itself.  However, I ran two sets:  15 minutes and then 24 minutes!  It wasn’t quite 3 miles but it was the long sets that I felt good about.  And I DID IT.  I could have stayed in bed and nothing but my own will power made me get up and run.  That at least gives me power over myself!
I think I’m ready to run a 5k straight through now... if I don’t second think myself to death.  I pray to find a running buddy!!  I pray to find more buddies, period!
Last Friday was a double whammy run day for me as well.  Our church women’s basketball team played our first real game and we won 25-24.  Wow, was that a totally fun work out.  There was a very aggressive player on the other team and I wanted to guard her.  I felt so riled up to STOP her momentum and be that player that reined her in.  Defense has always been my strength in bb.  I also realized that I am probably 10 years OLDER than everyone else playing... which is weird because I actually don’t feel that way!  My pedometer showed that I ran for 2 miles during that game alone!  That is a fun way to rack up the steps.
I certainly have my obstacles to break through lately... as we all do.  Things I wish I weren’t so tender and sensitive about.  Longings of my heart that just bring me heartache.  Yesterday was a hard day for me and by the end of the day I was depleted of joy and just sad.  So I gave in and allowed Brent to take me and my daughter for a frozen yogurt at 9pm at night.  I loaded up that yogurt cup too and savored every last bite.  I knew I’d feel guilty later, because it wasn’t on my plan.  I was trying to hold off having a frozen yogurt until my gal trip to Oregon next month.  And do I really need a frozen  yogurt to cheer me up?  (I don’t want to answer that right now...)
So there you have it.  Life is hard, life is painful, sometimes you may want to just climb back into bed.... YET Life is still SOO GOOD and SOO worth Living!!  
~XoxoXO Margene


gracies tough journey said...

So sorry about the sadness and feeling lonely. I can relate. But always remember you have a blog friend in me.

Also, so proud of you running like that. Amazing dedication, even when not feeling it.

E. Jane said...

Being a sensitive person is a double edged swored. On one hand, you're perceptive and in tune with the needs of others, but you take so much of what others say and do to heart. This world needs sensitive, tender people, because they care, but I'm not sure the world is an eaasy place for them (us).

You have also had some big changes (your move and your weight loss), and you're likely still adjusting to that. Give yourself some time to normalize your surroundings and routines. You are a strong woman--keep running--you're doing well in so many ways.

A Journey to a new me... said...

you are SO amazing! and I so wish we lived closer to each other! I'm sorry that Monday was so hard and I'm thankful you found the strength to get up and get moving!! Running on the treadmill is NOT always easy and sadly I've found every excuse NOT to get up and get on it. However, after reading your post and being reminded that it's hard for many of us I'm gonna start sucking it up and keep my rear outta bed at 530 am to get on the treadmill before work!

Peace and love..xoxo tori

Rettakat said...

First, I have to say it just struck my funny bone... watching Groundhog Day while on the treadmill. :-D

And what you said about the feelings and getting frozen yogurt... how many times have I done something similar!! Though nowadays, at least our chosen treat is more health friendly.

Just this morning I was re-reading The 4:8 Principle, the part where he talks about joy coming from within, not outside of us. I have to admit, I still reach for my version of "frozen yogurt" at times.

We're all in a learning process. :-)

Gina said...

I've been reading your blog for a month now. I started on MF awhile ago and you are SUCH an inspiration! Wish I lived in Utah so I could be your running buddy! I can get down too, feeling friendless and pain of life's challenges. Seems like every day I read my scriptures (even a little), it helps me with that. I'm sure LOTS of us, your blogger fans, would love to be buddies with ya! Keep on running and blogging, you are amazing! Love, Gina (another mormon mama in CA)

Nancy B. Kennedy said...

Margene, I just wanted to check in with you... it's been too long. It's so great to see that you're enjoying your new healthy life! I'm so happy for you.

Carolyn H. said...

Margene you are an inspiration to so many and you really don't give yourself enough credit...Just remember that for every sad feeling there is a good feeling to be had if you just look for it : ) Your an amazing woman with so many amazing accomplishments! The great thing about your frozen yogurt is not only the taste but that you are now aware of your decision, why your reaching for it, and with knowledge comes great power. You can't change what you don't know. Keep smiling and the feelings will follow : )- With much Love ♥

A Journey to a new me... said...

Hello! JUst wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much you have inspired me!! After reading this post my light bulb went on and for the last 3 morning instead of going back to bed after the hubs leaves for work for another 1.5 hrs I've been moving my feet!! two days I hopped on the treadmill and this morning I did two and a half loops around my neighborhood!

And thank you for signing to do a virtual run/walk. I'll be doing my 5k Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning (probably Sunday the 12th). Have a great day!

Joy said...

Friend I am so sorry you are feeling bad!! The good thing is, that even though you feel bad you are still making the right choices. Yeah you had yogurt, but it could have been a whole carton of ice cream!! You are making great choices!!

Keep up the great work, take care of yourself, and stay focused!!!!!!