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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Did I Do?

We didn't have a single piece of candy or food item off plan through all of Halloween!!!  And you know what?  I didn't even miss it.  I think it helped that I already had decided NOT to so I didn't spend any time pondering the candy, looking at my kids' buckets of treats, or staring at the little cupcakes brought to us.... NOPE.  

In the past I would sometimes just "try" to stay on plan yet I still allow myself to think about the food I shouldn't eat or tempt myself until I finally snitched.  I just needed to STOP TEMPTING MYSELF.  That totally works!  I stop allowing the thought of eating it in my mind!  Get busy with other fabulous things!

And we did have something FABULOUS:  Yesterday we had a family over for a Halloween dinner of my Rosemary Ranch Chicken kabobs which was FABULOUS!  (I found the perfect timing to broil them:  5 minutes on one side, then 3 on the other and they come out so tender and moist!) 
The guests and kids all LOVED it!  Then we played Band Hero and Pit while the kids went trick or treating.  It was great focussing on fun instead of the candy and goodies.  Plus the lime/banana/coconut knox blox were a HIT to snack on!!

I'm choosing my LIFE over unhealthy foods!
 ~ Life is GOOD!! ~


Christine said...

Awesome report!!

Lori said...

Good for you. I know for myself the battle is in the mind. Once I've made up my mind that's all there is to it.

A Journey to a new me... said...

Very very proud of you, in awe and totally INSPIRED! You ROCK and I thank you for helping me back to the path of healthy living!!

Karla said...

Woo hoo :)
You did awesome

Bring Pretty Back said...

" I'm choosing my life over unhealthy foods" AWESOME! Thank you- needed that tonight!
Have a pretty day!

Suzanne said...

Way to go! I made it, too. Not even a taste of the candy...or the homemade Jack-o-Lantern pizza. =) And guess what...the world didn't fall apart. Nobody around me cared what I ate. It's all on me. And at the end of the day...the only thing that happened was that I felt great. Awesome.

D said...

That's awesome. I'm so proud of you. I so appreciate your honesty and determination that you share with all of us out here. Way to go Margene

Julie said...

Great job Margene. You are so strong. I didn't do terrible, two treats and really just part ones because I shared them with the puppy. Keep up the great work Margene, you are such a strong person.
Take care and have a blessed day!!

Rettakat said...

You are so right. Deciding AHEAD of time, then not thinking about it over and over, closes that door to temptation. Good job!

Debbie said...

You inspire me so much! I was doing poorly before Halloween & am still really struggling. But I love what you said: "I just needed to STOP TEMPTING MYSELF. That totally works! I stop allowing the thought of eating it in my mind!" I need to follow that advice. Have a great weekend!