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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

** Total ECLIPSE of my fat (almost!)

Last November, my girls and I went and saw the Premier of Twilight's NEW MOON. Here we are posing with the book right before we left for the movie. We all became big fans of Jacob that night.
And just today - 7 Month Later - we went and saw the premier of Twilight's ECLIPSE. And I have to say that although my girls are Team Jacob girls... I'm kind of a Team Jasper girl!! He reminds me the most of my guy when he was a teen.
I was comparing these pics and I can really see (for myself) a difference from 7 months ago! :)

We were all dressed in black and I was wearing my new "Vamp it Up" T-shirt that I got especially for this movie. It's a short sleeve and hugs me tighter than most shirts do but it fits! It was wonderful seeing this with my girls.. I LOVE that they are teens now!

My daughters have been so positive to me about my losing weight. My 13 year old came up to me at the park just yesterday and said "Mom, I couldn't find you... I didn't recognize you from behind - you're so skinny!" That was So awesome to hear! I am not skinny ~ yet... but I am on my way there and it feels good.

Often I feel very emotional about this journey that my husband and I are on. It is so life changing and SO many good things are happening, not just the losing weight, but changes in our family in the way we are with our children. We are getting closer to the kind of parents I want to be and I feel SO grateful for these good changes... it brings me to tears quite often when I ponder it. I wish I could share this all with my mother - who I know would be more than thrilled, and we would have a long sweet talk, but that will have to wait...

I wonder, how has your journey affected your homelife and the way you handle things?


spunkysuzi said...

You all look awesome!! And having fun together=priceless :)

Lesia said...

Great transformation. Loved the movie too.

Ali said...

Look at you!!!! Just a shadow if your old self! You can see such amazing changes! Well done!
Go team Jacob! :)

Jennifer said...

This is a great post. I truly feel that me losing some weight(and therefore gaining some confidence, self worth and happiness) has made me not just a better *Me* but a better wife, mother, daughter, friend...etc. Its amazing how life can be so different.
Your pics look awesome. What a difference. YOu should be so proud. I am proud of you!


Deb said...

Daughters can be the most beautiful creatures. Mine is constantly telling me I'm pretty. Your two really grew up in just a short bit of time. You're setting great examples for them. Great work!

ladyofthehouse said...

You are doing amazing!!! And you look amazing too!! I can totally see the difference in your two Twilight pics. I love that this is something you can do together with your girls - how special!!

I too have more energy with my boys and I'm getting out and doing more with them. We are also teaching our boys about healthy eating and that treats are just that - treats, not something you eat constantly. They are also helping me garden. So fun!!

Congrats on all of the wonderful things going on in your life!!!!