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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Night Out... New Goals

Tonight I got a night out with my man!  We went to a "Witchfest" at a place called Gardner Village.  MOST people there were dressed as witches!  There were some pretty kewl witches too!  It was fun to see all the decorations, shops, and atmosphere.  Reminds me of "Wicked" which is a favorite musical of mine.  It was Wicked Fun!

Then we decided to go to this new Mega Sporting Goods Store that's opened up called:  Scheels.  There was a big ferris wheel right in the middle of the store and all kinds of games and activities all around the store.  It was crowded too!  Pretty massive and awesome!

It's a gigantic Ferris Wheel!!

I found the basketball section.  Pretty sweet! 

This is an actual NBA ball for $70.  

We perused through the running, biking, and rock climbing sections.  I found myself thinking of all my dreams again.  I wanna learn to rock climb OUTSIDE and I wanna get a real dirt bike and really explore some trails around here, and I totally need new running shoes.  My hubs is interested in street bicycles and he'd love to get into that.  We checked out some pretty sweet bikes.  It was fun to look at all the cool sporting stuff since lately, we've been so busy and even gotten a little lazier with our "dreams" and ambitions as thinner folks!

Sooooo.....  we set some new goals!

 We've had a crazy busy summer and we've let some pounds slip on.  I am up from my goal weight to an unacceptable amount right now!  I think it wasn't bothering me much because my lifestyle hasn't changed really... I'm still so active and enjoying my life out of my obesity prison... BUT, I've noticed my clothes are getting way tighter and I'm thicker in my middle.

It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to go in this direction any longer!  

My husband feels the same way.  He struggles with more aches and pains and of course, his never ending stress.

So starting tomorrow, we're BOTH going back on our 5:1 Medifast plan to reel our summer weight gains back in... and then we'll transition back into maintenance.  I felt SO good after we made this decision.  It feels good to have a direction and we somehow brainstormed a way to juggle some other expenses to be able to do this.

I know rock climbing will get much easier when I get some of this weight back off.  And I should get even faster at basketball right when the season hits.  Not to mention that it just feels better to be on plan and feel like I am in control more.  It's easier for me to feel positive and think better about myself and others.  It's amazing how it all connects for me.

Also, I signed up to run a 5k this next Saturday.  I realize that I need to keep signing up for some kind of running or I am too tempted to not go out running at all!  Gotta have something to be training for!  Lately, I've been going without a running buddy, so it makes it so easy to just not go.  Yesterday, I forced myself out and ran up the mountain road again.  I hadn't run that in at least a month or maybe even two.  Dang... was it HARD!  But I pushed through it and ran it even in the rain.  It felt so good.  I remember when I was first running and just building up to that, and was first able to do it.  So inside I know I have it in me, even when I haven't done it in a while.

I still tell myself: "You can do hard things".  It's always the journey... not the destination that counts, it seems!

Well... better head off to bed here.  

ENJOY the season, my friends!  
PONDER all the blessings and positive things in your life!  
Life is GOOOOOD!!

XoxoXoxo ~Margene


Karen said...

Cheering you on for both going back on the 5:1. Good to nip the gains in the bud. Enjoy your sports!! Karen P. ( 8 month MF maintainer)

Joy said...

Keep focused!!

Sharon said...

Good girl, catch it before it gets completely out of hand and begins to feel overwhelming. Give me a holler if I can provide support, encouragement or a swift kick in the butt.

terbear287 said...

good morning! I just found you through Holly 300 Pounds down and when I recognized that witch smashed on the gardener village mill house I was so excited. I live here is Utah and it is nice to find someone else on the weight loss journey.

Keep up the good work and I loved the video with your daughter.

FAT FLYER said...

So good to hear that you are on the program again as you are such an inspiration! And this helps us all to know that there is no "magic number" that we will reach and then never have to diet again. It is an ongoing process!!