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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Amazing Day... A Check Off My Bucket List!

Monday was an incredible day for us.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet an on-line blogger buddie in real life.  I met Sandrelle who has lost a lot of weight and maintained that loss for a few years.  I have been reading her blog, Keeping it off, for over a year and was THRILLED to meet her.  She really is just as beautiful and sweet as you see on her blog!
And not only that, she let me ride her beautiful horse, Takoda!!
This was something I listed on my bucket list of things to do now that I’ve lost my weight and actually can!  
It was an amazing experience!

First, we got to help brush him while he stood in a stall.  He was so patient and sweet.  My daughter was already asking me for her own horse!  Then we put the saddle on him and Sandrelle coached me on how to mount him.  I was a little nervous and when I finally did - I almost felt like I’d fall off.  I mean, this is a moving animal!  But I got used to him quickly and I couldn’t stop smiling.  I was able to walk and even trot with him.  It was kind of surreal... like riding the roller coaster for the first time!

She took us outside and I got to try riding him while  holding the reigns myself.  How FABULOUS is that?  
My daughter also got a chance to ride him and loved it.

I can see why Sandrelle has a passion for horses!  She rode him after we did and showed us all the commands he can do.  It was cool to watch.  And my kids and I enjoyed feeding him carrots after all the riding. He takes them right from our hands and was so gentle not to make us think he’d bite us.  He could even play ball with us by rolling it to us with his nose. Right before we left, Sandrelle gave me some very beautiful and unique earrings she made that included some of Takoda’s woven blond hairs.  How sweet it that!!  
I went running outside yesterday by myself... I almost didn’t and by the time I made myself run it was almost noon!  But the air was crisp and it felt good.  I didn’t feel as energetic as I did on my long run last Saturday and I actually felt some little aches in my ankles and knees within a minute of running.... BUT.... I told myself “It’s not that hard - I can do this - I’ve done this before!”.  I even went running UP A HILL - you know, that mountain I said I’m going to climb this summer?  I jogged a tiny ways up it until the pavement stopped and had a gorgeous view of our valley.  As I was finishing my run, I actually felt better and the aches went away... strange, and I even could pick up my pace a bit.  
It pays to STICK WITH IT.

I ended up running 3.12 miles.  So now I can run 3 miles fairly well... without killing myself.  That feels pretty good!!
In just a few weeks, my daughters and I are taking a girl trip to Oregon!  YAY!!  We have been saving and planning for this for months.  I always thought it would be cool when my daughters got older to have gal trips with them and I am so excited for this.  It’s fun to have them older and I hope we all will get along blissfully!!  ;)  

I don’t know if our Oregon friends are as excited about us coming - as we are to see them - but it will be a great memory!
Take care, my friends!!  
Life is GOOD  
xoXOxo ~Margene


Lucy said...

Way Super Cool! Meeting Sandrella, the horse ride, the run and the planned trip! Ain't no stopping Margene! Thumbs up girl - you're an inspiration!

Virtual Paul said...

That is so cool. Glad you had a good day.

gracies tough journey said...

I am so happy for you. Your smile is priceless. Enjoy your trip with your daughters. It is what memories are all about. God Bless you!

Sandrelle said...

SO great to meet you too and LOVED watching you smile and enjoy the riding!! You'll have to come again when it's warm. :) You are becoming a running goddess! Have a fabulous time on your trip!!

Jennifer said...

How awesome!!! I hope someday I can meet some of my blogger buddies too. I wish we lived closer!!!