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Monday, October 31, 2011

NO Candy today - Who's with me?

Hi friends,

Okay, today is the big day... Halloween.  Happy Halloween to ya'll.  Today and building up to today, I have promised myself that I would NOT give in to Halloween Candy.  NOPE.

It wasn't that long ago that I was snitching more high calorie desserts here and there and was telling Brent how hard it is to NOT eat that stuff.  I told him I needed something to help me "take control".

He said something to me that made SO much sense.  He said "When you were on plan before you just did it!  You simply made that choice."  And he is right!  The truth is, when I really want to stick to my eating plan, then I DO!

So, it wasn't any certain thing, pill, therapy, etc. that I need to avoid my off plan foods, I simply need to get my head in gear and CHOOSE BEFOREHAND that it is NOT an option.  (See previous rationalizing post).  So far, no pieces of candy has passed my lips.

But I have enjoyed some awesome new knox blox flavors:  Lime/Banana/Coconut, and Raspberry/Mango!  I'm enjoying the food I do have, and then not focussing on food at all!

Below are some tips I liked from Dr. Anderson (co-founder of Take Shape For Life):

Well, there are a few helpful tips to remember when your sweet tooth is twitching…..
  1. DO NOT buy any Halloween candy! Or, buy candy that you do not like. It is better to give out small packets of pretzels or play-do or fruit roll ups.
  2. Keep in your mind that there will always be candy, but you are choosing to improve your health right now, and candy will not help you reach your goal!
  3. Make your own fudge cycles by freezing the chocolate shakes.
  4. Freeze crystal light for a fruity, candy-like desert.
  5. Sugar free jell-o is a great candy-like snack (KNOX BLOX!!)
  6. Do not stay at home on Halloween handing out your treats.  Instead, grab a bottle of water and take a nighttime walk around the neighborhood to take in all the ghoulish sights!
  7. Bring healthy snacks to work (see Healthy Snack list) to keep from being tempted by candy in the office.
  8. Cut up a Medifast bar and put it in a baggie.  Freeze it for a sweet treat later!
  9. A great idea to help keep the piles of candy from going into your children’s body…Have them pick out 5 pieces of candy out of their bag and “buy” the rest of the bag from them for 10 dollars and then take them to the toy store to get a prize! Remember to throw the bags of candy away or give to a shelter!!!!!!
  10. Stay in touch with your Health Coach, he or she can help you stay strong
Remember, a great analogy is the concert pianist… If you were a child, and you wanted to be a concert pianist (primary goal) you would need to practice every day (secondary goal), and make choices that may not be your favorite (not get to play with friends, travel, lessons, miss parties, miss play dates, etc…) But… you would perform these secondary goals if it helps you to reach your primary goal.

Well, we are doing the same thing… our primary goal is to lose weight and get healthy.  Some secondary goals are…exercise daily, drink water, stay away from extra carbohydrates and starches, do not drink alcohol, possibly decide not to go to some parties, and do not eat Halloween candy!  And we will make these secondary choices because it will help us to reach what is most important to us right now… to lose weight, feel great, and to look and be healthy!!
Halloween 2007 and then 2011


Becca said...

Thank you for this post! While I blew it already today, It has some amazingly easy and great tips that I will use from now on...and I love the costumes!

gracies tough journey said...

Wow what an amazing change. You both look wonderful. Enjoy tonight! Gracie

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

You're a strong woman, Margene. And I LOVE the concert pianist analogy. I think of it like studying for the big final exam at the end of the year: after the first week of school, are you ready to take that exam, and why not?! You've given me a lot to think about with this post. And I need some meal inspiration, so I'll be checking out the leans & greens.
PS: loving the "Return With Honor" sign above your door. Never seen that before!

Have fun and be safe! You both look GREAT!

Suzanne said...

I am with you! I am fairly new to the world of weight loss blogs, but have loved starting my own and reading what other people are doing.

I have been sugar free for 10 weeks, and my goal is to stay that way until Thanksgiving. Maybe even beyond then, but not sure. Not giving it up 100% for the rest of my life, but I like these little challenges. I set this one up because I know how HORRIBLE I can be on Halloween. I think this one will be the first in my whole life that I haven't eaten a single piece of candy. Or candy corn. Or any of that!

I love to look at it this way--I'm not eating it because I'm choosing not to. Me. Nobody else. If I go to a party or if my kids trick-or-treat, NOBODY cares if I eat it or not. Nobody is sitting there all worried about what I am putting in my mouth. I'm not going to make anybody happier if I eat it, I'm not going to offend anyone if I don't. And at the end of the day, all I'm left with is that I feel awesome.

I love the tips you listed--thank you!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Oh my heavens what an amazing progress picture! You guys look like two different people!

Sarah said...

I was so worried tonight about passing out candy. It was a huge temptation to have all that candy around! I probably stared at the candy bowl for a good half hour having an internal struggle with myself.

You are so right about the "just stick to the plan and do it" explanation. I have plan and I need to just stick with it!

You guys look awesome in your costumes!


Miz said...

how went it??