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Sunday, September 18, 2011

I used it finally...

My food storage that is!  The other day, Brent said that I ought to get out my wheat grinder which has been in storage for over a decade and only used once, and grind some of our wheat from our food storage to make some bread.  This was after I bought a bread machine at a yard sale for only $2.  Normally, I'd think I don't have time for that, but this time, I thought it was a fabulous idea!
 You know what?  Yard sales here here in Utah have WAY CHEAP stuff compared to Oregon!!  So, the next week I picked up another bread machine for $2.  (So I have two now) I've been grinding my own wheat and making my own bread now for over a week!  I feel like such a good mommy and wife!  :)  Good healthy bread these days are so expensive so I know I'm saving us some money, too!

And oh, how good that bread tastes without preservatives and with fresh, simple ingredients!  No high fructose corn syrup and no "enriched flour" but all good stuff!  My kids don't know how lucky they are.  I've also added a couple tablespoons of flaxseed in them for some good fiber too.

I even have used my freshly ground wheat flour in making some Pumpkin Pancakes!  Wow, they were good.  Add a little Walden Farms Sugar free syrup and they were to die for!  I got this recipe from my friend at Pocket Full of Pink (way cute crafts) where she posted this Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes recipe - and I just changed the bananas to a can of pumpkin.  This is really worth trying!

Today, I made a favorite of Brent's that I haven't made since before our weight loss journey.  And that is roasted potatoes!  I mixed them with some onions and used this recipe, and baked them laid out on a cookie sheet at 375 for about 50 minutes and they were so yummy.  Brent loved them!

I also made baked chicken using this marinade recipe and it was very tasty.  I marinaded them for several hours and then baked them on the broiler rack for about 25 min. at 350.  I like using recipes that have lots of good ratings and feedback. :)

One day at a time... one healthy choice at a time.  All things in MODERATION!  And move your body MORE!  That's my mantra this week.  God bless you my friends!  XOXO ~Margene
PS - Life is GOOD! :)


Anonymous said...

I am speechless! It's a good thing that bread is good, since you lugged the buckets of wheat--and left your sweeper behind! :o

(Uh-hmmm. This degree of shock may only be because I need a new sweeper and won't spend the money for it.)

Seriously, tho, it's very cool that you got the bread machines so cheaply and that the bread turned out so well. Good job.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Deb.. you make me laugh! That's right, we lugged those wheat buckets in our move and left our vacuum! Only because the vacuum was used last, I suppose. So I better make use of that wheat now! You have such a good memory!

Joy said...

Awe...Homemade bread!! YUM!!! The pancakes look amazing too!!

Take care of yourself my Friend!! I miss you!!! My Daughter and I are thinking of doing a 5k on Oct 23rd. (Only if my back gets better!!) I wish you were here!! It's a fun one!

Take care of yourself and stay focused!!!!

Julie said...

YES the mommy of the year for grinding the wheat and making the bread. I only make the bread which I thought was pretty good but no where near the work you go through for your family. That is awesome. I bet those pancakes are great too, they sure looked like it. I am glad things are working out for you and life is good. I love how up you sound and how life is moving along with all that you've done. Great job my friend, you are my inspirtation.
Take care and have a blessed week.

Lori said...

I have felt for a long time, that I need to make bread for my family. I have a bread machine and am quite adept at making my own bread without one, but I haven't felt like I had the time. Then you kicked it up a notch with the wheat grinder. I just might have to find one of those. I am totally sure that your bread is delicious and nutricious!

Sharon said...

Loved seeing you post - it's been too long! You've also given me incentive to get our my bread machine. It's been far too long since I baked a loaf of whole wheat bread. That's on the agenda for tomorrow.

lotstolove said...

Your bread looks amazing! I would never have thought to grind my own wheat. I will have to give that a try someday. Way to make healthy things for your family ;)

gracies tough journey said...

Those pancakes look so yummy. I would just love them. It amazes me what you can do. You have the talent to grind your own wheat then make your own bread. You are my hero! Seriously. WOW. Gracie